Thursday, March 8, 2012

The real problem!!

Isn't the real problem here that we even have to talk about men in dresses having the balls to expect access to women's spaces? When did it become kosher for men to wear dresses in public and believe they have the "civil right" to invade women's spaces because they have a frock on?

Transvestites and cross-dressers are by definition not women and are in point of fact generally heterosexual men. Has society become so permissive it is considered ethical for women to be forced into accepting them as women when they are most certainly not. There is absolutely not one person that can in good conscience state they believe this does not even slightly increase the potential for higher risk of danger for women in their own spaces.

Nobody is saying that many of these transvestite men and cross-dressing men is dangerous because in most cases they are so harmless they are afraid to even tell the little woman of the proclivity to wear her clothes. But, and the big but here is the simple fact that any law that prevents women from openly questioning why someone is entering their bathroom, because of fines or even jail, means that no woman will dare question someone suspicious out of fear of reprisal from the government.

What has happened here is men have gotten their fellow men in public office and positions of power to give them access to women's spaces when en femme because the public officials are afraid to do their duty and protect the weakest of the species which is we women. Rather than deal with the bigger problem of why men are masquerading in public as women they force women to deal with the issue rather than their fellow men. 

It is one thing when a pre-operative transsexual needs safety in the space of the sex she so desperately desires to join completely but it is entirely another thing when it is men who enjoy the use of their penis that invade our spaces. Somehow transvestites have made a public move and gained this belief among many that they are "just harmless" when most women that have been married to them will tell you otherwise.  

Since a transsexual needs a Therapist and/or a Psychiatrist for hormones and surgery my proposal is quite simple. A letter put forth by the Therapist and/or a Psychiatrist that states this individual is undergoing the process of sex reassignment with the clear knowledge that both the Therapist and/or the Psychiatrist are responsible for the individual they lettered up for.

Maybe what we need is more gatekeepers and not less and maybe it is finally time somebody says so. Maybe fear of arrest and the wife finding out will stop transvestites from roaming women's spaces pretending to be what they never want to completely be.