Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Transphobia, Feminism, and Bullying Women

There is this misconception that gender and sex are the same and that since feminism supposedly is opposed to the gender binary that this precludes feminists from excluding a man in a dress from being a woman. Actually the man in the dress excludes himself with his own actions. The article  Transphobia Has No Place In Feminism by Lauren Rankin of Rutgers attempts to take on this subject. The problem I have is her points and positions are not backed up by anything other than academic silliness and the typical crap spewed by the Transgender crowd which makes it actually misogynistic In many ways it is so naive it is scary.

The following is a quote that closes out the claims made in this article.
Trans women are women. How do I know that? Because they say they are women. Because they identify as women. Because your gender expression is not dictated by the gender with which you were born. Because I, and many other cisgender feminists, trust trans women when they say they are women. Because women are women, and that’s really all there is to it. 
You will notice the big exception for actually sex characteristics wise physically being female or as close as one can get in today's world. The other thing this child at Rutgers misses is the simple fact that women do not have to tell other women they are women. This little task is the business of the penis packing transgender crowd that want the whole world to know they were once male and have now become women just because they say they are. Miss Rankin has been successfully bullied into their view of the world and this graduate student is so dim-witted she cannot even see it.

Often, mainstream feminists simply avoid talking or writing about trans women. 

Okay let me get this right. Feminists that are interested in promoting a feminist point of view are supposed to or should somehow write about "trans women" who by definition are identifying as something other than a "woman" probably because they feel special. Are you that stupid Miss Rankin? Do you even have an ounce of common sense. By definition if you use the term "trans" woman you are not identifying yourself as a woman and therefore you perspective is not  one that should be written about and discussed by feminists. Live as a woman and function as a woman and then come back and talk about this.

Some men bully women just because they can and that is what the transgender crowd is doing. They are attempting to bully women into believing the hype and the bullshit they spread about themselves. The simple concept that because I say I am a woman I am a woman is beyond hubris. Only a man in a dress would ever utter that bullshit. You are a woman because you are accepted by your fellow women as a woman. Until that point in life you are just a girl. womanhood is earned through experiences that involve the trials and tribulations of dealing with other women and the primary adversary, men.

Academia has bought into this male line of bullshit hook line and sinker as my dad would have said. Academia is ill-prepared to deal with any of this which is why the tagged Gender Studies into women's Studies. Since when does gender study have more to do with women than it does with men? well it actually does if you look at the insane need for dicks in a dress to express the "femininity openly and freely which of course means forcing women to accept them as women despite the hairy balls and dick hidden under the dress.

From Julie Serano, "my dick is bigger than yours" in California, Joelle Ruby Ryan the 6-6 300+ pound "woman" teaching women's studies at the University of New Hampshire, and Joy (Jay) Ladin in NYC claiming he knew more about being a woman than his ex-wife Academia is full of dipshits, frauds, and wanna-be-women. None of the above have had SRS to the best of my knowledge. ***EDUT(Serano had SRS in 2009)****

Just because some naive college student thinks a man with a dick in a dress is a women we are all supposed to accept that as the gospel? we live in a culture where many men think "no" is not really NO and women are made the issue when they are raped using excuses like we were looking too sexy or good so the poor man could not control his dick and that is a kind excuse. Now women are told by rather stupid little girls that they are required to accept men as women just because the freaking asshole said he was.

Have you ever heard a woman demand that they be accepted as a woman. One of my proudest moments was when my mother visited me in California where I was raising my stepdaughter, managing partner in a big business, attending CIT Graduate School, and keeping my large home livable. Mom looked at me and simply said, "Sweetie, you are an amazing young woman." That is when you know you are what you prayed for your entire life. Not because you demanded it but maybe because you worked at it and earned it.

Read her article and you get the gender bullshit claim. Gender roles are stupid and what feminism was and is fighting is we women being forced to do jobs "women" are supposed to do because "men" think it is appropriate. I fought those stereotypes along with many other women in the last 50 years and we have won some and we have lost some and isn't it ironic we always lose to men?

Feminists are not attempting to claim that being female is the same as being a woman. Sex defines our physical and in some ways mental outlook on life while gender is how we present ourselves on a daily basis. Throwing on a dress does not make you female. Going through what I and many others have to be who we should have been in my opinion allows me to claim I am female. There are some radical feminists that may disagree but I can assure you if you knew me you would have not one clue I was not female.

These transgender dipshits want to scream from the highest hill they were once men and demand they be accepted as women penis and all. First of all one would need to put a gun to my head as a heterosexual woman to force me to have sex with some man in a dress and based on my past experience it might be a tough decision. Now think about a lesbian who is attracted to other women and one of the specific reasons is because they do not have a penis. Well it now seems they are transphobic for not accepting some dipshit with a dick claiming they are a woman as a fellow lesbian. Even an idiot should realize this situation is problematic but somehow many do not. Just how do a lesbian and a penis packing lesbian have sex? Maybe they can describe their dick as a 7 inch neoclit and confuse the poor dear because after all we women are considered the fish in the water with bait not needed.

I do find it humorous that you never read or hear of the transgender crowd demanding that heterosexual men accept these penis packing women as women. You will read of the occasional fool claiming straight men like having sex with them because they are packing a penis. Last time I checked I believe that is a gay relationship but then men can delude themselves a lot.

Any assumption that cisgender women are the only true women is a blatant form of bigotry. And honestly, it’s in direct violation of Feminism 101. After all, Simone De Beauvoir said more than half a century ago “One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.”

This comment by Miss Rankin is a complete misinterpretation of what Simone De Beauvoir meant for multiple reasons which seem to escape Miss Rankin. The concept of a man just saying he was a woman and being accepted as one was unheard of and what she meant was what I said before. Girls grow into women based on life experiences and feminism should be trying to prevent these girls from being pigeonholed into "women only" jobs because we women are much better than that and can do basically anything a man can do with reason. Trying to equate this quote with what is going on today is like telling little girls they can only play with dolls. It is absurd and incredibly naive.

Feminism is predicated on the idea that gender is a social construct, that women are not defined by their biology, and that the category of “woman” is informed and constructed by social gender norms. If women are more than what’s between their legs, why do some feminists continue to perpetuate a patriarchal notion that biology is destiny?
Again Miss Rankin misses the very concept she attempts to discuss. Gender is most certainly not between the legs but one's sex is and what feminists are talking about is allowing women to not be constrained by boundaries in life in either the workplace or life itself but in no way are feminists denying the self evident fact that women are females. Feminists may not want to be defined by their vagina but it does not mean they want a penis like a man. Actually it is a patriarchal movement that wants women to not be defined by their sex characteristics which enables men to be women when they want to.

Are there some in the feminist movement that would reject me and hate me? Yes there are but I think the reason is they do not understand those of us that were simply born transsexual because we have had our stories and lives obfuscated by the loudmouth activists demanding attention. will I ever convince some of them I am just a woman like them? Probably not but then that is there problem and not mine.

I think Miss Rankin is making the incorrect assumption that the "trans" people she is supporting are all or will become physically female based just on her commentary but then one is not allowed to ask what is in a "trans" woman's panties because it is not relevant according to them. well it is very relevant when someone is looking for a sex partner but then sex is not important or maybe these dick packing men in dresses figure they can convert some of these "lesbians" with a little work from the family jewels.

Women need to "always" be careful around men because men rape women and rarely the other way and almost all of these penis packing men in dresses are heterosexual males. I have mentioned before that i was raped at 14 by by neighbor Chuck who fractured my skull ass he used my ass for a vagina as he told me "he would teach me what it meant to be a woman." I wish I had remained conscious so I could have reminded him that most women do not like it up the ass but it was not to be. I also wish he had tried to force me to orally satisfy him because he would have been looking for a surgeon to sew it back on.

In the current environment we again have men telling women what it means to be a woman but quite conveniently not being penetrated like a woman or being as small and physically less imposing as men. What the hell do the know about being us? Nothing yet as my pal Chuck said "he will teach me" and what was he trying to teach me and what are they trying to teach us now? Yes that is somewhat a stereotype but physical facts are facts non the less.

They are trying to force us to accept them as women when they are not. They are trying to force lesbians to accept them as sex partners even with a penis. They are trying to redefine what it means to be female so they and their dicks qualify. It is just typical male behavior where they think we should listen to them because they "just know better" than us.

In my business as a Consulting Engineer I was brought in most often to fix a disaster that had already happened and to save the Company serious money and in several case literally save the Company. Later in life I learned to never take a position where I did not have hire and fire power because sometimes you needed to shovel the shit out the door instead of allowing the bigger pieces to float to the top.

I cannot count the number of times I asked a Company why a certain person was still there after repeated failure and the answer was usually, "he is a good man." I never once heard, "she is a good woman." I asked a friend of mine at a major Mutual Fund provider why he kept this VP of engineering around and got that answer. I then asked, "do you honestly believe he will have an epiphany and get a clue?" I refused that position because I could not move him or fire him. He proceeded to waste $50 million over the next 5 years on his bad ideas until he was "promoted", if you can believe it.

I cannot even begin to tell you the culture shock I caused in more than a few meetings over the years. I am notorious or was for never raising my voice or showing anger. I had one engineer tell me I was a very aggressive woman and I calmly asked him why he thought so and he screamed at me that "you always think you are correct" which resulted in my response of but "you have continually been wrong" which flustered him no end. He was actually a good engineer and I kept him and when i left after the project was finished he said, "I was wrong about you." That was all but it was enough.

I have been asked or told things over the years that were amazing.

"What is a pretty girl like you doing as an Engineer?" Well actually I was saving the company dipshit.

"Why isn't a pretty girl like you home having kids." Well dipshit I wish I could have children but you are fired anyway.

"What does your husband think of you doing this job." Actually he is quite proud of me dipshit.

"You are a very pushy woman." Well, considering the only way I can save this project is to push you out the door please don't let it hit you in the ass.

Men are tough and women are pushy.

Men are good orators and women talk too much.

Men are better at Math and science than women.

Men are just better in every way. Just ask them.

I could go on and on and this entire crap comes from the very same place all of it comes from. Many men think they are better than women and that actually now includes better at being women than us. I guess one can see that in the 63 year old man in his 5+ inch heels and mini skirt with the monster boons that stick out like headlights and the wig that comes off when he goes swimming in his bikini.

Now we have to deal with some naive girl in college who has never worked in the real world as a woman and really has no clue what this is all about selling out to help men take over the feminist movement. Believe me that is what they want to do because men will never take a back seat to women willingly.

If Miss Rankin was talking exclusively about those who have had SRS and are now physically female she might have a valid point because some of the radfems are transphobic but I think they are transphobic for a valid reason and unfortunately they cannot see the forest for the transgender trees because there are a lot of us that can support their opposition to a man in a dress with a dick claiming to be female because he says so.

Being a sexual person I am still trying to figure out why a lesbian should have to accept a lesbian with a dick as a partner if they don't want to and if they do can they really be lesbian?


Renee said...


I grew up on a farm a thousand miles from anywhere that is of "importance". I didn't complete high-school, I've not been to college/university, by most people's measure, I'd be considered insignificant, uneducated, unimportant!


Even I understand the difference between SEX and "Gender".

And YES! even I understand that words have meanings, and that there is such thing as a dictionary with which people can research said words and their meanings.

"Gender" refers to masculine or feminine expression (look it up, the ORIGINAL meaning please!), relative to and thus, influenced BY!, (IE "gender" IS variable, just like TG's tell you!) commonly held ideals of any particular locale.(Yes folks, you CAN have feminine males and masculine females)

So my question is: what the hell is "cis-gender"?

According to Lauren, "Cisgender" is:

"cisgender means someone who identifies with the "gender" they were born with"

Which is great, EXCEPT! "gender" is fluid, variable!

You aren't born (with) one to “identify” with in the first place, and even if you/we were, then no-body is the same, and so no-one could truly be considered masculine OR Feminine, and AS SUCH, why does feminism exist to begin with (Lauren?)

This shit could be argued around in circles all day long, but the point is, Feminism is about equal treatment for FEMALES.

That is: the smaller, weaker, more vulnerable (due especially to their physical/primary sex characteristics and for most of them; reproductive abilities), less respected of the two (primary/dominant) variations of the human species.

If you DON'T fit the above description, then what feminism seeks to achieve will be largely irrelevant to you!

Change “woman” for female Lauren, and drop the "trans-hyphened" bullshit and I'd agree with most of what you've written, but the fact of the matter is that woman-hood is a lived experience, and one that can never be fully achieved whilst one has a penis.

Oh, and leave school! it's obviously not doing you any real good, not teaching you to have a mind of your own or form your own opinions based on merit (both things a girl needs to learn in life if she is ever to truly be a WOMAN one day)

oatc said...

Re. Julia Serano: - SRS in Montreal in 2009

Rosenkreuz said...

First, why can't "transgender lesbian females with penises" have sex with other "transgender lesbian females with penises"? That's the most hilarious thing about the "cotton ceiling" which is really just rape masquerading as progressive political ideology (the primary mens rea of rape is the viewpoint that the rapist has a right to sexual access to the woman, regardless of her wishes - and that sums up the cotton ceiling to a T)

Secondly, I don't know how much of that pigeonholing still goes on today. There's still a gender pay gap, though how much of that is due to sexism as opposed to other factors is unknown. I don't know if an obviously brilliant woman like yourself would be harassed and demeaned for being a woman in 2013 like you were in the 70s. I don't know, and because I'm a man, I'll never "know". I can understand that ideological transgenderism springs from the same impulse - to demean women, in this case by appropriating the normal outward of womanhood as a fetish, almost as if to say "We men are so much better than you, we even make better women than you!"

Also, I think it's important to understand that transsexuality is a special case for a small clinical population, not an attack on "gender". The logical paradigm is that there are some people who were born female in mind and heart but by some issue in utero, ended up with male bodies (vice versa for transsexual males). Normally, what you're born with determines your sex but society and medical science has (to an extent) made an accommodation for this condition and provided a path to fixing it.

However, the ideological transgenderists have taken the proverbial inch and tried to make it a proverbial mile, attempting to expand the "special case" into a wholesale deconstruction of what gender is understood as, which was not the original intent whatsoever.