Sunday, May 5, 2013

Notes and Thoughts On This Crazy World

It is time for some more notes and thoughts.

Jenna Talackova Gets Reality Series

The beautiful Miss Talackova has a reality Show on E Canada and she seems happy with both that and being labeled as a Transgender woman for the rest of her natural life. Kind of sad actually but then let us be honest about her future. I doubt it was her initial plan after SRS but then when you enter a "Transsexual" or "Womanless" beauty contest you may have already defined yourself and the Transgender crowd make it seem that everything will be peachy keen in their delusional world.

I wonder if I should be waiting for her to tell us that we are all the same?

More Sterilization Bullshit

There are more claims by the men in dresses and some women in boxers who want to keep their previous equipment intact that any requirement of SRS in order to change a birth certificate is tantamount to sterilization. Well it is a voluntary act but then when your dick is that important or your ability to get pregnant is that important just how are you the opposite sex?

This is where I have a real problem with these loons. For those of us truly born transsexual this was never a choice despite what they are demanding the world to believe. It is inherently insulting to us but then they have never really cared about those truly born transsexual because other than possibly being abler to spell it, doubtful in some cases, they are not and never will be transsexual and that is why they need the word transgender.

Redefining the New Normal in Society

Redefining the new normal as some middle aged man getting a sex change and his wife staying with him and his loving children adoring him? Look, it happens but it is neither normal nor is it common but then delusional older men do want their dress and the wife it seems, part of the trophy hunt most men live life as.  Kind of sad if you ask me but then most of you would probably prefer me not to be around to ask these nasty little questions.

Denied Access To Bridal Store Dressing Room

Poor transgender girl is denied her right to try on her wedding dress in a Canadian store and the poor store owner is now on the proverbially hot seat. I just want to know which person showed up at the Bridal shop. The one in the first or second picture?

Am I missing something here? That does look like a man in a dress in one picture and looks very attractive in the next picture. It was not all lighting because that is a nasty 5 o'clock shadow by any standards. Photoshop one and not the other? Which one was Photoshop used on? By the way I have no idea how to use Photoshop but somebody did here.

Next question is a simple one. If she is transgender woman why was this individual married in a same sex marriage? Oh yes, I forgot. Women can be men in the new transgender world of normalcy  they are pushing for in this world.

I have no issue with her marriage but the publicity is a little much, but then maybe monetary incentives are at work here. In one she looks like a man and in the other she looks like a girl except for the hands. I know the one I am betting was Photoshopped!

Transsexual Child Denied Bathroom Access After Being Given it

There is a child in main that is transsexual and has transitioned in school. You will notice I do not use the term transgender because the they would never do this because it takes immense courage. The child was initially allowed to use the girl's room which was the right thing to do but this was later rescinded because of static from parents.

There is an ongoing legal battle going on in Orono Maine and I am rooting for the little girl.

Old Commies Never Die They Just Whine Away on TransAdvocate

That great TransAdvocate site, sarcasm intended,  has more men than your average Board Room and my pal Suzan Cooke is now a contributing Commie over there. She took another shot at me over there which I consider a badge of honor in some silly way. There is enough dick and enough "dicks" over there to  make that a place to avoid except it is kind of funny to be honest.

I do find it ironic they allowed Zoe Brain in with the Communist crowd but then maybe Zoe is reinventing herself as a Commie in order to have a longer shelf life. What is the shelf life of a turd?

Trans Murder in Ohio

God bless Cemia Acoff the transsexual found murdered and tied to a stone in the water in Ohio. This was another sex crime and although she was quite beautiful Cemia was known in the area and had been actually arrested because she had hormones on her person according to one report, although I find that hard to believe but there are a few rednecks in Ohio.

Everyone is up in arms over the manner in which the Plain Dealer handled the case and if there is one thing the Transgender Activists seem to love it is someone being murdered because it is fodder for their views on life. In cases like these the Police go by what they find and this poor child's body was in the water for a while which means the body was badly decomposed. I am sure that blurred the issues early on since the Police would certainly report Cemia as male based on the evidence available at the time. She was identified through DNA.

Most papers and reporters are actually not aware of the "required" style when dealing with "transgender" stories and almost always will "violate" the "so called" rules set up by certain organizations. The Plain Dealer edited the initial report to fit the AP guidelines but lets be clear here. Because you have a dress on or a bra or some female attire on you are not necessarily transgender but then that is what the transgender want as the norm.

The simple truth is this is a horrific sex crime and they need to catch the murderer because this is more than likely not the first nor will it be the last murder by the killer. People report what they know and not what others want them to report based on their perceived view of the world.

Let the police do their work and find the animal that brutalized and murdered this young girl because it might save others in the Cleveland area. It is a tragedy on multiple levels. She lost her life and the feeding frenzy by all the Transgender Activists that need a scapegoat like the Plain Dealer reporter is demeaning because it was not a pronoun that was murdered, it was a 20 year old girl. If one reads the accounts in Transgender media it is more about the way she is portrayed than her being butchered. That is both kind of sad and just about the way the Transgender media works. They really could give a shit about this kid because the publicity is more important.

Catch the butcher and worry about the pronouns later because to Cemia it does not matter, she is sadly dead.

The NRA is Brain Dead

I live in gun country which is not a big thing other than I am terrified of guns. My neighbors are mostly gun people and about 8 of them are NRA members.  The really funny thing is ALL 8 said they are in favor of strict requirements for background searches before a gun can be purchased and these folks own some freaking weaponry.

The only NRA members opposed to background checks are either criminals themselves or owned lock, stock, barrel, and ammo pack by the gun manufacturers. Both my husbands were military types and they liked their weapons. I asked that they lock the weapons in a safe place and my second husband said he always did that and my first husband told me to mind my own business.

Even my late husband's family, all Texas folk, have no issue with background checks. One said to me, "I don't want any crazy fuck owning an AR-15", which seems odd to me because I would think anyone that wants an AR-15 is kind of nuts to begin with.

I was hijacked to a recent gun show and I have to admit the armament available was kind of surreal. I have designed packages over the years that were created to defeat certain kinds of weaponry but this show was kind of scary. I had sellers grabbing me and telling me they would sell me an AR-15 with no background check and I saw an AK-47 being sold and the only reason I knew it was one is my first husband brought one home from Vietnam after his multiple black ops tours were over. Still trying to figure how he got that one through even military customs.

Why is the Transgender Crowd Obsessed with Womenless Beauty Pageants?

A funny thing seems to happen to the Transgender crowd on the way to their female side, or cross-dress side might be more accurate. They are obsessed with other men in dresses which is weird to say the least. I was always observant of women because I might want the outfit because it was beautiful or a new trend in fashion. The same went for heels but this is different. They are obsessed with men in dresses.

Just stroll on over to T-Central and browse around to Femulate or a certain Condo that features the above a lot. Several of them even try and claim to be women trapped in a man's body which is about as cliche as it can get.

Model and Photographer?

What is it with the site on T-Central that posts all these photos of individuals that are expressing their gender diversity. Nothing wrong with that but they all describe themselves or are describes as bot models and photographers. In truth they are neither because they cannot take pictures and they have no ability as a model.  Maybe the new Transgender thing is, "If I say it it must be true", now goes to everything in life including the delusion they are both a model and a photographer.

Femininity Coaching

How does someone still working on transition themselves become a femininity coach? The first rule I learned in NYC when I met my lifelong friend Oscar was never let a gay man teach you how to act like a woman. They can teach you fashion, Oscar did for me, but if you listen to them you will end up coming across like a gay man in drag.  Those were my gay friend's Oscars words and not mine.

So does that mean learning femininity from a later transitioning man will make you come across like the caricature most men have of women. If it does you will have massive breasts and wear 6 inch heels and an ultra mini even at 57. Look at T-Central for confirmation but then some of you know this is just so true.

Living a Productive Life

I almost forgot something. In an article by Suzan Cooke she implied that others were jealous of people like her because they have led a productive life or something like that. Okay, I will admit it took me 5 minutes to stop laughing but then humor makes one live longer, or so they say I think.

Sorry Suzan but you lose on that one bigtime.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful how you take this broad swipe berating everything within your sight. You are 67 1/2 years old. Don't you even think for a second that the problem might be you?

Your father dies when you are 10. Your mother approves your hormone prescription at 12? You start kintergarten at 5, and 10 years later you graduate HS at 14 after bouts with attempted suicide? You post your bio using the same exact bio description from a well-known scientist's link...a person who happened to live just a short distance from where you now live? You first husband (Turner was his last name) dies, then you marry a crossdresser?

If you've been through all of what you say you have been through then you should have had, by now, a better insight into the fact that every person's life follows a different path.


I am copying this reply, and I will re-post it if I have to, to another, or several other sites, so other people can see you for what you really are.

Rosenkreuz said...

Is Acoff really transsexual? I really thought they were more of some kind of transvestite sex worker (but maybe that was because of how quickly the ideological transgenders jumped to scream MISGENDERING) but I didn't know about them actually taking hormones. Of course, that's not quite enough, and I seriously doubt if a genuine transsexual would post sexually explicit videos and photos with pictures focusing on the crotch area.

Anonymous said...

This is a odd world we live in, I felt a lot safer in 1965 when everyone had guns not just the crooks. The nut cases and the crooks will always get them so making it hard for the average person to defend themselves is stupid. The one thing you can count on with background checks, even the most minor mental health issues will put you on a no buy list, just like all those good citizens who have felony convictions for having a couple of grams of pot or something stupid like that. They can't vote, they can't get some forms of licenses, and they cannot buy a handgun to defend their family from some criminal who doesn't give a shit about the law. Our founding fathers knew this when they wrote the second amendment, they didn't include any ifs ands or butts, because they knew a government would use those exceptions to disarm the population. What that does happen, and it looks like it will all your rights are gone the next morning.

The government and the cops can't protect you, that is your responsibility.

When seconds count the cops are minutes away.


Anonymous said...

The third rail of all third rails - gun control? You really like stirring the s%&t pot, don't cha'? It'll help your foes gather a new cadre of mud-slingers. Just sayin'.

I'm no expert but I believe what looked like AK47s were really semi-autos built to look like them. Fully automatic AK74s, like all guns capable of full auto require a special Federal transfer tax to buy and there are strict ownership rules and can't be legally owned in some States even with Federal registration. Fully automatic weapons have been Federally regulated since 1935 and the importation of full autos banned in Clinton's Presidency if I remember correctly.

The Dems couldn't pass increased background checks because they woukd have needed to suspend the rules to end avoid threatened Republican filibuster. If they'd suspended the rules, Dems would have passed the background check expansion but the Republican's had the votes to also pass their own bill that would have allowed those licensed to conceal to carry in their State to carry in other States. Both bills would pass or neither. The Dems chose neither and then complained the Republicans were in the pocket of the NRA when the problem was really just Congressional politics as usual.

- an old aunty

Elizabeth said...

Anon @2:26 PM 5/13 aka June Hingle

The thing that always amazes me about you is the simple truth you never get any facts straight. You cannot even read a blog and get posted points correct.

The only points in our comment that are correct are my dad did die when I was 10 and my age but then intellectual capacity and veracity were never one of your strong suits you mousy little man.

I really think you should "out" me as that well known scientist whose bio is not even close to what has been written on this very blog.

You seem to have this unnatural obsession with me and this need to somehow "out" me like you threatened to do with another blogger. She left and I will not but then I am not afraid of pathetic little men in dresses even if they were stupid enough to cut off their little peckers.

I must assume you are off the psychotropic drugs again which probably puts your neighbors in harms way.

Now to set the facts straight.

I entered first grade at 5 like every other child in my very progressive home city did.

I graduated at 15 from high school after skipping two grades along with others who skipped grades did.

My mom allowed me to meet Harry Benjamin just short of my 14th birthday and he started me on hormones.

I stupidly did try to commit suicide and I am not proud of it because I hurt my two brothers and family a lot.

My first husband was the crossdresser and I did not know he was one. You know about that since you married your wife knowing you were a crossdresser. He is still alive.

My second husband died.

I moved to North Carolina a few years ago and I am not a well know scientist from this area of the United States.

None of this is new information and is openly posted on this blog but then you read what you want to read and well your intellectual capacity is rather low so I should be sympathetic but I am not.

My blog is an opinion blog and I comment on items of news that I find interesting. I do not hate any of them but like you some of them are turds like Zoe Brain.

I could simply post the many homophobic rants you have made in multiple places to discredit you but you simply discredit yourself. Please correct your inaccuracies when you post this elsewhere because I do not care.

Now crawl back under your rock and hibernate for a while longer or maybe get back on your psychotropic drugs again.

Elizabeth said...


I am ambivalent about gun laws. No law contemplated or even passed could have stopped any of the insanity ewe have seen. All I was saying is the NRA members I know are not vehemently opposed to having to pass a background check to own certain types of guns because they are honest hard working people that enjoy shooting guns at the local gun club.

The AK-47 was not a full automatic I saw at the gun show but was modified so it could not fir in automatic mode but it can be modified back.

I am a constitution supporter in many ways and a minimalist for government itself yet I support gay marriage and other issues that would be considered progressive such as limited abortion rights. If the fetus is viable it should not be aborted and things like that.

Good citizens should have the right to own guns as you say but no good citizen should be opposed to passing a background check to own the gun.

We live in interesting and scary times.

Elizabeth said...


If you look at the mug shot of the person it is very feminine and certainly not male. She was probably just another poor person of color trying to make her way through life and based on visible evidence and her self professed belief she was female I would go with transsexual.

Her life was ended by murder so she deserves that in death. as for the media and police they just do the best they can and have already arrested a black male for the murder.

Rosenkreuz said...

The issue with gun control is that the NRA leadership is not promoting responsible gun ownership - they're promoting ultra-right-wing nuts buying AS MANY GUNS AS POSSIBLE to defend against some hypothetical gubmint takeover (actually to enrich gun manufacturers).

On the other hand, the state does have a not so benign interest in disarming the populace, and we all know that government will use violence against peaceful if a tad unruly citizens (see Wall Street, Occupy).

I'd like to see intelligent regulation but I'd like to see such regulation not be a wedge for total disarmament.

Black Swan said...

I personally believe we need better (good looking) leadership and beautiful people like Jenna Talachova representing us. I have no problem with Ms. Talackova supporting a transgender position, albeit she is clearly transsexual.

Regarding gun control:

I'm going to discribe this cartoon I viewed on Facebook which I feel is a reasonable answer to the governments push to monopolize violence.

Saying we don't need [picture of guns] because we have [picture of a cops]. Is like saying we don't need [picture of fire extinguishers] because we have [picture of firemen].

Usually the simplest arguments work the best.

@Elizabeth, you also frustrate me at times. You are a legit transsexual who transsitioned young. I believe most of your facts, sans your simple ("senior moment") errors. I believe you are realy engineer/rocket scientist(?) that worked for NASA, and most of your opinions based on your empirical knowledge are yours and you allow for argumentation and dissenting opions unlike Suzan Cooke, which I appreciate. However, my frustration is you don't acknowledge (maybe you do) your own elitism and privilege that is the source of my umbrage.

Rosenkreuz said...

Fair enough, I had previously asserted that it was some sort of TG sex worker but I didn't know these facts, so I'm willing to reconsider.

Anonymous said...

I'm no expert, but I've been given to understand it's not easy make a semi-auto AK style rifle a usefully reliable full auto. I doubt AK full-auto conversions are a problem worth worrying about. I'd worry more about the smuggled real AKs you mentioned.

I don't have a gun, but I don't fear guns. I respect them. I enjoy my kitchen knives. They put yummy food on my table, but they would be fearsome on the street.

- an old aunty

Elizabeth said...

@Black Swan

I am never sure what people like you mean by elitism or privilege to be honest. I certainly do not think kids like I was are the same as the loons I see claiming they are female while keeping their peckers. If you consider that elitism then that is your problem.

If by privilege you mean the fact lots of my family have lots of money then that is a gift which my family has paid back with massive gifts to charity for a very long time. I was not allowed access to my money until after I had SRS and U actually had to fight my grandmother to get it.

If by privilege you mean I passed and all these old wankers do not then tough shit because whether I knew what I was doing, like some kids today, or not I pushed things and refused to let them force me to be a boy. I was certainly under more pressure than most including 2 months in a state mental hospital which I somehow cannot connect with privilege.

If you consider privilege my willingness to work long hard hours and prove myself to every man in a male dominated Engineering and Business world then I consider that not accepting discrimination because I was female. (Note I have never used being born TS as an excuse)

Anonymous said...

It has been my observation that people who use the word privilege or elitism usually are lazy, and believe the rich should pay more of their (the lazy ones) way.

Yes Elizabeth we do live in scary times, just look at how recent events were mishandled by those in government and how the media played along.

Suzanne Cook and Zoe Brain both represent everything that is wrong with the Tee-Gees.

People arguing over your history shows their childishness, and their own insecurities, and shows them to unfit to function in normal society.
It's no fun outing people like that even when you have every bit of public information on them.

While we are at it, and I know this is your blog but I want to throw in my 2 cents about something that has been rubbing me the wrong way.
Cisgender or Cis is a projective one can even argue that is is as bad as calling a black man or woman any number of the half dozen racial slurs. The Tee-Gees don't like being called He-She or It or Tranny then maybe they should stop calling heterosexual transsexuals Cisgender.

Peace be with you in these times Elizabeth.

Anonymous said...

Cis is the opposite of trans. To use it as a noun "cisgender" is perhaps poor english, but how on earth did you come to believe it is some sort of insult?

-an old aunty

Rosenkreuz said...

Cis is far more an insult to transsexuals because it implicitly others them. It's become an insult to non-transsexuals because of shit like "DIE CIS SCUM" and "cis privilege" though.

Anonymous said...

an old aunty said.......
"how on earth did you come to believe it is some sort of insult?"

The term marginalizes normal people.
Men who are attracted to women and women who are attracted to men.
It is a club word used to beat normal people over the head with their normal sexuality.

Regardless of what else is said here anything other than heterosexual behavior is by it's definition and by the frequency of its occurrence abnormal.

The coining of the term "Cisgender" is an attempt at normalizing transgenders and their behavior, including the invasion of women's spaces.


oatc said...

I too reject the term "cis", when used to divide on grounds of birth. The term means "on the same side as" (with no reference to birth) and one could use it for people whose sex and gender match - as mine does, now - compared to transgenderism and transsexualism where they don't, but what is being pushed is a human-rights challenging, permanent distinction by birth.

It is used to say that those diversities who really do need to be the other sex to that of birth can never be that, are forever transgender. It is nothing more than a pseudo scientific re-label for the "GG" (Genuine-Girl) and "natal-woman" heterosexual cross-dressers have used for years to distinguish women like me, who they believe are really just the same as them but got above ourselves, from their lust-objects. By selling the term to a wider public many goals are achieved, but it also spreads the hateful RadFems categorisation "Womyn-born-womyn". Please do not buy into it.

oatc said...

Very appropriate remarks on the coverage of the murder of Cernia Ascoff.

There may be some confusion over the bridal store wedding - Canada doesn't have same-sex weddings, just the same marriages for all. The pictures just look to me like an artful angle with light in the right place and decent make-up, versus a quick snap from the wrong angle. I'm not sure I see beard shadow at all. Hey, she got married, be happy for her.

As for the advice to not learn how to be a woman from a gay man; last month saw London's Charing Cross gender clinic featured in a BBC documentary on the National Health Service filmed in hundreds of locations all on one day; the T->F patients in speech therapy were being taught feminine speech by a guy. It came over terribly.

Anonymous said...

"It came over terribly"

Is that not the point of all these BBC/NHS propaganda shows? Think, "My TG/TS Summer".

My impression is that they are trying to 'normalize a 'third sex'.

Black Swan said...

You see Elizabeth I feel I’m very privileged and it has nothing to do with the hard work I put in my career or life. At the age I transitioned at I’m also extremely lucky and privileged to pass as well as I do sans my height. My education and work experience, I cannot deny, also helped me in several different careers. One of those careers placed me in a unique position to help other transsexual/transgender people with civil rights and access to medical care specific to transition related services. I know you cringe at the thought of those two terms (“TS/TG”) in close proximity.

I’ve said this before, there are successful individuals who have forgotten the societal roots of their success or vigorously deny the role of social forces in their good fortune. They use inherited privilege or societal investment to get ahead yet work to eliminate opportunities for others. Mark Twain did a fantastic job of revealing the lie of the Alger story, “The Story of the Bad Little Boy Who Did Not Come to Grief” in 1865, “The Story of the Good Little Boy Who Did Not Prosper” in 1870 and “Poor Little Stephen Girard” in 1879.

I find it comical when an individual feels compelled to re-frame luck and privilege into primarily the sweat of her own brow. Why you lived, and lived successfully, many of us have died. You are also quite dismissive and flippant about that. I’ve read somewhere of a low estimate that 50,000 have perished from prejudice, murder and suicide, yet you constantly belittle and berate those that do not fit your mold of perfection and are conveniently silent when that individual kills themselves or is murdered. You relish to employ a double speak—condemn others yet when that other dies proffer a perfunctory salutation to spin your deleterious comment.

There is a reticent individual that posts on your site from time to time that IMHO is your peer; age & academically, which I only see one difference—the age in which you both transitioned and how that fact effects your privilege or lack thereof. Lets face it we are judged on how we look; body, face, voice and deportment. I’m sure you were quite the dish when you transitioned, which in many ways afforded you many of life’s benefits, namely the ability to receive the love you wanted. The other must roam the earth like some post apocalyptic scavenger for life’s little moments of happiness, scraping by, having to assuage their tears from the queer looks of the society, living with blinders betwixt their bitter gall of envy. I see a beautiful little girl hiding behind inside a broken body playing the sweet tones of a banjo to sooth her soul.

One grows up in a liberal home that is progressive enough to see the problem and correct it while the other must grow up around a conservative religious environment that is not, at all, permissive of difference. There is an old phrase tossed around the old guard: Passing is life. So binary--Not passing is…. You get the idea.

Black Swan said...

To the rest of you:

The discussion of “cis” juxapposed to “trans” prefixes is only a distinction between privileged and not. “Cis” so I’m told is the opposite of “Trans” and is more accurate that using Normal (gender conforming) vs Abnormal (not gender conforming) looking.

See article:

I’m hoping we can have a discussion about reframing privilege as it relates to transsexualism. What would happen if all transsexual would be able to access transition related care prior to the window of the wrong puberty? Albeit an optimist position we have to acknowledge we live in the real world so we have to ask: Would there still be others that would miss this opportunity to transition young prior to their genetic puberty. Yes. This will happen and we hope less so in the future. Yet we can’t forget that bad luck, lack of action and/or lack of education are still going to yield bad results.

How can you blame a child for not transitioning young? He or she, respectively MtF or FtM, is at the mercy of her parents will. But we do this don’t we? Even if its subconscious repulsion of being around someone that doesn’t pass as well as you do, it reminds you of how lucky you are doesn’t it? Luck equals privilege, not something you do—something you didn’t do; not to blame the privileged but to acknowledge your good fortune, so common sense says DO NOT kick the less fortunate when they are down.

So when the less privileged, trans-identified (non-gender conforming), create a new language to demonstrate privilege to the cis-gendered (or gender conforming) I get it that they are doing so to save their lives from ignorance and apathy. The only weapon they have is language to tell the whole truth, which is round and circular juxtaposed to the angularity of exclusion. We have been plagued by angularity; everything in the box is good, anything outside of the box is bad. Why do we call certain undesirable plants weeds when others desirable flowers? The privileged assigning a malum prohibitum arbitrarily to another group, creating a box; an a priori category to whom you deem less worthy because they don’t fit in your angular definition of what is good.

I can see now why the threat of internet outing is a new weapon in this war over words. Why is it wrong to out another transsexual? Would that not assign a “trans” label to the so called privilege to your cis-gender likeness? By derivation eliminating or abrogating those privileges a bit? Hmmmm? Is it not wrong to disarm those that are less fortunate? This is not a threat just analysis to break your concentration camp. So why try to take the trans-gendered weapons, cis vs. trans analysis, away from them?

Anonymous said...

The more "reasons" I read why some find "cis" insulting, the sillier they seem to me. Someone who's cisgender is someone who's not transgendered. No more. No less. It's not unreasonable to say after SRS, a woman of transsexual history is cisgendered. Word torturing and death by a thousand definition quibbles is tedious and tiresome.

- an old aunty

Anonymous said...

Black Swan

You reach new heights of being full of shit. I don't know how you do it, it is truly amazing.

Privilege my ass.
Keep your Cis-gender profanity.


Black Swan said...

NYF, that was non-responsive; next... anyone care to comment with intellegence.

Anonymous said...

Liz wrote:

"I was not allowed access to <> until after I had SRS and U actually had to <>.

That explains a lot.

@NYF You made a comment, about me bringing up the subject of "Usenet", after disclaiming that you meant that comment for Just Jennifer, when in reality it was Just Jennifer who brought it up in the first place. How convenient of you to distort the truth.

What Black Swan wrote made a lot of sense. She was fair to all, and on target. You however, appear to be a "sock-puppet"...the kind that, back in the Usenet days, would steal someone else's name, makeup an account using it, then post horrible comments to those people who had been friends of theirs.

Perhaps you should ask Just Jennifer about her dealings with people Diane Lask, Diane Arons, Willow Arune, etc. Or, perhaps you shouldn't, in as Jennifer may begin to wonder whether or not there aren't already a few of them already infiltrated into this "phenomenal blog", where you seem to backup anything that pleases your alter-ego.

June H

Kathryn Dumke said...

Black Swan, what is it about creating a new privileged class and a new class of privilege that is so attractive to your thinking.

Essentially, in doing so you create create a social pathology for those you seek t protect. By creating a class of people and assigning to them a privilege that consist of being "not transgender" you pathologize being transgender. Should your focus not be better spent on explaining how transgender is "normal" and should as such be seen as a simple variance.

It is in effect a political shot in the foot. And what the hell does that have to do with transsexualism?

Anonymous said...

priv·i·lege (pr v -l j, pr v l j). n. 1. a. A special advantage, immunity, permission, right, or benefit granted to or enjoyed by an individual, class, or caste.

BS, when a TG who's had most of a lifetime of male privilege (special advantages granted to the class white male) encounters criticism for it, it's intellectually dishonest to twist the meaning of "privilege" to throw it back at critics by shifting the meaning from a class advantage to individual good luck. It's unethical word gaming.

To be perceived as a woman, without question, is not an artifact of privilege. Freedom from disapprobation is not a privilege, as such. Perception can change in a circumstantial heartbeat. Misfortune may deny the perception to some but good fortune does not insure it to any. Far more is involved.

A desparation-based willingness to take risks isn't "privilege". A willingness to endure the social disapproval, the rejection of family and friends and the countless sharp edged cuts of transition isn't privilege. To transition because to not do so makes death the only other option, isn't privilege. Some try and die. That doesn't make it a "privilege" to survive. Should a survivor have to suffer the jealous insults of someone who waited longer, inflicted to try to salve their jealous heart? To have their courage, tenacity, and endured suffering dismissed as "good luck" and "privilege" if mean-spirited jealousy of the worst kind. It's BS, BS.

- an old aunty

Anonymous said...

Sorry BS your comment was typical Tee-Gee socialist dribble and equally idiotic. I prefer not to waste as many words as you, I have no male desire to impress those around me.


Anonymous said...

June I don't have to ask anybody about any one person's activities on USENET , I was there.


Miz Know-It-All said...

And Old Aunty said:
"To have their courage, tenacity, and endured suffering dismissed as "good luck" and "privilege" is mean-spirited jealousy of the worst kind."

There ya go! She summed the entirety of my anger at transgender neatly in one sentence!

When I started this journey a very wise woman said to me many times over, that in transition, if I failed, it was my fault and no others! That when it happened and it would happen a hell of a lot. I should suck it up, go take a very hard and long look in the mirror and figure out what it was that ~I~ screwed up. Then not to stop till ~I~ had fixed it!

I knew truth when I heard it, so... I did that very thing. Over and over and over and over again for years on end. Never, not even once stopping until I could move seamlessly as female within the world of women.

But dare to share that success, or to say, no matter what ugly things lay before you. If you are transsexual, it can be done? God forbid! For this unconscionable heresy, I am called an elitist. That I o-n-l-y got here because I was privileged with some sort of advantage they are lacking. That for me to even think there could be an element of personal control in their success or more likely, their glaring failure is the penultimate in hate!

Never mind the mind numbing price I've paid in both blood and tears is instantly reduced to... "luck?" Well I've only two words for that!

Fuck you!

Rosenkreuz said...

Miz, they didn't "fail". Failing implies a level of trying. Unlike many things in this world, "transition" is actually almost a 1:1 ratio between effort and reward. Even if by chance, some 6'5 300 pound middle age guy was neurologically female, even they could in theory assimilate with enough effort. But they don't want to. Because the people bitching about privilege are not women. Privilege is simply a way to make people who assimilate and people who adopt "womanface" equal. After all, under this schema, if post-transsexual females assimilate, it's only because they were lucky, and if assimilation is not a function of effort and desire and need, then there's nothing inherently wrong with the ideological transgenders, they're just as woman as you, dicks and body hair and baritones and all, you just got lucky.

And don't get me wrong, many things in life are a function of place and time and chance - but

Rosenkreuz said...

"But this isn't one of them" is how my sentence should have finished but I was rushing out the door.

Miz Know-It-All said...

You are right of course Rozenkreuz!

More than once over the years. I've tried to counter the omnipresent "transgender" shtick about surgery. Particularly about it how it is un-affordable, and each time. I have been soundly and loudly hooted down for my "privileged unconscionable hate!"

In fact I have even gone so far as to break it down, dollar by dollar! Showing how just eliminating everything, and I do mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g from your life that is not directly connected at keeping body and soul together can actually be enough to pay for surgery in say five years (or less.) Or that if one is willing to endure the hardships, and there are many! You can easily get a high paying job driving a truck that will net the money for EVERYTHING, and I do mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g inside of three! Again, this requires that you will likely live in the truck and eliminate anything not directed at keeping you alive but in three years, just three years you can have the funds to get it all done and then be utterly and completely free to live!

The responses to this are always the same! I am only saying this because I am an Ayn Rand hate filled hater who wants to victimize them further by denying them the "simple" joys and pleasures that make their sordid and tragic lives worth living! Besides, work like that is soooo beneath them! Odd that, because I have known women who did all of these things letter by letter. Because, to them, it was worth it!

Of course dare I dispel the myth of "the money" I am always hit with their other big fat red herring The " I can't" because of medical reasons! Ya know? For more than a decade, I have been asking for just one example of someone who was unable to find a surgeon because of "Medical Reasons" and in all these years I have never been given even one! Which is doubly curious as I know of women with horrible medical issues who seemed to find a way! Including one, who, dying of cancer, and knowing that it would for sure shorten her already short time on the planet. Managed to find a reputable surgeon who got how important it was that she die as a female. She sold everything she had in the world, begged borrowed and maybe even stole, flew to Thailand and with a very well respected and caring surgeon, had surgery. Though she would only live another six weeks after SRS. She was happy as a clam that she at least had those six weeks to be whole! And when she died, we cried happy tears for her!

So tell me! Why is it that these tales of others success DESPITE the hardships kept me going on my darkest of days but in this I seem to be singularly alone?

Rosenkreuz said...

Truck drivers can pull in 50k a first year. SRS is a one-off cost of 20-30k (depending if you want your neovagina to selflubricate) or something, and you might get some ofit covered by insurance. 5 years is overly generous. Maybe if you were working min wage. That's btw if you live in the USA as opposed to a real social welfare state (lololololol at canadians or brits not affording SRS).

I will say there are two caveats. One, truck driving is as masculine a field as it gets, two, Third World countries have less options (Brazil is instructive here, and due to the fetishes of the patrons in that market, it requires, almost like a Greek tragedy, the erotic use of the organ they are working to get rid of).

Not insurmountable barriers but they're there. I'm more sympathetic to the money argument than you are because it is expensive and can take time to save up for (as long as they ARE saving), but the idea that you're some kind of heartless bitch for making the point that SRS is pretty important for transsexuals is a massive, massive strawman (straw woman?) to begin with, because we're not talking about poor young transsexuals barely squeezing in hormones into their budget but middle aged white guys who've pulled in close to a million in lifetime income and make above median income.

With that said, I support universal health care, care that would include SRS for all who went through the proper channels. Having a hotdog where a taco is supposed to be is is fucking bad enough without having to pay out of pocket to fix it and if a transgenderist loses his wang for playing with gender, well, his problem.

Rosenkreuz said...

And even if we made SRS completely free, they wouldn't take it, we have proof of this so with all due respect, why are you bothering showing how paying for it can be done? It's a strawman designed to guilt you into accepting they're legit females, dicks and all. It's not even an issue of "I want to be a woman but I'm too lazy", they're crossdressing men who like their dicks! Which I understand, I like my dick too (I watched a video of SRS, so I could know what would happen when my gf had it, curiosity killed my lunch that day) but I'm not declaring myself a woman (though if the transgenderists have their way, I could!) anytime soon.

Hell, these guys don't even take hormones (gotta keep the dick working) or remove male secondary sex characteristics like facial hair, let alone get SRS.

oatc said...

Black Swan said...
-> To the rest of you:
-> The discussion of “cis” juxapposed to “trans” prefixes
-> is only a distinction between privileged and not.
-> “Cis” so I’m told is the opposite of “Trans” and is
-> more accurate that using Normal (gender conforming) vs
-> Abnormal (not gender conforming) looking.

It is not being used about looking, but about birth.

"Ciswoman"is being sold as a progressive term to use, where "Normal Woman" would be obviously discriminatory.

an old aunty said:
-> The more "reasons" I read why some find "cis"
-> insulting, the sillier they seem to me. Someone who's
-> cisgender is someone who's not transgendered. No more.
-> No less. It's not unreasonable to say after SRS, a
-> woman of transsexual history is cisgendered.

Agreed, and I have said that, but instead what is being pushed is that cis is everyone not born or become or choosing to be trans, exactly the other side of the same coin (and from the same people) as use of transgender, or trans, or trans*, or T, to mean everyone not living completely according to the stereotype of the sex assumed at birth, for life, with a "transgender status", or a "trans identity", which can never include being simply a woman, but has to be, if not "ciswoman", a trans woman.

No doubt the gap in "trans woman" is being pushed out as the gapless "ciswoman" rises.

Alongside goes either smearing/deprecating/erasing transsexual, or redefining it to be lifelong, or only applicable after transition.

Its all empire building, controlling, and "we are all the same", and deliberately triggering for those who struggled hard for our identity.

This week's Hong Kong court judgement pointed out that the ICD definition of transsexualism (which WPATH and ILGA are insisting must be removed) says how people have a need for full recognition, and one of the five judges pointed out that the rest were wrong to write of the plaintiff as being a transsexual woman, because she was no longer transsexual. Then the "socially aware" media (like the local 'South China Morning Post', reported her as transgender anyway - a term the court used not once.

oatc said...

an old aunty said:
-> Word torturing and death by a thousand definition
-> quibbles is tedious and tiresome.

Indeed it is, but using words as weapons is part of politics - the art of the possible. Defining people out of existence, or as Janice Raymond said "mandating out of existence", is very threatening. It is a tool long used in colonising cultures and destroying indigenous peoples.

With thousands of transgender internet warriors active, doing nothing but be trans online, death by words is very possible. What seems like a quibble compared to the transitioning, or day to day budgeting, for example, suddenly gets vital when one sees the words used in court judgements, treatment protocols, international treaties, job definitions, medical diagnoses.

Anonymous said...

I don't read the garbage the TG crowd posts. Those fruit loops don't get to set the agenda or define the terms. They can and will abuse all terms to try to steal an advantage. Bowing to their word usurpation is a losing game. They can always usurp faster than the sane can counter. Remember, they are more numerous and they nothing better to do with their lives.

- an old aunty

Anonymous said...

About the cost of SRS, as a ratio to current income vs. the cost as a ratio to incomes in the early '70's it was much more expensive then. I managed to have SRS starting from flat broke with no employment or education history working women's jobs, at a time when jobs were advertised as "jobs women" and "jobs men"", in less than two years without resorting to crime or the sex trade. Needless to say I lived a bare necessity existence. Sure as hell wasn't any "privilege" involved, unless it's a privilege to be bright, diligent and tenacious. How my friends managed varied, each with a different story, but none had money or privilege but each found a way to get what she needed.

- an old aunty

Black Swan said...

@ - an old aunty,

Prove your last comment with real numbers please.

Anonymous said...

I don't wish to waste my time "proving" anything to crazy zealots. However, to illustrate, in 1973 Dr. Bieber raised his SRS price to $3000 while the US median income was $9000. (There were cheaper SRS surgeons, especially if you were willing to travel to other countries.) You can have SRS in Thailand for $8000 while the US median income is more than $50000. Even allowing for travel costs, that's 1/3 of median income then and 1/5 today. The cost for doctor visits and hormones were proportionately higher then, too.

- an old aunty

Miz Know-It-All said...

Don't you know anyone who did this before the age of 35-40 or later? I've know quite a few and every single one of them has just about the exact same story... either they were among the very lucky few helped along by family, or.... and this is the case with the majority. Knowing exactly what they needed to do if they were to survive. NOTHING was going to stand in their way! If they were making minimum wage they went got a second or third and even a fourth job and saved every last penny other than a pittance needed to eat on! Or they resorted to hard labor as it paid more... and again, saved ever last fricking penny! And if that failed? They resorted to sex work!

If you HAVE to do this you will find a way! Be it sleeping a few hours a day and working all the rest for however long it takes, or getting on your knees and sucking dick. It doesn't matter! It's that or die and so it gets done! Beg borrow or steal. When your life hangs in the balance nothing else matters!

Why is that so hard for you and those you opine for to grasp?

Anonymous said...

MKIA, you can't explain something to someone who has so much staked on denying the truth.

- an old aunty