Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Compared to a House Slave?

I have never been compared to a house slave before but I just was by Suzan at Women Born Transsexual. A house slave is a slave that betrays the race or "possibly" gender or sex they belong to by supporting their oppressors position by helping the oppressors. The following is the link to the post so lets discuss it.


In Suzan's usual drug and alcohol self induced lifetime haze she has entirely missed the point and who the actually "house slave" actually is. In point of fact, Suzan is the "house slave" represented by Stephan in "Django Unchained" movie because it is she and her ancient partner Tina that support the Transgender movement that attempts to oppress those of us born transsexual.  The only simpering, ass-kissing sycophant in this conversation is Suzan.

I do not support the Transgender movement which has attempted to subvert what being born transsexual actually is and I am not a follower of the HBS movement although I was a patient of Harry's from 1959 on. Yes, I do critique people like Suzan and others of her ilk that support the we all all the same mantra pushed by the transvestites that manipulate and control the Transgender movement.

Since I want to free transsexuals from the oppression of the Transgender movement just how have I suddenly become a "house slave" like Stephan in "Django Unchained". I have railed against the "house slaves" like Suzan because they betrayed the people in this world born transsexual. By supporting the Transgender she endangers the young transsexuals that I actually help which is something positive.

Supporting men in dresses that want to be considered lesbians while maintaining their male member intact and functioning is one interesting position Suzan has supported but then Suzan has a history there of just that lifestyle. The irony is I have zero problem if someone chooses to live that way but I do have a problem with someone telling me that my lesbian friends MUST accept a man in a dress with a functioning prick as a lesbian. Suzan has a history with this very subject which she fails to point out. In other words her position is biased and I understand her support for it but it does not mean all must support that position unless of course you are a radical commie Stalinist nitwit. The one thing commies and fascists have in common is their way is the right way and you should die if you do not agree.

Since Suzan is actually the "house slave" Stephan like most in the Transgender community they must somehow attack those few of us that oppose them on even some tiny scale. Suzan claims she left her transsexualism behind her but nothing could be farther from the truth.  Since she supports the Transgender position she now considers herself a "transwoman" or trans for life. Personally I am just a woman in her 60's that can look back and smile at a life well lived which is something Suzan cannot do which is probably the reason for her self hatred and her change into a "Transgender forever" state of mind.

At one point, not long ago, this dingbat wrote that transvestites were not part of the transgender movement. Maybe her mind is so addled from all the drugs and booze she still believes that but she might want to actually try and read a little but then why bother when, like Suzan, you think you know it all and can label people "house slaves" for not wanting to be a slave to a movement that has certainly not got the well being of transsexuals at its core.

The irony is that the "house slave" does not realize they are the house slave because they have  actually become the slave master themselves. This implies the simple truth that the person now supports the position of the "owner" which is how I look at people like Suzan and the Transgender movement. Suzan supports the Transgender movement so she is one of the supporters born transsexual and thus the "house slave" as she betrays most of us that were born transsexual.

Another irony is people can get away with this because most people born transsexual actually get on with their lives and simply live productive lives while the losers live  a life where they think walking around with a sign on their back claiming they are "transgender" makes them special. It does actually, it make them especially stupid.

So when or if you watch "Django Unchained" remember that the sniveling sycophant played by Samuel Jackson is a reasonable facsimile of Suzan and her ilk who attempt to force those of us born transsexual to bow down and believe in their "Transgender" view of the world. Do not let them put you in the position if oppressor because they are the ones attempting to oppress and in this case eliminate the use of the word transsexual unless accompanied closely by transgender so men can have their way.

The sad part of this story is that at one time Suzan was opposed to the Transgender Oppressor movement but like all "house slaves" she gave into the enticement of some semblance of power or maybe it was the influence of her "Transgender" partner who defines the term "late transitioner".

This is just another case where Suzan does not intellectually understand what she is talking about but then that is something she has a lot of experience with.


Rosenkreuz said...

If I don't get censored, I'll post my response here. Needless to say, as a leftist black guy I was pissed.

I just wanna say that you're doing God's work here even if it doesnt seem like you're making a dent. I may not be transsexual but I've seen first hand how hard it is and the ideological transgenders make it harder.

Rosenkreuz said...

Yup, she censored me.

So here I go:

"How. DARE. You.

You gender deconstructionist, social "justice" faux crusaders have made my feelings of derision for your stupid ideals turn into actual anger. First your buddy Sandeen with his MLK wannabe shit. And now you sit here comparing people to house niggers because they don't kowtow to your ideological "social justice" line.

No really, you and Sandeen have actually offended me now and that is fucking hard to do - I shrug off racist jokes like water but you using the ideas and imagery of black liberation for your agenda? Fuck that shit.

Make no mistake, I am a man of the Left, so don't even accuse me of being some Teabag Christo-Nazi. But I know what transsexuality is and what it isn't, maybe not as much as one born with the condition but I've seen it first hand for more than half a decade. The MUH DIK brigade you so passionately defend AINT FUCKING IT. Women don't have dicks, no matter how much you push the "some women have penises" line. Women don't stage civil disobedience dressed in porn star outfits, or thrive in ultramale environments with zero issue with fitting in. Women don't retroactively declare themselves lesbians who spent decades fucking women and getting them pregnant. Girls and guys are neurologically different and it shows in how they act - gender is not a social construct. So if you're neurologically female in a male body, it will SHOW. My girlfriend was a lifeless shutin seriously considering drug use before transition, as an example. That is what your hated separatists are trying to tell you. There is a neurological basis, shown by behavior or adjustment for it - people don't get to declare themselves "female" because they say so. Yet that is what the poor "transgenders" are doing. And then when the underlying inanity of it is pointed out, you hide behind PC and bigotry accusations. The alternative of course is to accept every "self-id" of "transgender" as valid. And let's not pretend people don't like to identify as having health issues - it used to be schizophrenia, then autism, now "trans". And the real people with those issues get screwed in the process.

Seriously, you pissed me off now. If you have even a shred of decency or common sense, you and your cabal should drop the rhetoric. You have no right to compare yourselves to black freedom fighters, real or fictional."

Just Jennifer said...

Very well put... Cooke used to have what appeared to be a little sense left. That seems to have disappeared in the last few years...

Anonymous said...

Just like Sandeen Cooke will do anything to get attention.
In Cooke's case the term attention whore fits to a Tee.

Very good commentary on the issue, we are the ones who strive to be normal, correct our birth condition and live a normal life in society unnoticed. Its the filth like Cook Sandeen and Roberts who pervert what it is to be transsexual and overcome the birth condition to live a normal life. They are self marginolizing and can't stand it when in their mind a nigger leaves, or never was on the reservation to begin with.

Have any of you ever gone crab fishing?

You put bait in the pots and toss the pots off the dock and wait. After a while you pull up the pots and put the legal crabs in a bucket. That bucket is just like the transgender community. Any crab that tries to get out is pulled back down in the bucket by the other crabs. Because of their nature none of them ever escapes to return back to the water. The Tee-Gees do exactly the same thing. I have a friend who started a group in San Diego to help TS get out and live a normal life, Sandeen and a few others made sure the group didn't have a venue to meet in. She is off living in another town having a normal life, they are still stuck in the same Tranny ghetto.

They can't socialize as females, most of them sound like men, they don't want to give up their male status or privilege as men, they are so jealous of us they accuse us of putting ourselves above them. Its the Tee-Gees who marginalize themselves and then whine about our privilege. We are the ones who endured the pain and worked to be normal women and female socialized.

How dare you Suzanne Cook you peace of shit call me a house nigger, how dare you project your own failure upon me and those of us who have succeeded. If you had said that to my face I would slap you into next week and gladly go to jail for it.
You and your kind are filth and need to be exposed for the putrid bags of pus you are.


Anonymous said...

You can call a dog's tail a leg, but he can't walk on it.

Reality check. Calling someone with a penis a lesbian doesn't make them one.

- an old aunty

Rosenkreuz said...

The issue is not the penis per se, but considering present company that is more than understandable.

A person may, at a given point in time:

Be transsexual
Have a penis due to not having gotten surgical correction
Be attracted to other females.

The difference is what is that person doing vis-a-vis this scenario? I know what they're not doing - fucking women with their dick. Fucking women using their dick is what guys do. They're also not waving it in everyone's faces and tranny crusaders figuratively wave their dicks around just as much (some wimmens got dicks, i gots a paper that says so) as that Francis guy literally waved it around.

For the love of god, if you ever read Sandeen's Airport Adventures, do so on an empty stomach.

It's not the presence or absence of a penis that is the issue - it is the presence or absence of a normal female attitude regarding said penis.

And let me tell you something, us guys know girl when we see it. We're fairly crude and materialistic people but we know when someone is oozing femininity. And it's whether female or woman born transsexual, even before transition. The problem is that we as a group associate it with drag queens and Springer freaks because of the tranny fetish crowd. But once a guy comes in contact with the real article, it changes everything because of the obvious femininity (hell, even Cooke is obviously a chick, just a batshit crazy one, unlike Sandeen and Bros.)

Now here is a question

If a woman sprouted a dick and balls, and lost her reproductive organs, would she keep them?

Anonymous said...

These trannies are so high on their own neurotic delusions that they become apoplectic when people do not join in their madness.

Just Jennifer said...

Cooke has posted another diatribe. It is kind of ironic to see her accuse others of hate after her post about the suicide of Rick Warren's son. You know, when I read it, all I could really thing about was how much it sounded like something from Westboro Baptist Church.

Anonymous said...

@ Rosenkreuz, you constantly impress me with your insight and that is not easy to do. Thank you for understanding fully what it is us "hateful seperatists" are about. I have not yet read the Suzan rant and neither have I watched the Django movie. Being a white woman I also have zero understanding of what it is like or means to be black. I have had and still have a number of good friends who are black and I know that I wish the "racist" elephant in the corner was not forever present in our friendship. For Suzan or anyone else to liken the situation transsexuals find ourselves in is so wrong it defies putting into words.

I do understand the term "house slave" however. It is in many ways no different to Stockholm syndrome. Since personally I was never held captive by anyone, it certainly does not apply to me. I certainly did not fit into society until post transition and have zero connection to transvestites. I doubt I even know any transvestites in real life but then they are all so secretive I doubt I would ever know if I did or not. I see an awful lot of TG's on the net and in the media and I also see a lot of transsexuals who are wrongly portrayed as TG. Makes my blood boil and so I wrote about my thoughts and beliefs as well as experience in my blog and in comments on various blogs. I was labelled a "hatefull seperatist" for my trouble along with a few other unpleasant names. Look up my blog Rosenkreuz.


Anonymous said...

Imagining one is a thing and assertion one is a thing does not make one the thing. The question of what is required to be the thing is a rather different question.

It would be presumptuous for a pre-op to claim a status as a lesbian, although it may be she self-identifies as a lesbian. We become annoyed when transvestites claim we are just like them, highjacking the bound of how we identify ourselves. We fairly have a say in who we are "like" because it is implicit in who we are. It is only fair to respect the right of lesbians to reject a similar highjacked inclusion.

- an old aunty

Black Swan said...


I’m not sure if, “Being a white woman I also have ZERO understanding of what it is like or means to be black.” I think this is a culturally imposed hegemony; a political third rail--thou shalt not claim another’s victim politic. If you are human you understand what it is to be different don’t you?

For example my boyfriend, of black and American Indian decent, is very exotic to look at, he‘s very handsome and tall… to me. He seems to understand, having grown up during Jim Crow, that our situation as transsexuals is similar. Those that are indistinguishable from genetically born females have it easier than those that don’t. His Grandmother could pass for white, and would routinely walk through “white only” circles, and generally had an easier life, even if whites knew she was black.

I have to admit I have no idea what its like to be black, yet when my boyfriend was a passenger in my car, driving out for dinner, I was stopped and ticketed by a police officer in January of this year. The stop was fairly routine and this cop took my license, registration and proof of insurance, then proceeded to head back to his car. When he returned his attitude towards me was much different and shall I dare say he was white and male. He became rude and began to ask if my boyfriend and I were on probation or if there were warrants out for our arrest without any probable cause. There were no such warrant or either of us ever on probation.

Needless to say our night out was ruined by this blue light gang member. When the officer looks you up on his computer in his patrol car its patched into the NCIC, which is your criminal credit report. Every US citizen has one. Transsexual who successfully change there ID still have their former name and gender marker on that report as a know alias on the NCIC. This clearly needs to change. I haven’t had a ticket in 11 years. My boyfriend indicated to me that the officers behavior, his contempt, was similar to the way the police behaved towards black people in the past.


Elizabeth said...

@Black Swan

The NCIC database only contains information on criminals who have committed past crimes, under indictment, been arrested and fingerprinted along with stolen vehicle information.

If you have an arrest record under your previous name it may well be associated with your social security number if it happens to be on your drivers license which many states have stopped using.

Otherwise all they have is your name on your license. If you are a past offender then tough luck but you deserve to be on the NCIC listing.

This is a reach even for you.

Elizabeth said...

NCIC categories can be found here


Black Swan said...


I was pretty sure all IDed US citizens had an NCIC, even if blank. It also keeps a record of stops by the police or if your detained and/or ticketed, also tied into your DMV report. I rarely handle criminal matters and technically in California Infractions can be treated the same as Misdeomeners, California Penal Code section 19.7.

BTW It also uses your last name plus your date of birth **/**/** I've heard many complaints about this from other transgeder/transsexual people. When an officer runs your license can they see your gender change?

This stop scared the poop out me. The Beach Police where I live are pretty aggressive or so I'm told. During the Christopher Dorner manhunt they shot first and asked questions later.

In any event I filed a Demurrer "No Due Process Notice" and a Motion to Dismiss on a technical issue that ended that adventure. I scared the prosecutor out of the court room. They never showed up to argue; case dismissed. Its one of the few times a paralegal can get court room practice.

Anonymous said...

Not inclined to take the bait BS. I've said what I think you've said what you think.


danah gaz said...

It's not often that I am able to say this, but your writing has changed my mind and my heart about the politics of "transgender", for the better maybe?

I'm MtF, in the throes of transitioning once again after the first time in my very early twenties, which basically unraveled a year into it - my first doctor was Anne Lawrence, if that tells you anything, but that wasn't the only issue)

I'm transsexual, not transgendered, but was sympathetic to transgender politics, even kind of saddened angry with women like you, whom I was lead to believe a lot of things about that just don't seem true anymore.

This is all confusing, but I'm glad I found your blog. If we've crossed paths elsewhere and I've said something stupid to you, please accept my apologies. All I can say is that it looks like more than a few people have been lying.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

re: the NCIC issue...

No, not everyone is going to have an NCIC record and very few agencies actually run a full NCIC during a routine traffic stop. What IS typically run is through the individual State CIC which will cover the state-wide records.

If the full rap is requested, most people return with a No Identifiable Interstate Index Record found.

I can also attest that not all prior information from drivers licenses will be on even the state-only database. During our certification process, we all ran our own names (one of the few instances we can pull our own file without it being a violation of state and national database provisions related to certified access).

As noted, if someone has criminal history under an old name, then too bad, deal with it. Plenty of people, even those afflicted with this particular medical condition, get through life without ever having been the subject of any sort of criminal booking much less conviction.

Anonymous said...

I guess the tired old 60s burnout bitch doesn't like us anymore.
I have been run through NCIC and nothing came up, and for good reason, I have no criminal record.

One thing I have noticed in general, the cops put sex workers on the second to the bottom rung of the respect ladder. Tee-Gee sex workers lower than that.

I wouldn't want to be Suzanne Cooke being pulled over by a Texas cop.
Ex tranny hooker
Ex terrorist (weather underground by her own admission) They just might cart her off for the entertainment value.


Anonymous said...

And the Tee-Gees wonder why they can't get any respect.


These people are worthless.


Rosenkreuz said...

@Cass,I checked your blog but you haven't updated in forever?

Anyway, it's very good stuff, just like all the rest of your writings. Talking with you ladies das been a great learning experience for me - my significant other is a transsexual woman, and I've been able to understand her in a way I could not before. She's never been good at expressing her thoughts, especially thoughts like that.

I found this blog when I looked up "Why are there so many trans lesbians"? Or something like that. She could not understand how a transsexual could want to use their penises to have sex with women, let alone keeping it by choice. She knew there was something "wrong" with the dominant narrative, but she didn't dream it was a massive ideological conspiracy. It was small things, stuff like "Am I really transgender? I'm already a girl, so am I really changing gender?", but until I read places like this, we had no clue how messed up the paradigm is.

Anyway, I'm happy I've gotten to read the writings of Cassandra and Liz and Jennifer and others.

Just Jennifer said...

All this talk about NCIC and such reminds me of a rather odd experience I had early on during my transition. At the time, I lived in the Deep South, Alabama to be exact, and I was involved with a support group in Atlanta, 120 miles or so to the east. Well, one weekend a friend and I were driving over for a meeting in her car. I was pretty much living full time, but had not had my name changed, and she had not yet started. So, when we passed a sign that said "License Check Ahead" we decided to stop and switch places. Bad move. In a short distance we were pulled over by a rather burly looking local officer, and younger officer in plain clothes (with a blue windbreaker that identified him as police). Most likely they were looking for drug runners. The younger one came up to the passenger side and asked for my license. I gave it to the officer, and he went to the police car and got on the radio. I stayed in the car while my friend got out and had a relatively friendly chat with the older officer who explained that they saw us switch up, which seemed suspicious. I was, needless to say, more than a little terrified. I had my card from the support group that explained that I was a transsexual, etc. A few minutes later, the younger officer walked back, handed me my license, and very casually said "We just wanted to make sure she had a license." He gave no indication that he thought anything was odd, at all. To this day, I still am amazed by the whole thing... as I have known of others who were not so lucky.