Sunday, March 25, 2012

Miss Universe Canada Issue

One of the silly little things you learn when you are nearing your 67th birthday, end of year, is that the clowns that we call the Transgender Borg will never rest when there is anything that garners publicity that can be grabbed as theirs. Unfortunately for them Jenna Talackova the young woman disqualified from the Miss Canada selection process for the Miss Universe Pageant is not one of them.

Now I do not know Jenna but she has this entire crap correct. She told Canada News she regarded herself as a woman with a history which is the correct term and in point of fact Canada news is degrading her and insulting her by labeling her as a "transgender" contestant but there will never be a protest over that by anyone in the Transgender Movement because they are "Transgender Forever".  Jenna has gotten past how she was born and is a strikingly beautiful young woman but she did make a mistake.

When Jenna entered the Miss Transgender/Transsexual Pageant in Thailand a while back she essentially "outed" herself and since they probably do a background check on everyone this is how they found out about her.  A background check can be as simple as Google which would have turned up miss-international-queen-2010-thailand and mention of Jenna. First rule of entering contests where there is a "natal Born female" clause is do not have a history that is available. I doubt they could have possibly figured it out without either a tip or background check because any one of us that starts hormones at 14, she did, is basically undetectable after SRS.

A beauty pageant having a "natal born female" clause is kind of humorous since many contestants have had extensive facial plastic surgery and according to many Insurance Companies SRS is plastic surgery instead of the life saving surgery we kids needed. Jenna is certainly beautiful enough to at least qualify to attempt to win the Miss Canada part of Miss Universe.

The part that continues to bother me is reading all these ass-clowns in the Transgender world complaining about this and labeling this beautiful young woman transgender. I will give the Miss Universe pageant some kudos her because they sort of stuck up for Jenna by saying she was a "real girl" but was unfortunately born a "boy" and they did not use transgender or transsexual as an excuse because she is neither of those after SRS. They actually were more careful describing Jenna than the ass-clowns in the Transgender Community and the Liberal media who have bowed to GLAAD pressure and no longer use transsexual but transgender.

Headlines are more sensational when they say Transgender or the now rarely used Transsexual. The same is true of the Transgender ass-clowns who scream like neutered men when female pronouns are not used for them en femme. Jenna is not Transgender; Jenna is not Transsexual; Jenna is a beautiful young girl/woman. She has a history but what these idiots do is trans Jenna when she is not. In many ways this is so wrong but to expect the Transgender to get this would require men to gain more common sense which would then make them realize they are not women for putting on a dress so forget about that one.

Should the Miss Universe Pageant remove the "natal born female" clause? I think they should but what do they change it too? If they require SRS then the Transgender crowd will be screaming they are discriminating against a woman with a prick. Come on folks you know that will happen with claims of "forced sterilization" by Mr Trump and the Miss Universe pageant. The simple solution would be a requirement they be of the "female sex" but I am sure the Transgender would scream about that.

There were and are rumblings about the Olympic Committee rules which require contestants to have had SRS a minimum of two years before entering a competition. depending upon the contestant's age that may or may not be enough.  If a MTF transsexual does not start hormones until they are 22 or so they will build up much larger muscle mass than a similar woman. Depending upon the individual the loss of said muscle mass can take quite a long time and some believe they have an advantage. There is no advantage for the kids that start young.

The United States Golf Association (USGA) has a rule similar to the Olympic rule but I have seen late transitioners that had serious advantages over women initially soon after SRS but actually watched it drop rapidly. I am waiting for the requirement for SRS to be challenged because having a penis does not exclude the Transgender from considering themselves one of us.

The really irritating part about all these organizations and the rules for women with a history is you actually have to out yourself as being born a boy. Now why in the world would anyone do that? I actually  inadvertently won a "beauty" contest when I was 13 playing the part of Jane under duress I might add. We won and our picture was in the local paper and someone figured it out but everyone was so embarrassed they never printed a retraction in the paper nor did they ask for the return of my free movie pass for the year. But that was 1959 and this is 2012 and the internet and Google where not around.

What is now happening to this poor girl is she will forever be know as transgendered because of labeling by the Transgender world and the media despite her own protestation that she is a "woman with a history". Isn't it funny how "trans" phobic only applies to those of us that protest against the belief that we and transvestites are "really' the same while this poor girl is misrepresented as transgender when she does not feel that way. I guess it is okay to label anyone transgender for the benefit of the Transgender Movement but not okay to label men for what they are which is not female nor women even in a dress.

What I fear will happen is that Jenna will become attached to the Transgender Movement and allow herself to be mislabeled which will be sad but unfortunately might be inevitable. It is funny how this all works for them isn't it? This gorgeous young woman is labeled transgender so some fucking man in a dress that looks like Dick Butkus in a dress can be called transgendered and thus considered the same. If that is not just plain evil I am not sure what is but then men will be men even when they are wearing a dress.


Anonymous said...

Liz, we both know the TG will always stick itself to women like Jenna because it's the one and only thing that lends any credibility. While the world and it's media believes Jenna is transgender they gain credibility. I agree with you but is the answer? Unless and until we all organise ourselves in the way the TG have this kind of thing will happen. We both know that doing so will "out" us and no woman of history is going to do that.


Anonymous said...

There are many things that I find disturbing about how this issue is being played in the media.

The first and most troubling is the fact that Jenna is now, a world famous "transgender". Gone forever the opportunity to be "just" a woman. (Albeit, a woman with a history of having survived a life threatening congenital defect).

How sad that her "every girls' dream" of being a beauty queen came at such a devastaingly high price of becoming, "forever trans".

The other most troubling aspect of how this issue is being perceived, is the now accepted erasure of the distinction between transsexual and transgendered.

It is this extremely harmful conflation that allows the less sophisticated non-thinker to actually believe and argue that Jenna is nothing more than a man with implants.


Anonymous said...

Lessee, Liz...

Entered "Miss Trans-whatever Thailand" in the first place. Then entered this other contest ***in knowing violation of the established rules***, knowing full well this would eventually be detected, especially in light of the previous contest entry.

Sounds like the actions of someone already attached to the so-called "Transgender Movement" and angling for "Poster Child" status. It also sounds like a classic Transvestite Lobby setup, a la Nikki A. That "in knowing violation" part is such a common thread with them that it's practically a calling card.

Nice to see that the mainstream media is showing a pattern of (correctly) hanging back and waiting to see how the subject is going to play it before going for the potentially-invasive "human interest story" angle. As for the gay press:

"I don't know who (gay group) is. I am not affiliated with them. They do not represent me." [Optional if pressed for comment on (gay group's) statement: "I do not appreciate their involvement."]

Just write that down and put it in your purse, so you know what to say if you're feeling a bit woozy after having gotten mugged at a burger place and emerged from hospital to find cameras in your face because the Transvestite Lobby inserted their "gender identity" into your womanhood and non-consensually "gender expressed" themselves while you were unconscious.

-- A.R.

Anonymous said...

The issue of labeling woman with nothing more than a history such as this as 'transgender', where she is clearly not, is an issue near and dear to me.

Before I note this, however, I think Elizabeth is entirely right, in that this is more or less to progress the right of the man in dress to point at Jenna, and state they are equal.

While I cannot claim to be a woman, with my current appendages, I can claim to the relevancy of 'transgender.' You see, I am 19, and I am growing up in quite a different time than most of those who comment here. This may not appear to be leading anywhere, but it really does, especially in relation to this story.

Most youth my age who know they are Type VI at my age could not tell you what that is, but that they would proudly identify as transgender. I mistakenly identified myself as that, because I thought there was no alternative term to use, as well the terms transgender/transsexual being interchangeable. They are not, as we all know, but this is what today's Type VI's are being indoctrinated with.



Anonymous said...

For instance, when I foolishly went to my university's GLBT center, I was introduced to "other transgender" people; a drag queen and a genderqueer person. Now really, I knew something was not right, thinking to myself "But these people are not really, truly, transgender." Sadly, they are based on the TV Borg, but I knew I was different. This does not make them less of people, but their situation to have a medical surgery to cure their medical condition, that is not what they needed, unlike me.

So I propose this: WHY are youth being taught the TV Borg is the way to be, and that anyone who suddenly slips on a dress is a woman, no questions asked. While I agree that the TV Borg is being held together by men in dresses, they are far from the majority in colleges and high schools.

The next question is: What can be done about it? My fellow Type VI's are now thinking they are on par with a drag queen. Within time, even the word transsexual will be sen as a slur, and we will all be labeled, incorrectly, as 'transgender.' The future for me, identifying as a Type VI against the current teen view deeply concerns me.

Like Jenna, I worry about being outed because my generation wants to be "loud and proud", whereas I want to be left the hell alone, live life as nothing more than a woman with a medical history I was intended to be. If you call me transgender, I will politely correct you- but I am stunned at the state of affairs.

Pretty much all of the gender therapists (this is not social workers, this is MDs and PhDs!) in the area where you and I both grew up in Liz will use transgender as the common word to describe me. For instance, I went to see one man last week, described me as transgender; I told him about HBS, and he seemed to have absolutely no idea what I meant, however, he was a social worker (but he claimed to specalize in 'gender issues'). However, my primary care doctor, who is an MD, been in the field for years, calls one of her specialties 'gender variant youth' (which "includes" me), and, likewise, a 'transgender' label. I did not realize being a feminine/girly girl (I realize not in full, due to surgerical procedures I have yet to have) makes me 'gender variant.'

I can choose to ignore that label, rightly correct those who mis-label me; I understand that, I have done so. But I care too much about my fellow Type VIs- I do not want to see them repressed under this umbrella stupidity, and to break away from the current system. I would like to find a way to do so, but not only am I not sure how to do so, but worried that the rest of them have already been taken in too far by the TV Borg. For instance, those that know they need the surgery have started to claim that they do not need the surgery to be a woman.

You, the reader of this text, and I both know you do; otherwise you are a Type IV super TV or pre-op/Type VI (likely not Type V, given the age range being discussed here), the latter of which I use to to describe myself (it's a bit redundant, but not to most of the medical community!).

~Jessica (finally with getting people to fix my birth defect; I had the long plan earlier; finally HRT, starting next month)

Elizabeth said...


I am not shocked to read what you have just posted, disappointed deeply but I have seen it a lot lately. A friend and I have helped young teens start this process and we have two under care right now. Both sets of parents used transgender and when we visited them in Britain it was quite a process to convert them because they were brainwashed.

We managed to get them to understand their little girls would just be girls/women after SRS. I have found over the years the therapists and doctors use transgender because they have also been brainwashed into using an umbrella term that fits all their patients verses using the correct terminology to describe the appropriate condition.

This is perpetrated by groups such as GLAAD and the GLB organizations which baffles me since we do not have an issue of sexual orientation ourselves but the original people behind the hijacking of transgender and the forced inclusion of transsexual were in fact lesbians such as Riki Wilchins and that ilk.

I wish there was something that could be done but I doubt it. Just remember you owe nothing to anyone in the Transsexual community but yourself. You get yourself cured with your SRS and do what I and many others have done. Go off and prove yourself to be a good woman.

All we women with a history need is recognition as women and that is it. We do not need job protection because nobody will know. We do not need bathroom rights because we belong in a ladies room. We are not special we are just women born with a condition we fixed. It is something not a one of the transgender crowd will ever understand.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, "We do not need job protection because ..." (who are the others?) "...nobody will know." What about those that do not pass?

Is your litmus test of, transsexual type VI, authenticity whether one passes or not?

I'm hearing about a transsexual woman who is 7' tall, former college basketball player that, as pretty as she may be, will never be able to pass.


Anonymous said...

There are not a lot of women who are 7' tall. Nevertheless, they are still women.

Anonymous said...

@Jessica, I feel for you and those like you and that is why I have been speaking out about it on the blog I used to operate. Over the months that I wrote the blog I was attacked and threatened on multiple occasions by people who considered what I was saying bigoted and hateful when all I was doing was insisting that Transsexuals are different to transgender and have quite different needs.

I have no idea what the answer is Jessica but I can say that what Liz says is right on the money. You have a responsibility only to yourself and your future as a woman. Get your SRS any way you can and move on with your life and put all of your medical issues behind you. What is more you are under no obligation whatsoever to share your secret with anyone at all. Even your partner unless of course you want too. I wish you luck and success.


Elizabeth said...


Being made "special" implies that you will always be what made you special. For the transsexual "special" ends with surgery and they are no longer transsexual or transgender they are women.

Protection for pre-op transsexuals only is all that is needed unless of course you always want to be "trans" of some kind because it makes you feel better.

Passing is an interesting concept. There are beautiful women, there are plain women, and there are damn ugly women. The same follows for those born transsexual. Job protection has always been for the transitioner that wants to keep the job and position they gained as men.

ANy laws based on "gender identity" are a fucking joke because even the transvestites are claiming they have a gender identity problem which they certainly DO NOT. Transvestites do not need on the job protection because they should not be dressing on the job.

Tall women are not an oddity any longer. There are lots of tall girls. Brittney Griner of Baylor University Women's basketball is 6-8 and nobody questions whether she is a girl or not.

Tall women should not be discriminated against and neither should tall women with a history and passing is as much how you present yourself as it is how beautiful you are. Acting like a lady might help.

The transgender want any excuse they can find to get a law passed that benefits men in dresses. I do not agree.

Sagebrush said...

I have not followed this story closely, but of course I have read and seen some of what it online. It baffles me why someone who started hormone therapy at 14 and who had SRS at 19 would not just very quietly be a woman. But it seems Talackova was open about her past and indeed ran in that pageant in Thailand. As you wrote, it's a huge error to provide easily searchable information.

I wish she had simple changed sex quietly and then entered "non-specialized" beauty pageants. She certainly has the looks for it. But no, she had to be open. Foolish.

I hate that media are calling her "transgender," but they've all been GLAAD-ified. They think they're doing the right thing and being respectful.

I think the exclusion is ridiculous, but I really wish the issue had never come up.

Miz Know-It-All said...

Setting aside the meta issue that beauty contests such as this are at their heart really no different than any other type of livestock show. Selecting the most desired breeding points which means that all "contestants" are assumed to be fertile, which would rule us out as we are barren.

The real pity is that the Borg have turned what is a correctable medical issue into a badge of shame by their ironicly named "Out and Proud!" antics!
I mean get real! She and every other boy and girl afflicted with this should be able to say I was born transsexual, followed by "so?" and have that be the end of it! That she's barren, well that's her and a future husbands issue and none of our business!

But no! She, we, everyone who was born with this curse has either the choice to hide it or be labeled as a man in a dress so that a 60 year old transvestite can stuff his saggy ass and sweaty ball sack in a pair of panties and be a "gurl!"

And they wonder why we hate them so!

Anonymous said...

Apparently Ms. Talackova does not feel her womanhood is diminished in any way by being out about her medical condition. She has already moved on. The tabloids love to talk about it if it bleeds it leads. There isn't a correlation between out and pride so I presume she has already come to a "so what" position about it.


Elizabeth said...


The issue is you and your transgender ass clown friends have labeled her as transgender when as she said she is a woman with a history.

It is her right to be a public figure but I kind of doubt she wants to be considered transgendered so she can be a role model for the transvestites of the world.

She is a woman, nothing more nor nothing less. She was obviously out before that or she would not have entered the transsexual Thailand Beauty Contest but then maybe she regrets that part.

She is a beautiful young woman and should have been allowed to participate since she is physically female.

Miz Know-It-All said...

Are you playing Devils Advocate here for some aggrandizement game, or are you really that taken with the Kool Aid? When I was writing about Jenna Talackonva, or any woman with history being able to say "so?" That was referencing far more than this ephemeral "gender identity" and not giving a shit what others think about it! That "I'm a woman, dick or not and I don't give a shit" tripe is straight, pun intended, off the Borg's top ten play list! What I was trying to convey, which btw seems to have sailed right over even your head, was that we should now, after what? Sixty some odd years plus of men and women changing sexes and moving on to normal lives have this as an issue well on it's way to becoming a non issue... and that M'dear is, or should I say, was, exactly the trajectory this was taking... up until the 90's and the conflation of "Transgender" to "Transsexual." Transsexual had stopped making the front pages, Talk shows had dropped it as a sweeps week topic. Why even dear old dottering Pat Robertson prior to the ascendancy of the Borg had said more than once. We were women post-op and that it was a good thing! Funny, now, after twenty years of Trans-advocacy by the Borg on "our behalf" I don't think that's a'tall what falls from his lips these days! Yet, you, for all the incredible damage this has done to your life, stand there with a straight face and say that the conflation has not harmed you or any of us? Tell me, what did they put in that Kool Aid?"transsexual

Miz Know-It-All said...

Ignore the last word in the above. It's a computer glitch

Anonymous said...

Miz Know-It-All, I've experienced some of the harm you elude to in, pardon turning it into a potential meme; The Great Conflation. Don't you think it a bit mawkish to harken back to a time when you transitioned and assimilated to a notion that if no one sees it or doesn't know about it then it doesn't exsist? It becomes a biased self-perception if you conflate that into "I'm better than you."

"Culture doesn’t explain national differences in ‘biased self-perception.’ But economic inequality does." In societies where the gap between the haves and have nots is greater this occurs. It occured for transsexuals such as the 1980s and 2000s. Not so much for the 1970s and 1990s, whereby gender binary abrogates to gender ambiguity. I'm seeing a more liberal society emerge and it being OK for those that don't fit the gender binary. Does that bother you at all?

For us the prejudice of the "have's" pass as women, the have not's don't pass and don't assimilate well. To defenistrate this argument because its inconvenient is intellectually dishonest. I'm very guilty for thinking I'm better than those that I saw in the support group I attended during my baby steps. They knew, even though I didn't have a clue, I was a "fast tracker."

Ms Talackova, born in a society more tolerent, with parents willing to help, benefited with a young transtion, her beauty doesn't come from her looks, but I see it someting more internal; humility not hubris.

For me in the early 1980's (my window time) I choose to take on the mantel of the hate group, Bible in one hand and the Conservative Chronical in the other, Rush Limbaugh wasn't conservative enough for my Sunday School. I hated me so much. I condemned anthing that was remotely Queer, watching my "drug addict" and "whore" mother die of AIDS as punishment for her so called ungodly life--this is how my family trained me.

I ran away from a small Bible thumping farm town to a big city looking for help when I was 16-17 and found AIDS instead in the mid-80s. I hated my mother and it took years for me to mourn her death, accept who I was, and give up on my prejudicial familier ideas. The fact was my mom smoked a bit of pot, partied with her work colleagues; she was a nurse in a VA hospital helping AIDS patients before the CDC came up with protocols for health care providers dealing with HIV patients--saftey needles were not in use then. The 80s was a time of hate, the 90s changed that to greater tolerance. You speak of well known risks to be afraid of being out, are these fears still valid?

I see it more in the young, without fear and a sense of invincibility, that its OK to be out about their medical condition. "So what," what harm could happen? Apparently Ms. Talackova may have been myopic to the well known risks, but her intentions are clear to this poster that she doesn't feel it dininishes her womanhood in anyway. This dispite the "well known risks" takes a more courage than I have, and I make a living on my looks and physical form.

I sense it will be a game changer when one of us wins an Academy Award.


Saphirenz said...

Quite apart from a lot of the valid comments I am struck by that made by Cassandra Speaks.

"Unless and until we all organise ourselves in the way the TG have this kind of thing will happen. We both know that doing so will "out" us and no woman of history is going to do that."

I agree, never a truer word was said . I get the impression though that some are really getting fed up with the delusions.... May we expect to see sacrificial "lamb or lambs"?