Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Men want protection from women??????

Want to know what the ultimate in misogyny is? Men wanting protection by law from women so a man pretending to be a woman can enter any woman's space he wants to. I realize I am an extremely threatening woman at 5-8 and 130 pounds with those fists of iron trained from years of being an Engineer, a wife, and a mother. I just know I can beat the living shit out of that 6-3 270 pound man in the dress when he barges into the dressing room where my grandchildren are so he can change because after all even if he has a penis he is as much of a woman as I am or my friends are. I of course I being a little facetious but I am sure you get the drift.

It is amazing the threat we women are to men. We are prejudiced and hateful and transphobic because we are confused why men need laws to allow them access to women's spaces. How about we pass a law that 50% of elected officials have to be women.  How about we pass a law that 50% of Corporate Executives have to be women. How about we pass a law that 50% of NFL referees have to be women. How about we pass a law that prevents men from having men only meeting places in NYC where they conclude major Wall Street business and from which women are excluded? How about we pass a law that all men have to wear dresses?

Women are discriminated against openly in this country based on our sex.  We earn less. We are promoted less. We are even hired less often since a man needs a job for his family. I actually know all of this as factual because in the 40+ years I worked as a woman in Corporate America I was paid 50% of what male managers made despite the fact I out produced them. I received a major pay increase because I resigned and took 5 Fortune 500 companies with me.  They later claimed they were held up by me and accuse me of holding them hostage. I still only made 75% of what other managers made and I had the only profit center in the company.

Now I sit here and these same fucking men want me to understand why they need a law to prevent me from discriminating against men who want to use female facilities because they are en femme. They are not content to let women manage these spaces as we have for centuries without major issue because we might question some asshole man in his dress and burst his fantasy that he passes. Men basically want a law to enforce their fantasy. They want a law that redefines what female and woman really mean and their aim is to require women to accept them into our world despite having a penis, as the same as us. Sorry, but you men can basically go fuck yourself on this one.

There is no need for any law to protect men from women.  If a law was going to be passed it should be passed to protect us from men but that will never happen. The claim is it does not increase the danger to women. I agree most are harmless but taking the right away from me or any other woman to question a man in a dress in female spaces is not only wrong it is evil and misogynistic. Only men could come up with something both this misogynistic and this evil and claim it is good and fair.

What are women getting in return? We get men in dresses in our safe spaces. In most cases none of us would stop someone from peeing unless he looked creepy and I am sorry but that is an issue to us. I have been raped by a man and I know what it feels like.  I was nearly raped earlier by the same man. Women are at risk from men whether men want to admit it or not. Men are strong and we are weak and it is part of natures way.  Women do not rape men and it does not matter if the chances increase by a minuscule amount it is too much. Predators are ingenious at entrapping women and if you do not realize some male predators will get wise to the ease they can have access to women and female children based on claiming transgenderism and dressing to access our spaces then you head is stuck permanently up your male ass and needs some fresh air.

There have already been several cases where this has happened. One case is one too many but I get response by some saying it is hysteria.  They miss the entire point.  It is not hysteria but because most men are not so inclined it does not mean they get special dispensation to dress and come into our spaces. It is simply too dangerous for ANY man to be in women's spaces uninvited. It does not matter if he is dressed as a woman, as a bear, as a clown, or as an asshole he does not belong in our spaces.

This is not prejudice nor is it transphobia because in 99.99% of the time we will say nothing but we need the right to say something that 0.01% of the time and any law that prevents it is bullshit. It is a particularly transgender thing to want this kind of protection.

The only law that needs to be passed is one that states anyone that has had SRS is a woman PERIOD. Then we have the same rights as all women.  The problem is the transgender crowd wants to be protected as men because they are "special" and thus require special rights. The problem is the rights they want were always aimed at those transsexuals that transitioned later because they are certainly in vulnerable positions.  The issue now is they want these same rights while keeping the penis because getting rid of a penis means getting rid of their pleasure joint.

So instead of transsexual rights we have transgender rights which may protect some transsexuals but the majority protected are transvestites and cross dressers which are both fetishes.  The next thing you know they will want to have spare rooms set aside so they can practice their forced feminization in bondage at work during down time.

Bathrooms have always been a binary setup. Male and female have been it unless there was a gender neutral bathroom. The transgender crowd wants bathrooms based on gender where they get to pick who qualifies for a specific gender thus effectively cutting out any input from women.  The problem I see is they also claim gender is fluid and not a binary thing so who decides whom goes to what bathroom?  I guess the men get to chose based on the thrill it will give them.

The other problem the transgender have with binary is gender identity and gender dysphoria have always been a binary condition. A boy believes he is a girl or wants to be a girl and vice versa for girls. The problem I see is if gender is fluid and not binary then both gender identity and gender dysphoria are invalid or a contradiction.  Do boys now believe they are 1/3 girl, 1/3 boy, and 1/3 nothing?

Transsexualism was initially based on sex identity and with this obvious problem with gender fluidity I think we need to go back to sex identity for the correct definition. Sex is quite binary as even the intersex chose eventually.

Basically everything the Transgender stand for is aimed to please men with some possible residual aid for some transsexuals but do not be led astray it is for the benefit of men and those of us that are women or in the process of fulfilling the need to be completely female. Do not fall into any of their traps. A man with a penis and breasts with no intention of SRS is a she-male. His boyfriend likes him because he has a dick and boobs.  It makes them think they are not gay when they have anal sex. Men are weird that way.

Just remember the Transgender world was created by Virginia Prince and for transvestites only. The name was stolen from Prince and they added transsexual to give them some kind of legitimacy because nobody in their right mind would pass laws supporting transvestite rights. Well, I have been wrong about that but that will be changing.

I wrote to the Maryland State Senate and said my two cents and I urge all women born transsexual to do so. If anyone wishes a list of Maryland Senators to write to email me and I will provide you with a list. We need to stand up for our female sisters here and fight the Transgender and their unscrupulous plans.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post! My thoughts exactly.


Deena said...

Elizabeth please modify the fourth paragraph to read sorority.

Elizabeth said...

Actually fraternity is perfectly acceptable there based on its context and usage in the sentence since it defines a class of people associated with one another.

Anonymous said...

If the class of people associated with each other are all women, the correct word is "sorority."

You wouldn't give a speech to a room full of women and address them as "gentlemen" the whole time, would you? Same thing.

-- A.R.

Foxfire said...

Basically I think the last 3 blog entries here need to be sent to all the Maryland State Legislators so they can see how utterly absurd it is to even entertain the idea of allowing men to have yet more control over women.

Why aren't these weekend feministas screaming about the "right" to get a 50% pay cut, or about the "right" to have their health issues completely dictated to them by women? You can bet of course if those things got their pathetic little dicks hard like dressing up in the wives underwear does they would be wanting that, too. But they will never be women, so why are such ridiculous notions of giving them the "right" to be perverts even considered at all?

Anonymous said...

The poor babies so abused by women because they can't go anywhere and do anything they want.

I wish the little sissies would grow up and act like real men. Heaven knows there isn't enough real men in the world.