Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fellowship of the Miserable

This is the standard mantra of the dipshits on the far left and similar dipshits on the far right. We know them as Communists and Fascists but they exist everywhere. Rick Pitino when he coached the Boston Celtics, poorly I must add, once called some critics the "Fellowship of the Miserable". He probably felt that way because the ping pong ball bounced poorly and Tim Duncan ended up in San Antonio instead of Boston and he knew he was doomed.

There really are people out there that belong to the Fellowship of the Miserable and they are intent on making everyone as miserable and unhappyas they are. If you do not believe how they believe then you are evil and anything bad that happens to you is worth a celebration. Their personal hatred for everything traditional or mainstream is vitriolic and they have the right to say anything about anyone with as much acrimony as they can dish out and nobody on the other side is allowed the right to question them because they are always correct and all-knowing, just ask them.

I believe in a lot of traditional things but I support gay marriage and rights for those born transsexual.  because I refuse to believe that transvestites deserve the right to visit women only spaces, bathrooms can be an exception, I have been called transphobic, a racist, a Nazi, and every other vitriolic comment they can come up with. Most of this has come from Black Swan but some from others. I let them post, June Hingle is the exception, because I believe discussion can lead to something helpful and I admit that I changed my position on bathrooms somewhat because of the discussions.

The fact I am a heterosexual woman seems to really bother some of these nimrods. The fact that I consider myself a Christian that is not enamored with most organized religions has resulted in me being called a Christo Nazi and other things by the resident moron, Suzan, on Women Born Transsexual, and her dipshit partner, Tina. Disagree with these two left wing radical communist anarchists and start ducking because when they have stopped for a moment from their rants about this country and the system that relegated them to a meaningless life because it was not handed to them on a platter they like to label their evil opponents.

The irony of this scenario is that Suzan and her partner believe "Suzan the Hater" has a story worth telling and she is writing a biography that she actually believes people will want to read. It is one of the reasons Suzan ditched the Women Born Transsexual position and is now a full-time transgender supporter although it is doubtful she has the intellectual capacity to truly understand what transgender stands for because she told me "transvestites" were not included. All the booze and drugs obviously killed more than a few operative brain cells but they also did something else, it has given her an extreme hatred for anyone that might have enjoyed their lives or is enjoying their lives and a vicious hatred of those she disagrees with.

Go to the above link to read the about Suzan and her hatred. Rick Warren's son committed suicide and although I am not a fan of his, I do understand it is a horrible tragedy and have sympathy for him and his family. It is this sympathy that separates us humans from the animals although I can think of more than a few animals that might have more compassion than some.

She uses the word Schadenfreude which is German and in English "taking pleasure in the misfortune or distress of others" and is considered one of the worst human personality traits one can have. The irony is the Nazi's used this very word in many of their propaganda speeches when referencing the Jews and those they exterminated. It was not uncommon to see posters in the offices in concentration camps that used Schadenfreude in telling the SS officers and men to basically enjoy the suffering of these people because they deserve it, because they are the cause of the problem. Kind of funny the person that calls others a Nazi is acting like one.

If you can stomach the videos and speak German it is enlightening in a horrible way.

The left wing are also celebrating the death of Margaret Thatcher the first female prime minister of Britain primarily because she was not to their liking and some have said because she was not a feminist.  I always find it humorous when a man in a dress bitches about a woman's feminist position. Whether you agree or disagree with Thatcher she was someone's mother, friend, aunt, cousin, and colleague and to relish in another's death is beneath contempt.

People have a right to their own opinion on subjects whether I or you like them or not. Black Swan irritates me but I respect her opinion even if I think she is wrong. I have no respect for people that feel they have the right to laugh at the misfortune of others and spout their radical opinions and then restrict who and what can be posted on their blog in a comment.

I have the same contempt for people that try to shove religion or a religious belief down my throat as I do with people whose abject hatred of religion can be read in their comments on the post above. I am not a fan of any fundamentalist religious beliefs but I certainly find no harm in people finding happiness and a meaning to their life through religion as long as they don't hurt others. Rick Warren has a right to his belief in traditional marriage because this is a democracy whether I agree with it or not.

I like what my mother said when I was in my agnostic stage.

"Just think what it will be like when you die if heaven does exist and god looks a you. Oops, isn't going to cut it but if you have a little faith it will be okay and if there is no higher power then we are all in the same boat anyways."

I guess I sort of like playing the odds although I do have a concrete reason for my belief there is something else after death. I hope I am right but if I am wrong it will not cause me any harm, will it?

There is a "Fellowship of the Miserable" mindset in so many of the radicals on both sides of the debate. Sometimes, I wonder if they have ever had a clue about how to enjoy life. That is silly because how could the Fellowship of the Miserable possibly enjoy life and be that angry and that miserable.


Anonymous said...

Cook and her partner have always been very hateful, my theory on this has to do with Cook being a former sex worker. Sex workers seem to fall pray to the abuses of their chosen trade.
I guess it comes from being psychologically beaten and defeated.

All you can do is pity them for wallowing in all that negative energy, they have the oppratunity to change and free themselves from all the poison but they are somehow addicted to it.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post with several well-made poinbts. As you noted, Cooke is a drug addled anarchist whose only rason d'etre is schadenfreude.

Not surprisingly, Cooke actually brags about this disreputable shortcoming and lack of personal integrity.


Anonymous said...

I believe it's all very simple, really. As Jewel sang, "In the end, only kindness matters."

If there is a god that cares at all, it won't matter what you believe, only whether you are kind or unkind. Who would welcome an eternity in the company of the unkind?

- an old aunty

Just Jennifer said...

Thanks for posting this. I considered commenting on that article, but I honestly never calmed down enough to do so. There is a lot of stuff Warren has said that I might disagree with, and to be honest, I am a little leery of any religious leader who develops that sort of following, but overall, he seems better than most.

And, Cooke's facts, as is often the case, aren't.

sallieparker said...

Very nice. I remember Suzan Cooke from the Usenet days. Your linked post is like a return to that persona. At that time, in the 90s, Suzan would frenetically tell stories of how she was expelled from a state college in the 1960s because she (he) wanted to be a teacher and they didn't want her (him) because she (he) was homosexual. It was not a believable story objectively, but it apparently was the personal narrative she told to keep herself together.

Suzan fell in with a very orthodox sort of Stalinist left-wing crowd and never really got beyond it.

Elizabeth said...


Suzan described herself as a homosexual? Maybe that explains the anger. Maybe she never should have had surgery.

Anyone that was or is a Stalinist is a total moron. Stalin murdered over 50 million of his own people and was pure evil but then those fools believed in that horseshit about social equality of communism which in reality meant the poor got poorer and the party members lived a nice sheltered life and killed anyone that opposed them.

Suzan has that famous pic of Che over her computer. I dated a member of the Cuban delegation to the UN in 1971 and he told me stories about Che and what he did in Cuba. Not a very nice man if you opposed him. Most people do not realize the largest portion of the Cuban rebels were NOT communists and wanted freedom from Batista.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Deena said...

Che died in 1967. Physician, hero, international political force and much more. Please study his legacy before subjecting him to defamation.

Elizabeth said...


Typical of you and your ilk. Just where did I defame Che in the above comment? He was a hero to some and a traitor to those that fought and died beside him in Cuba. He was a Stalinist communist and that defines him as an asshole whether you like it or not.

The Cuban revolution just changed one dictator for another which is what happens all too often.Like many he has been glorified by the left and vilified by the right. He was a complicated man but the simple fact he was a Stalinist supporter and a believer in his policies shows his true colors.

Rosenkreuz said...

Stalinism was an evil system but it was about as communist as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is democratic.

Also is respect deserved for a leader who you believe caused real human suffering? Look at what Thatcher's policies caused in the UK (decreased economic growth, a threefold increase in poverty, unemployment not seen since the Great Depression), as well as her support of Pinochet and Pol Pot (who is the Floyd Mayweather of genocide, seeing he killed nearly half his population in 3 years compared to Stalin needing 20 to kill about 20% or Hitler needing 12 years to kill 10 million in a territory spanning from the Atlantic to 20 km short of Moscow at its apex)? While the unions were a problem in her country, Thatcher turned out to be worse than the disease, just like Reagan did.

Luckily we have a system of political economy that avoids the pitfalls of both hyper capitalism and hyper socialism - social democracy as in Scandinavia (and don't even mention debt; Scandinavia has a sub 45% debt:gdp ratio and Venezuela had it's debt:gdp drop under Chavez)

Miz Know-It-All said...

Could there be anything more ironic than reality? I mean, what are the odds that on the random day, I sit down to my puter, and out of curiosity, and a sense of my being rather alone and unique as my life has less than nothing to do with anything "trans" typed in several iterations of "normal and transsexual." Only to find, when I finally gave up in frustration at finding what was expected, nothing, to find this very topic being discussed here!.

Sad isn't it? That even the concept, much less the doing of getting this curse behind you, and being... shudder dare I say it? "Normal" is utterly and completely verboten! No No No! A thousand times no! We are are lovingly... Told! Ordered! Instructed! Cajoled! Remanded! Threatened! Forced! to accept that no one with even half a heart can "abandon" those who do not have our ill gotten "passing privilege!"

Passing p-r-i-v-i-l-e-g-e you say? Oh! Yes! Right! You mean that privilege I got from those years of hard work it took to erase all traces of what I so hated in my life? Those endless hours of unlearning what I had done to survive? Those endless hours of relearning? The painful and embarrassing things it took to come to speed socially years past "a day late and a dollar short," or the miles and miles of hurt it took to gain a true understanding of what it means to be female? I get it now! The financial emotional and social costs I endured to get to this place of "privilege!" The actual cost to me in blood and spirit should without a seconds thought be tossed out the window and forgotten so I can "be there" to help every Tom Dick and Hairy can become the little girl of his (fantasy? fetish?) whenever he can find the time alone to squeeze into that five size too small but oh so cute pinafore and his, I mean her size 16 mary janes! Yet that is most certainly a gurl and it's ever so rude and hateful of me to say otherwise

Other wise I would feel a sense of solidarity with this loving community that equates any man who would dare to put on a dress with those of us who would have traded everything we had and our souls to not be so cursed... Yet oddly... despite this, all the same, somehow this same loving community never uses any of the men in dresses as their examples of "trans-women?" Well I'm quite sure it was a terrible oversight on their part!

And with that I gotta jet... reality is calling.


Elizabeth said...

@JH aka June Hingle

Listen asshole you have made your name very public over the years so please do not threaten me with any of your crap you pathetic, worthless, lowlife piece of scum.

You have continually tried to "out" me for over 3 tears since I mentioned your magic moment when the roof de-materialized from your garage and you came to grips with yourself.

Now do all of us a favor and crawl back under the slimy rock you were spawned under and disappear. I am not scared of some lowlife piece of shit like you.

Elizabeth said...

@June Hingle

PS dipshit:

I don't have to put you down. You just labeled yourself with the above comment as someone that will out people which is something I would never do nor would almost everyone else other than another dipshit like Autumn Sandeen.

Rosenkreuz said...

What does a roof disappearing from a house have to do with anything?

I'm confused.

Anonymous said...


You had to of been there.
This story of JH's goes back a long way.


Elizabeth said...


I edited this comment to remove references to a name since she is another victim of June Hingle


JH said...

Just in case you ignore my email to you. You post my real name while making more nasty comments even though I have not posted anything in months. In this last blog you bragged about your date with a Cuba delegate to the UN in 1971. Are you sooo simple? Sooo stupid??? You have no problem demeaning people, yet you think that you should be immune to being traced?

Could it be that, that Cuban was born in 1943? Would you believe how easy it could be for someone to contact the man linked in Google to that comment you made?

xxxxxxxx followed your example, putting people down (including me). She thought she was smart, not thinking that a photo could link to a medical website with her real name on it, and a xxxx xxx with her real name on it in xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx could lead people to her professional profile/website/& links to people that know her outside of the blogs in places like Facebook.

If you do not remove my real name from all of your blogs, I will have no other choice but to expose YOU!

April 13, 2013 at 6:13 PM

Anonymous said...

Everybody knows who you are, going all the way back to the bad old days of USENET.

Stop being silly.


Anonymous said...

The above comment should be addressed to JH not JU