Monday, April 15, 2013

Oops, He Shouldn't Have Cut It Off

Well it seems we have a case in the great state of Michigan of Transgender regret. Actually it is more a case of medical malpractice but then all these men in dresses and activists are opposed to gate keepers.

Louis Maurice Smith, 77, is suing the State of Michigan to have his birth certificate changed back to male. Mr. Smith had a surgery at 63 or 64 in November 2000 based on the assertion of a Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Alan Wilson, that Mr. Smith had a Gender Identity Disorder which was challenged by Mr. Smith's Psychologist Dr. Andrea Bostrom who had been treating Mr Smith for a long history of sexual deviancy and had a criminal history of breaking and entering to steal women's panties.

He had surgery with Dr. Schrang and informed Schrang he only wanted his penis and balls removed but did not want a vagina. Under normal circumstances I would assume Schrang would have had the common sense to ask Mr. Smith for another letter or refused to perform the surgery but in the world of sex change medicine the almighty dollar rules and he got his wish.

The entire story can be found in the following link.

Mr. Smith, now 77, wants his birth certificate changed back so he can be considered a man. In so many ways this entire seen is disturbing. Mr. Smith had a long history of problems and was diagnosed with sexual and psychopathic deviance, sociopathy, and paraphilias. It was not until he was 63 that he expressed a desire to be a female yet he did not want a vagina.  If that is not a red flag along with his psychiatric issues I am not sure what a red flag is.

In many ways Mr. Smith got what he thought he wanted and maybe he deserved what he got but somehow this case is just plain wrong and the first one this fool should go after is the quack Plastic Surgeon that told him he had Gender Identity Disorder.  63 year old men do not suddenly decide they should be female and get their way or should not, except of course in this permissive transgender politically correct world where nobody has the right to question Louis when he literally only wants his dick and balls cut off. He probably didn't want the "maintenance" of a vagina.

There will be more and more of these in the future because men are being put on hormones just because they think they suddenly want to be female. I am disappointed that Schrang would perform a surgery of this kind because I have always had high regard for his expertise but he should have been running down the hall holding the red flag and waving it for all to see when told Smith just wanted his dick and balls removed. Maybe he did but according to the story he did as asked.

Again, in many ways I feel sorry for him but one can not legislate against stupidity and in this case it seems nobody could keep Louis Smith from becoming the poster child for a "dickless" man and the poster child for why there really does need to be someone holding the key to the gate.


Renee said...

the first one this fool should go after is the quack Plastic Surgeon that told him he had Gender Identity Disorder. -Liz

Sorry but I (personally) can't agree with that!

We each make our own decisions in life, you can lead a horse to water but no matter how hard you flog the nag before hand, it'll only drink if it wants too!

There's not nearly enough personal accountability in the transgender industry/movement, why do you think they have a "community" to begin with?

It's so they don't have to be responsible for their own actions, so they don't have to face the consequences of their decisions alone.

It's all bullshit and they're only kidding themselves really because when it all comes down to it and something like this goes wrong they'll be as alone as they will be on the day they die.

They fail to recognise that the community they cling to for security is made up of people who are just as screwed as they are and are in no position to provide them with true support should they truly need it.

This guy got less than what he deserved in reality, should he be allowed to change his documents back?

1.he was never a female to begin with, 2. if it means women will not be subjected to him when they should not have to be.

But the other part of me thinks that he got what he asked for and an example should be made. it's permanent! there's no going back (not that he really went to begin with), make sure you know before you sign on the dotted line.

Just Jennifer said...

Actually, this has to be one of the strangest cases I have read about, but sadly, it is not the first such case I have read of. I am sure most have heard of "Willow" Arune, who was a major apologist for Blanchard and Bailey. When Arune first appeared on the scene, he claimed he had been "advised" to have SRS by a therapist in Thailand after being raped in a Thai jail where he was being held, according to Arune, because of some bizarre financial scam gone bad. Arune claimed to be innocent, but many suspect the financial stuff was a cover for something more along the lines of what foreign men usually end up in prison in Thailand for.

I don't know that Shrang did anything wrong, thought the request to not have a vagina constructed does seem like a possible red flag. Then again, I had a close friend who had such surgery, because she was a very brittle diabetic and the surgeon did not feel she would heal properly. She reluctantly had such a procedure, after being repeatedly denied full SRS.

In any case, this is almost certainly going to be abused by extremists on several fronts....

Anonymous said...

My first reaction whenever I hear of someone saying they "one day realized that they're a woman" is extreme suspicion, and I can't help it.

This is in fact a medical condition (much to the dismay of bloggers like Natalie Reed), and the dissonance and discomfort it causes is apparent very early on and only gets worse over time. I simply can't imagine it suddenly dawning on me when I'm in my 70s that something is wrong.

I'm torn on whether I think this man should be able to change his birth certificate again. On one hand, I don't value vengefulness as a character trait, and as he was never a woman to begin with, I don't see the point in punishing him because of this failure of the system. Also, I very much agree with Renee that women should not have to deal with him simply because of a piece of paper. On the other hand, this is also a prime example of how the TG po-mo advocate crowd muddies the waters, throws sticks in the spokes of what should be a straightforward process, and confuses and outrages the general public even further about those who transition (making no distinction between medical necessity and politicized social gender blurring). Letting him change his documentation at this point could lend credibility to those who insist that all transition is just arbitrary whims that should not be validated legally, and that definitely affects those who have a legitimate condition.


Anonymous said...

The Tee-Gee world just keeps getting stranger and stranger.


Kathryn Dumke said...

Medical malpractice! This is a colossal fail at every turn, given the report you referenced. Clearly Axis 1 and 2 issues were present, the plastic surgeon should have his license revoked. Dr. Schrang should have made further inquiries about such a request.

This has become an industry.

Anonymous said...

KM has keen sense of the obvious.

Anonymous said...

a keen sense of the obvious? REALLY? how long have those of us with half a brain been making that same observation? years? decades?

and no KM has an epiphany?


How "convenient"


Anonymous said...

The danger with these cases is that the gate keeping that failed here or was in fact non-existent, will be established in a way that adversley affects the genuine transsexual. That is ipso-facto, however this is not the first time a TG has overdone their fetish is it? The worst case that comes to mind ended the career of Dr Russel Reid in UK. Who was sued because he allowed a transvestite to get his way and was subsequently sued.

The result of that little episode is that no-one under the age of 21 is allowed hormone treatment in UK or surgery and the queues for SRS grow longer every day. Yet still 70 year old transvestites get their SRS paid for out of the public purse while young type VI kids are made to wait until it's too late and testosterone poisoning has made their life a misery.


Anonymous said...

Is that not the goal of the TeeGee Agenda? To make life saving surgery an unnecessary "option"?

This is was happens when an extremist progressive agenda is allowed to endure unabated or unopposed..

Elizabeth said...

@Black Swan

Do you really want me to post your comment? You are sort of outing yourself and I am reticent to post it.


Rosenkreuz said...

Let the TGs get their wish. That will be the ultimate downfall, the epitome of pyrrichen uictoriam.

No gatekeepers. No rules. Universal publicity funded access to SRS on demand. What could be more karmic justice than the tranvestite fetishists self-inflicting Type VI transsexualism? Transsexual girls get treated faster and easier to boot and the "transgenders" get an object lesson on the danger of playing with gender. Win-win. And we'll have clear, stark comparisons between the two - well-adjusted and happy transsexual females versus even MORE dysfunctional trannies.

I'm only half-joking.

Van buren said...

I've actually suggested before that SRS should be the pre-req for treatments and document changes, IE no HRT until AFTER SRS.

Show they're serious about changing their SEX first, then let them change their "gender" but it'll never happen will it, because the men (transvestites) hold the power in this industry, and changing sex is not now and never was and never will be their true goal