Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Revisionist History and Other Thoughts

There is a common delusion among many in the Transgender world and unfortunately also many that were and are actually transsexual. It goes a little bit like this for them.

If we had the resources that are available today when we were school-aged, I would be wearing a dress today and I might even have different plumbing.
This is a classic comment actually made on a blog but similar to what is said by many in the TG world. The delusion is, if given the chance they would have done what some of us did when we pushed the envelope when we were young. The simple truth is no you would not have because it is not in your DNA because if it was you would have done something and even if prevented by home circumstances you would have done something when you were in your late teens to 20's unless you drowned your misery in drugs or booze.

They make the assumption they would have the courage we had and kids like Jazz have today but the truth is simple you do not because kids like Jazz and those of us that did something or forced something when we were young were high intensity transsexuals and none of you are remotely high intensity transsexuals because kids like that rarely get pushed into marriages or father children because psychologically they are girls and not a one of you were ever psychologically girls at that age.

I realize that due to political  of transsexuals that typing transsexuals is not talked about. This phenomena goes hand in hand with the transgender attempts to destroy the use of the word transsexual and essentially make it a pejorative. Sadly it is working all too well.

The most informative part about the comment above is the part where the individual says I would be wearing a dress today. That is typical transvestite speak because they equate female/woman with a dress and then mention they might possibly have new plumbing as in SRS. That is again total rubbish and typical of many late transitioners. The simpler truth is if you were going to do it you would done it then and not waited into your 40s, 50s. and 60s.

You make the false assumption that if it was easy for Jazz, it was not by the way, then if given the same chance when you were a child you would have done what Jazz has done and many children have done. You make the assumption that somehow you would make this change but the truth is if you were not driven to force the change when you were younger in your youth you would not do it today either because it takes courage and the conviction you are truly a girl to take that step.

Do you actually think it is easy? That is insulting to all of us that went through it. I am sure Jazz was just as scared and nervous as I was and many of my friends were when we forced the issue.  The only advantage the kids have today is they can transition earlier and there is far more information but the one quality all of us had was complete psychosexual inversion or the total belief we were girls.

You will also notice that most of the children today are extremely feminine even before they begin blockers and estrogen. In many ways we are lucky because it is kind of forced on you but I had some friends that were not so lucky, one of whom exited this world off the George Washington Bridge.

SRS was not an option for us nor is it an option for Jazz and the other kids today; they are not going to be saving their sperm; They are not going to be claiming that SRS is forced sterilization; they are not going to get married and father children; and they are hopefully realize they are just girls and women and not allow themselves to be stigmatized as transgender or trans anything because they and we are cured after SRS.

These kids and we were what Benjamin defined as Type VI transsexual. This does not mean many of you are not transsexual but in transsexuals intensity of your transsexualism rules and that is what drives transition and not some arbitrary belief that if given the chance you would have transitioned young.

It is not a case of one being better or worse than the other but we are different although bound by our transsexualism. The more intense the less likely one can be influenced by outside forces such as parents, family and friends. I do believe testosterone can dull the intensity in many but for those of us that were  or are young we were and are driven to be as we should have been born.

The truth is the earlier you transition the better socialized you become as a girl. I doubt any of you have the slightest idea how much courage it took or takes for a child to stick up for themselves with their parents.  In my case mine were trying to find a cure for me but they were certainly not supportive of many of the things I did and the same is true today. You have to make them understand you are correct and their misgivings are wrong. It took me 12 1/2 years with my mother until she realized I really was the daughter she thought was being born when I arrived.

In the world of today it is certainly easier to convince your parents but that implies the child is willing to push the issue and there is a large benefit for the child then and today. You are learning to stick up for yourself which is good. The other truth is there are no more kids today than there were back in my or even your time period. The truth is there is a media that may or may not be interested but if you look at all the clinics in the US that treat child transsexuals you will not find a lot of them or certainly as many as some of you think.

The sad part about today is the transgender crowd is attempting to associate themselves with these children in an attempt to infer they are the same as the children bu they are not. Sadly they are pushing their belief that SRS is only optional which by inference makes some parents believe this is true for their child. It is not and it is criminal!

I watched a YouTube video with Jazz and some later transitioners and one of these fools turned to Jazz and on air said, "I'll trade you my breasts for your hair", while not one person said a thing and poor Jazz looked about as uncomfortable as I have ever seen.

The other grade tragedy befalling the kids today is being linked to the GLB which infers again that somehow the children are like those that are gay and lesbian. The truth is they were born that way and we kids were born this way and some of us may end up gay or lesbian but that is later in life.  The other sad part is the LGB is pushing the transgender mantra which implies to those that truly understand what TG means to associate the kids with transvestites which is a travesty.

The other interesting aspect of the child transsexual is these children closely follow, almost identically, the percentages of straight and lesbian/gay adults in mainstream society.  That cannot be said for those that do not transition early. This is verified by a study done in the Netherlands.

Now one finds transvestites transitioning and starting hormones as they age and this is done under the guise of the transgender banner. We even have sudden onset transsexualism which happens suddenly and with several years some man is suddenly a woman. We even have people convincing other people they are transsexual. They are lying to themselves and their families but then men have always been good at lying to their wives. The irony is how shocked they are when the wife leaves and files for divorce. The real question should be simple. What the heck did you think she would do?

The other truth most of you miss is we and the kids today are sexual like all genetic girls are.  It is why we desperately want SRS and this is also verified by the Dutch study. We like boys and we want to date boys and eventually we want to be able to have a boyfriend and we need SRS so we can consummate the relationship down the road. We are girls and we think like girls and in general liking boys is what girls do as they enter puberty.

So this concept that we are all the same and naturally fit under the TG banner is just total bullshit but then this effort is being pushed by men that want the few privileges we women have whenever they happen to be dressed while maintaining their male dominance in society and the business world.

The other thing that irks me is reading some late transitioners scream they will kill themselves if they cannot live or dress as a woman.  A little clue from someone with way too much experience with suicide attempts. We don't tell people we are going to try because that sort of defeats the purpose which is to kill yourself. These fools read about we kids having high suicide rates and make it part of their learned narrative. The reason suicide was attempted was because we felt hopeless because there seemed and in reality was no help available. Once I found help I never thought of suicide again but I did have a dear friend I mentioned above kill herself because she knew she could never pass which was heartbreaking.


Jessica said...

Elizabeth, excellent narrative, I do say, one of your best, at least in my opinion. I've heard far too many narratives of what you are describing, either from print sources, namely the 3 "Wise" [b]Men[/b] of Sandeen, Roberts, and Williams, or through first-hand experience, so I'd like to address each of your points, from what I have read.

Before I begin, I study, as a personal interest, what people read, write, and say, in an attempt to understand with their background. Does it mean I agree? Hell no, just look at the TG Agenda, and the fools that think they "pass" in restrooms with a neoclit!! These particular men are especially interesting to note, for either their laughable thoughts of what makes a woman, or to see how much they can embarrass themselves on a given day. Sandeen's latest thrilling airport adventure comes to mind here.

Of these observers, I always find the classification of Benjamin scale of types to be clear across the board, for varying people. The behaviors do not lie, only the people who deny they exist do so.

Your points seemed reflective of mine, personally in my last posts, on your last entry, and thank you for that. Your generosity should not go unnoticed.

God, I hate this stupid doctrine (of the TGs) forced on me, of which I reject; that is clearly, clearly so wrong...but that is why I am here, to simply assimilate as just any other woman, not to be on the forefront of some breakthrough, or because of God's mission. This is a birth defect. It makes me cry and wonder why this concept is SO hard to understand for families like mine that love their children for the girls (or boys, in some cases) we truly are.

To begin, the resource nonsense. Oh my gosh, YES, thank you. I haven't heard the end bit concerning "I would be wearing a dress", but the overall message is consistent with what you describe. I would like to add a frankly worse ending to this statement that I saw about a week ago, of the most utter tripe: "If you (to someone my age, 20) were born 30/40/X years ago, you wouldn't have done anything either, given family attitudes." Naturally, the person my age; notably not me, called the statement out for the nonsense it is. This lead to, naturally, the older party to claim that the 20 year old simply "lacked perspective."

That is untrue, and at LEAST Elizabeth proves that statement wrong. As I'm sure we're all aware here, treatment existed in the 1960s (and before, going back to 1948). The simple explanation is that these people are saying such examples for their own benefit: "See! I was FORCED to marry a woman, and have kids!" I'm not even being hyperbolic here; this is essentially a paraphrase of a statement I have read earlier.

Oh yeah, and living until now? It was not fucking easy. I say this here because you likely will actually agree with me, but I have literally no idea how I am living today. From hating that wretched skin tag, to the inability to have a relationship with a boy, and lacking the ability to get pregnant, it makes me suffer every day of the damn week. Most days, I want to go sleep, and simply not wake up. The pain is that bad. I somehow think the "might be wearing a dress" crowd was instead having sex with Suzie Q in the dorms at my age, rather than suffering, repeated, inflicting, consistent pains, both wanted physically upon myself, and emotionally. Now tell me I'm the fucking same as someone who loves that piece of shit male thing. Could anyone do that without feeling extremely guilty, given our two experiences, say Sandeen against mine? This itself is why the TG argument as a whole is stupid, and only serves to benefit men in frocks.



Jessica said...

(continued from above)

Destroying the word transsexual needs to stop. Quit labeling me with terms that simply do not apply to me. I have nothing to do with transgender, ever; my gender was always female. Got that? And within my purse, someday soon (fixing my cursed voice, as I type) a small card reads: "In case of medical emergency, I am NOT transgender. Calling me such in your articles is grounds for a defamation lawsuit." It is unfortunate I feel the need to do so, but better safe than sorry.

SRS is not an option for me; it is my means to salvation, to normalcy, to be cured. An option? In the same way that the choice of life or death is an option for me, yes. Because if: I can't be seen as a normal female, AND (note the AND!) have SRS, I have no reason to live. None. I don't care about my future in academia worlds if I can't have those two fundamental needs. My condolences for you loss, Elizabeth; I know the feeling well, as it runs through my veins, my heart, and my self-being as I type.

In regards to saving sperm, this wasn't even a question for me. Women do not father children! Only way I want biological children is to carry them. The other way is a level of personal hate I would rather not think about. Further, when asked about banking sperm, while no offense was intended, I did feel offense, merely because, once again, women do not father children biologically! SRS is a cure, that I cannot have children in that way after SRS is, frankly, a benefit, in addition to the curing a vagina will truly bring to me, as it will others, like Jazz.

In regards to requiring parents to change their ways, it is not easy, but I always suggest it to those youth who I know a truly transsexual, as I know it is possible, as I have done. I cannot stress this enough. If you truly are female, you must push this at all costs; continue to do so, no matter the risks, the monotony of the message, until they know you are female.

At one point, the TG had stupidly lured me in to their name, but certainly not their principles. Why? Because I thought that transgender was the ONLY name for something I was going through- I knew that it truly was not. Children like Jazz believe what I once did; I hope to think they realize, as I do, and did at that time that: SRS is a cure and that you are different from those significantly older, or not needing life-saving surgery.

You mention the line about breasts for hair, and I have never heard this, but I absolutely believe it, given the TG narrative. I cannot believe how the TGs believe this is okay; in fact, when I read this line, I had to re-read it to verify its crassness, and questioned how the heck this question is appropriate for a 12-year-old child. It simply isn't, but, hey, it's all in good fun and games, we're all the same! Some day, hopefully sooner than later, these frauds will be exposed for the men they are...


(Still continued! My apologies for such a long reply.)

Jessica said...

(continued from previous two posts)

Now comes something interesting, the marriage aspect, and what I have had the great misfortune to read far too often: the general expectation is that the wife will stay, simply because the person is the same. Sorry, but I really doubt the wife signed up for this. Furthermore, this is often used with the following phrase after: "I told my wife this before we got married." I honestly doubt this is the case in 99% of these marriages; very few, if any, women would want to be involved in this kind of relationship. I know I sure as heck wouldn't, I would bolt as soon as I heard this!

So, aww, because of the love they had they should stay together. Because no worries, sweetie, we can just be lesbians together! As usual, TGs are inconsiderate of the real women around them, getting angry when they don't get their way, in the inevitable divorce court.

I really can't add much to your need for attraction to men, I feel entirely the way you describe it here; SRS is not only for curing the Harry Benjamin Syndrome, but also allows relationships with men (or, less likely, other women) to develop, because a vagina is there now, as it should have been from day one.

Finally, the suicidal aspect again: Once again, my condolences to you. Sometimes, though, I find, help is not enough. The only things that will stop these feelings daily are SRS (which I understand why won't be given to me now, but, you understand the concept), and my inability to experience menarche, and likewise childbirth. Nothing can be done about either at the current time: The future might be great if I can make it through now, but I don't think I can make it that long... it's too painful to live through all this. I do find that people know my feelings, however, but mainly because I am nearly, if not exactly, on edge virtually every day of my life.

~Jessica (Finally finished! Sorry again for the length, thank you so much if you read all this.)

Anonymous said...

The thing that leaves me scratching my head is that the late transitioners generally had access to the same libraries and shelved resources I did in the late 70's and early 80's when I was in junior high and about to enter high school. If I could find what I needed at the age of 12, there is no reason in hell that the cocks in frocks wandering the internet today claiming they had no access to resources couldn't have found the same resources.

I knew who I was back then and by the age of 17 was taking substantive steps out of my own pocket to make things right. I had lost a few years because of the prevailing mentality in the treatment world that there could be nobody with this debilitating condition that might also be lesbian-identified. What can I say- I never had any interest in boys, and interestingly enough, the only girls I found interesting in school later came out as lesbian.

I do feel sorry for those such as Jazz who have been put into the media spotlight. With the digital forever-ness of those segments, they have been forever 'othered' and the tee-gee crowd is going to try and continue to use that child for their twisted benefit. Jazz is going to have a very difficult time having a NORMAL life. At least those of us who got life in order in the pre-digital era are able to just live life.

Anonymous said...

When you can no longer endure pretending to be a man, and it's transition or die, the impossible is can be possible. I lived in a small rural town, several hours drive from anyplace. All I knew was there was a doctor in NYC named Harry Benjamin who might be sympathetic and not automatically presume me insane. It was enough to start. By the TG revisionist's history narrative, we couldn't have existed because there were no "resources". Inconveniently for them, we do.

- an old aunty

Anonymous said...

Type V Transsexuality is a rare condition very rare indeed, type VI so rare most medical practitioners will never encounter a case. In my lifetime I have encountered only 2 type VI "sisters" 3D and on line only a handful more and then only because we have all been involved in the fight to counter the TG dogma and dominance of the issue on internet Blogs etc. in some way. Yet if you were stupid enough to believe the claims of the TG you could be forgiven for thinking the whole scenario is as prevalent as the common cold and just as contagious!

I stopped talking about either my childhood or teen years because I got too angry when my narrative was constantly subjected to what I call the "me too" syndrome. So I now keep it all to myself, though Elizabeth is familiar with pretty much every detail past and present! I used to think that transvestites claimed transexuality because their transvestism carried with it social stigma. Indeed the term transgender began because they wished to distance themselves from the view most people had of transvestism. However in doing so they have also (sadly successfully) co-opted transsexuals into their mantra albeit against the fight that so few of us have put up. Therin lays the problem there are so very few of us and so very many of them. In a world that has come to measure everything in terms of statistics they are believed and we are dismissed as mere "troublemakers" or "elitist" harridans. Though why on earth a condition as debilitating and life threatening as transsexuality undoubtedly is should be viewed as "elite" has me stunned!


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth you hit the nail on the head with this one. Shows once again how our narrative has been hijacked to serve their fetishist agenda, and they turn around and say "you are just like us".


Rosenkreuz said...

"Though why on earth a condition as debilitating and life threatening as transsexuality undoubtedly is should be viewed as "elite" has me stunned!"

Because transsexuality is comprehensible to society as a legitimate subject of sympathetic treatment (from posts on this blog, even high school boys in the 60s "got it") and transvestism is just an expression fetish. The transvestite MUH DIK brigade wants the acceptance and sympathy transsexuals often do get, without actually being transsexual.

The waters are so muddy a lot of if not most genuine transsexuals call themselves "transgender". And the natural inclination of transsexuals is to NOT fight this kind of bare-knuckle political battle, they just want to live their lives.

Just Jennifer said...

I understand where you are coming from, and to a point I agree with a lot of what you say, but I fear that you are making the same error, in a sense, that those you disagree with are over simplifying things. I used to watch another make similar statements with the same degree of self-righteousness without considering that some people did face issues that others did not. And the comment about marriages and children assumes that female sexual orientation is as fixed as male sexual orientation is. The truth is, women are far more likely to be, in effect, bisexual. I have know more than a few cases of women who become "lesbians" for a period after dealing with abuse, only to return to being straight. It is not talked about that much, for obvious political reasons. but there are a lot of very angry lesbians who lost partners, who had previously been straight, to men. And there were places where it was much harder to locate resources than other places. I know what I went through, and I know the miserable life I lived until I transitioned. I agree, when someone has lived a long life as a male, had a career, and then, in their later years suddenly, with no previous indication, decides to transition, and says "I would have done this earlier, but...." it is a load of crap. I can think of several such examples, including at least one who likes to brag about 20 years in the Navy. I would not have lasted 20 minutes in such a situation.

Renee said...

@ Jennifer,
if they went back to men and being heterosexual then were they ever REALLY lesbians?

Seems to me that your argument in fact supports the assertion that female sexual orienatation IS pretty fixed.

Perhaps it's specualtion on my part but I suspect these women you speak of, their object of sexual attraction never actually changed, they simply compromised due to fear

is that the same thing?

Renee said...

Regarding the post itself;
All be it less and less, I read the comments on blogs and threads such as this and I honestly fear for the people behind the comments (not just the old, but also the young self rightious ones) pre-op's who talk as if they know of what it is to be transsexual, to live as a female, yet it is obvious to me that they are living a TG/tranny life (if transitioning and or "full-time", IE open about their situation).

I see little more than a collision corse with misery and eventual death, miserable, alone and unloved.

these people are living in the moment, living a lifestyle that WILL wear off, and when reality sets in they will be in need of help (to survive the remaining 40 to 60 years of their life) that does not exist.

Do these young realise they are JUST women? (as Liz hopes) I don't think they do, they take their sense of self from what the world tells them they are and what the world tells them their situation in life is, they "buy into" the overpowering transgender ideology (what choice do they think they have, it's their only solution in this day and age and it is pushed on them from every angle especially their parents, who's support they need).

"Jessica" has not asked for it (so jessiac can take my words with a grain of salt if she chooses), but my advice to her would be, Please be careful what you wish for! all is not what it appears you think it is!

to me it's all become like a train crash, you don't want to see because you know it's futile, there is little or nothing you can do to help, yet at the same time you cannot seem to look away.

Rosenkreuz said...

A lot of this from what I see (from the perspective of a sympathetic natal male who only has the experience of a significant other and a few friends to draw on) is that one of the biggest differences between transsexuals and "gender rebels" is the desire for bearing and raising a child in accordance with one's neurological sex. From what I've seen, the (present) inability to conceive and carry to term a child is something that gnaws at transsexual females, regardless of operative status. Women are, if i may, for fear of sounding sexist, generally wired to want to bear children, particularly with a loving partner. Every transsexual I've ever met (which isn't a lot just saying) expressed regret, pain, sadness over not being able to do this (my significant other being one of them).

I doubt anybody in the transvestite death cult wants to bear kids and carry to term. They think a vagina is too high-maintainance, imagine childbirth!

@Jessica I seriously doubt you would have wanted this but saved/banked sperm would be the best vector for future advances which would allow women of transsexual history to bear children and carry to term with the child bearing the genetic material of both the mother and father. It can be done with any cell but seeing that the process is similar to cloning, using mature body cells might not produce healthy children. I more than respect and understand why this would not be an attractive option for you though.

Anonymous said...

"If we had the resources that are available today when we were school-aged, I would be wearing a dress today and I might even have different plumbing."

Yes, I do agree. I would suggest however that the more accurate truth would read..."If we had the courage then, that I wished I had now, I would be wearing a dress today and I might even have different plumbing.

It is more than obvious to anyone wih even a modicum of understanding that it is that cadre of cowardly men and trasvestites that have stolen the transsexual's narrative.

I would suggest a 'Google' of todays Chicago's Tribune's story about the Lurie Children's Hospital. You will note that the incidence of actual psycho-sexual inversion in children still sits at between .25 and 1%

Anonymous said...

@Elizabeth, you clearly couch your arguments in narratives/language that suggest superiority to the transgender even though you deny it. For example; TS Legitimacy vs TG Illegitimacy--claiming the TG are criminals. Such an obvious facile polemic.

@Casandraspeaks, your other alias's are well know online. See the article "Why we lie?" Close to home for you; why did you lie? Why do transsexuals lie? What maintains the lie? What harm does that do? Why do you hide the fact that you didn't transitioned young, yet point the finger of judgement at others that transitioned at your age, claiming their TS(TG) are not your type? What does that say about you? Really....

@Rosenkrauz, How many natal women do not wish to bare and raise children?

Elizabeth said...

@Anon 5:06 aka Black Swan

Well BS since the majority of your transgender friends are people suffering from a fetish then I guess mental health wise most of us are better than them. As a member of the human race nobody is really more important than the other.

Where do I claim the TG are criminals? Being delusional or illogical is not criminal as you qualify on both.

Now be a good TG and go back to your freakshow lifestyle.

Elizabeth said...

@Anon 4:22 PM

The number of children with complete psycho-sexual inversion is NOT between 1/4% and 1%. Psychosexual inversion is what defines Type VI transsexuals and they are rare. At 1% that would mean there are 3 million in the United States alone.

Benjamin thought the numbers of those born Type VI was 1 in 10,000 or about 30,000 in total in the US. Type V transsexual numbers are higher but the numbers are difficult to peg because of the Transvestites climbing on the TG bandwagon and implying they are the same as those born transsexual. At no time will anyone in the TG community ever admit in a public forum they represent primarily (95% or higher) transvestites.

Those with complete psychosexual inversion almost never marry and father children because of their intense belief they are female or male. The Danish study upholds this premise.

Not all children that come forward are transsexual. A significant percent may change their minds but is their right to be the ones to make the decision.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree that that % seems a bit high, However, I wonder if it represents live births per annum or the total number of all ages, ranging from young kids, (5/6),to surviving adults like yourself or even older.

Truth is, I honestly don't know, but based on the precious few I have "met" on line, (fewer than a handful), there certainly does not seem to be very many of us.

I believe the Tribune article estimated that the Lurie Clinic was treating about 30 young patients from the Mid-Western US. I have no idea how that number would extrapolate.

Rosenkreuz said...

@Randomanon that people are calling "BlackSwan"

I'd say at LEAST 90% of natal females would want to have children if circumstances permitted. In my experience, females who do not desire children at all under any circumstances are rather large outliers in the population.

However, I get the feeling you have an ideological axe to grind that revolves around the idea of people being blank slates as opposed to evolved psychologies.

Also, it's not about age, it's about motivation. This shit's hard and people fail. The question is, are you transitioning to be "gender variant" - to pick up a few trappings of the opposite sex? Or are you simply being yourself? From what I understand, a Type V can go for a while, or undergo false starts, before fully transitioning.

Also let's do some napkinwaffe.

Seeing around 1 in 2500 people in the US have had SRS (if you believe Conway's numbers), 1:10000 for type VI is a reasonable estimate, especially if you think that only 4/5ths of all extant Type VI and Type V have not gotten SRS. Eitherway, you're a long way from 1%, or even 0.25% for the entire transsexual population, let alone type VI alone (the highest you could possibly go is 1:500, or 0.20%, and I think that's a major stretch).

Anonymous said...

Well I see BS has come back out of the closet after almost being outed.
BS go away and beat one of your johns.


Anonymous said...

@Black Swan.

Just when did you stop beating your wife? Before your divorce or after she threw you out?

"One of the alleged many alias's"

Have fun guessing which won't you

Just Jennifer said...


Women are more fluid in their sexuality than men. It is not as unusual for a woman to have a period where they are attracted to women for various reasons. In fact, it is almost a cliche in some circles. To answer your specific question, I guess that depends on how you define "lesbian." Is it an objective state, or an identity? I would tend to say they were not really lesbians, but then some women who are attracted to other women do not identify as lesbians. I have heard some even say that one is not truly a lesbian unless one hates men. I have heard others say that is absurd. Such is the problem with labels. Of course, there are men who only have sex with pre-ops and non-ops who swear up and down they are totally straight. So, your guess is as good as mine.

Just Jennifer said...


I got sidetracked and forgot to answer the rest of your question...

Some suggest that women are more natural bisexual. While men tend to be exclusively straight, or exclusively gay, some suggest women are more bisexual. To be honest, I don't know exactly what the answer is.

Renee said...

Lesbian? an "identity"? is that like trans as an identity? IE people who are women simply because they say they are? (do you believe homosexuality to be a choice?)despite all evidence to the contrary?

do you believe everything someone tells you about themselves?

men who only sleep with pre-op or non-op's are straight?

my opinion; social stigma and fear of rejection leads people to lie about or "hide" that which they fear will see them victimised this is the concept the whole Transgender paridgim was born out of for Pete's sake! (transvestites trying to get their fetish which people reject, tollerated) is it exclusive to TG's? NO! it's exclusive to being HUMAN.

I know too many women who simply can't imagine sex with anyone but a male, even women who've TRIED to change themselves because they feel they LOVE a female, yet their sexual needs cannot be ignored and so it doesn't work (most often VERY sadly for them)

Truth (as I interpret it) Jennifer, is that your stance is taken in an effort to support the legitimacy of your own situation.

You can believe whatever you like but I don't buy it.


Just Jennifer said...

Well, first off, if you bother reading my blog, you would know that I staunchly reject the "women because they say so" crowd. But yes, trans is an identity. One is either a woman, or one is not. Just saying it most certainly does not make it so.

Do I believe everything someone tells me? No, of course not. My comment about such men was meant as a an example of the sort of silliness some engage in.
Is homosexuality a choice or is it inherent. The answer, quite simply is, yes. Are some born homosexual? Yes. Do some choose to engage in homosexual behavior? Yes. If one denies this, then one is being willfully ignorant.

Are there some who are so insecure in their own identity that they create rigid and even absurd standards for who is, and is not a transsexual? Yes. I knew one who claimed that she was the only true transsexual because she actually agreed with Janice Raymond.

Sorry, if you really need to attack me to feel better, knock yourself out. I know what I went through. I know the pain I suffered. Unlike so many, I din't have the long and successful career as a man, And, I remember a certain well known blogger who took such views as you seem to, and who is now a major transgender apologist. So, yeah, have fun. I'll just have a good laugh in the meantime...

Anonymous said...

Why Elizabeth thank you so much for that compliment, "Freak. " I am a likable freak. It beats being a carbon copy, automaton or stepford wife. I make a good living and support myself with my freak-factor; exceptionally tall beautiful and intelligent woman I am-- a Winged Victory. What do you care how I put food on my table?

Remember, when your arguments are challenged, especially calling a group (TG) "criminal" I'm being kind to your dullard comment, your reliance on personal attacks [ad hominem], laughable at best, are the same as admitting you are full of your own shit. Your missing some elements to qualify criminal intent: Four Element: All crimes have several basic common elements: (1) a voluntary act ("actus reus"); (2) a culpable intent ("mens rea"); (3) "concurrence" between the means mens rea and the actus reus; and (4) causation of harm. Your missing all four in your example.


Elizabeth said...


The freakshow comment was wrong and I do apologize to the new Television show "Freakshow" for any inference that you would qualify for that show.

You are a trans woman by your standards so by self admission you somehow consider yourself less than a woman. Your words and not mine.

I never called TG people criminals nor have I ever called the TG as a group criminals. Have some committed criminal actions, yes they have but I have never categorized them as criminal. They are liars in the way they represent themselves and conveniently leave out the simple fact almost all of the TG are transvestites, of course I exclude you from that category.

BS you have made more personal attacks on me than I can count. All of your comments are personal attacks on me so you get it back, plus stop trying to impress people with your legal speak.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and being a paralegal marks you as marginally intelligent at best. Next thing you will claim is you actually have a clue and we all know that is not true.

Anonymous said...

Definition: "Trans/Transgendered" per "trans" fantasy-doctrine.

Someone who "presents as a gender different from that assigned at birth based on primary sexual characteristics..."

Is this person a woman/female "presenting" as a man/male?

Or a man/male 'presenting' as a woman/female?

Since when did a man/male "presenting" as a woman/female, actually become a woman/female?

Or, visa versa?

Renee said...

That wasn't intended as an attack Jennifer, and I'm well aware of the views you put forth on your blog, my point (which you seem to have missed) is that just like some people "choose" to engage in homosexual behaviour, some also "choose" to engage in transvestic behaviour, THAT however, does not make a transvestite a woman or a female, nor does it make those who (simply) "choose" to engage in homosexual behaviour gay or lesbian (at least in my opinion)

Do you see the hypocrisy I'm trying to point out? if not then I have to wonder why that is? (past observation of humans tells me that 99% of the time the main motive for a person’s perspective is personal convenience) and if SO! then I struggle to see the logic behind your (apparent) double standard

The only "real" transsexual?

That’s laughable! What woman in her right mind would want to lay claim to that?

However! I do (very much) believe that Transsexualism is a VERY rare and recognisable (to those who understand it) medical/congenital condition, that many STATE (falsely) they were born with in order to try and gain some perceived level of social acceptance for their own shortcomings or eccentricities.

Just Jennifer said...

I am not sure, then, what we disagree on. I certainly seemed to me that you were trying to question the legitimacy of my diagnosis. I don't have a double standard. I believe that if a person is truly a transsexual, then it will manifest from a very early age, and that was true in my case. I also believe that, in spite of some people's rather self-righteous claims, that people could be delayed by situations and issues, though only to a point, and that someone thus delayed would have a very miserable and dysfunctional life. I know what I experienced, and I see what others experienced, and I see a very clear difference.

I wish I had the good sense to see the truth when I was in my twenties and first realized I was a transsexual. But years of abuse, and witnessing abuse, had left me in a place where I did not see it. It took another ten years for me to realize what I should have in my twenties, and by then I was in a place where it was hard to dig myself out. But I did.

As to the person who claimed to be the only true transsexual....well, I never said that person was sane. In fact, I would say quite the opposite. That person also made a big deal about the age at which people transitioned. The joke became, she believed the proper age was no later than when she transitioned.

I think we are basically on the same page. Yes, early in life I made certain choices, based on how I was treated. When my situation changed, and I stopped pretending to be something I was not, which I was forced to do in order to survive (literally) things changed.

A simple you believe that there are true bisexuals? Or do you believe, as some do, that one has to be either straight, gay, or lesbian? I always find it interesting that some make such a claim, when I have met a few who truly are bi. Not common, and it might be said that they have a preference one way or the other, but still truly bisexual. Or as one put it, "I'm trisexual...I'll try anything at least once."

Anonymous said...

Reneee, transsexuality is a very rare and diagnosable (recognizable) medical/mental condition. But who diagnoses?

Isn't the problem that all TGs self diagnose in doing so create a narrative (falsely) to slide past those that are supposed to confirm or reject the diagnosis.


Anonymous said...

The TGs I despise are the twerps who won't take responsibility for the consequences of their own lies. They parrot ts narratives, fake and deceive their way to srs. After surgery they discover their big mistake and blame the professionals they lied to for not discovering the truth and preventing their surgeries. They give anti-ts bigots ammunition to attack the legitimacy of ts treatment.

Just Jennifer said...


Ideally, it should be diagnosed by an experienced therapist, and verified by a second. All too often, the TG crowd seeks out someone who has a reputation for rubber stamping people and accepting whatever they say. I saw one such person, and it actually delayed my transition because I had serious concerns about such an approach. I was struggling with real issues concerning my sexuality, and she simply glossed over them and kept pushing me to move on. I also knew of one very disturbed, and disturbing patient she was seeing, and it bother me that the person was being rushed through as well.

Anonymous said...

After reading this post by Elizabeth, I went and read the posts about Elizabeth meeting Harry Benjamin for the first time. There is a marked difference between his work and the so called "experienced gender therapists" that do so much of the work today.

There no rigor in what is being done today. There are only very few therapists who understand both the significance of the condition and the momentousness for those that are affected, Most of the therapists seem like people who play with people who play girl when being man gets too much.