Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why Would You Keep It?

 It has become the enduring question and most controversial decision in the transsexual community. Actually I should rephrase that. It has become the enduring question and most controversial decision in those that are transgendered because quite simply transsexuals do not think that way. I never thought I would ever see the day but it has happened and the simple fact it has happened points out the differences between those born transsexual and those not. What is it?

There are actually idiots running around in the world that think it is cool to be transsexual. They want to be transsexual. They are sprinkled throughout the blog world. Here is a short list of some we are painfully aware of on a daily basis.

  1. The life long transvestite that announces they are deciding to be transsexual so they can get hormones. I kind of doubt the therapists would recommend estrogen for a transvestite but then again who knows.
  2. The suddenly transsexual. There is one in particular that claims until 4 or so years ago he never had any gender issues but suddenly realized he was a transsexual and claims to immediately have been diagnosed as a Benjamin Type V or Type VI. Sorry it does not work that way despite what many think.
  3. The noted blogger that is proud of her 7 inch "neoclit" which is another word for penis who claims her men like her penis which is slang for they like her to use it on them. Sorry but that is simply a she-male doing business with her peeps that like to delude themselves into believing they are not gay. I have had transsexual friends that did this to make money because they had to run to the streets from family but this particular blogger transitioned several decades ago.
  4. The 47 XXY crowd. Well they are usually not 47 XXY but why fuss over details. One in particular got her idea that she was 47 XXY in a conversation with a dear friend of mine.  My friend mentioned 47 XXY in passing since she claimed feminization and within days her blog changed and she was suddenly intersexed, 47 XXY, and better than a transsexual which is her own words. She might be correct because anyone truly born transsexual will tell you that anything is better than being born transsexual.
  5. Then there is my favorite. The transgender activist that suddenly began calling herself transsexual so she could get her birth records changed. She had her balls cut off and considers that gender affirmation surgery and then had the balls, she must have keep them in a jar, to claim the reason she would not have sex reassignment surgery was because of maintenance issues. It is almost like she is talking about a car.
There are many more classic examples but none of them are really bad people. Confused people for sure because only someone deluded or living in a fantasy world would want to be born transsexual. I guess it must be easier to decide you are transsexual. Anyone that was truly born transsexual will tell you it is a living nightmare. I have never met a transsexual that wanted to be transsexual but now they are everywhere it seems.

There was a distinct reason those involved with us in the "old days" coined the term transsexual. It is actually a simple term that implies we "trans" or "cross" or "transfer" across sex boundaries because we believe we are or want to be the opposite sex. Sex is binary if one excludes the truly intersexed because even they should have the right to chose which one they belong to. Gender is a social construct and in my opinion is fluid. Even after one has SRS how one expresses one's gender is fluid and can cross gender boundaries which is where transgender comes in. Gender is different depending upon where you currently reside in that it is expressed differently and hopefully freely in different regions of the world. Cultural Anthropologists understand this clear distinction.

Dr. Benjamin considered transsexuals cured after SRS was complete and we had assimilated into society in whatever manner we individually chose. Some of us did some activist work early on and decided to try an live as normal women.  Others chose to be out activists and it was their right to make that choice as it was my right to take a different path.

Many today want us to believe that because they have a penis it does not disqualify them from being female and a woman. The irony of it is most are "out" activists supposedly representing the "transgender" community under which they have gleefully and deliberately included transsexuals. Those in the transgender camp have no intention of ever giving up their identification as transgendered because sadly it is how they live their lives and it actually gives their lives meaning. For that primary reason there is no way they want transsexuals to profess that once we have our SRS we are cured and thus are no longer transsexual. You will never read or hear any transsexual say they are "transsexual forever" if they were truly born transsexual but "transgender forever" is the mantra of almost all in the transgender community.

It is why those in the transgender camp call us separatists. They claim being separate from the transgender banner hurts everyone but in reality it only hurts them. In a way we are both selfish because we are either no longer transsexual or cannot wait to be no longer transsexual and it pisses us off to be lumped in with others that both want to be transgender forever and in the case of those considered MTF want to keep their penis. In our eyes only a man would want to keep their penis because as women we realize how prized a possession it is to men. Without a penis they cannot piss on trees and mark their territory which is exactly what they are trying to do to all those truly born transsexual. Men believe they are superior to women and they may want to femulate or emulate or dress up for kicks but lord knows they need to keep that "power penis" they were born with. They are selfish because they know without those born transsexual they are simply a joke.

Without transsexuals under the transgender banner there is little to no validity to the transgender "movement". Who in their right mind would pass legislation for cross-dressers and transvestites which is the overwhelming largest majority under the transgender banner. In the United States they would be laughed at but by building the impression that "transgender" is a new terminology for "transsexual" they are able to delude the public and legal officials into supporting those that have no support. 

Has anyone ever read anywhere where the transgender crowd admits they are primarily transvestites and cross-dressers? Of course not. They are "transgender or the new buzz word "trans" which is all inclusive.  In reality all that those truly born transsexual really need is legislation that defines those that have "truly" undergone sex reassignment surgery as legally the sex they were reassigned to. After that we are covered like all men and women by the same rights as everyone else. Don't you find it ironic the one thing the transgender crowd does not openly support is the simple concept that once sex is completely reassigned then that individual should be legally the assigned sex? That would contradict their belief that women can have a penis and men can get pregnant. Silly me for not believing that.

I understand that there are some transsexuals that can not medically have complete sex reassignment and there should be a provision for them but a tightly focused one. So what has happened over the years is interesting.  Many people are now claiming to be transsexual when they are not. A lot of them want to keep that last vestige of maleness, their penis. Just think of it. What man would not love having a set of breasts he can fondle at will while he can jack off. Okay, that is simplistic but men, breasts, and dicks are primal. The only reason anyone born truly MTF transsexual would keep their penis is because of medical reasons. If it is financial then do what most of us did which was work your asses off to save the money for surgery and quite bluntly in today's money we paid more for our surgery than you do today.

The answer to the question "why would they keep it" is simple.  They keep it because at heart they will always be men.


Deena said...

When pigs can fly it might be possible for a woman to reason with men using words. Until then its a waste of energy.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't keep it, and I didn't. It was always in the way. It was out of place. It was just wrong.

A female human being does not have a penis. So I had to rectify that problem.

Those who want to appear as women but keep their penis baffle me.

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't I want to keep my penis? I love my penis!

Finally I've found a way to have the perfect woman in my life. She dresses how I want her to dress. She acts the way I want her to act. She even thinks the way I want her to think. My wife never does that for me! So I became my perfect woman. 40DD tits? No problem! Long beautiful hair? No problem! And she always wears sexy clothes, showing off her long legs in nylons and high heels!

So now that I have the perfect woman in my life, a woman that I can control, then why the hell would I want to lose my key to sexual satisfaction? Without the ability to masturbate and enjoy what I have, where would I be? I'd be no better than all of those women out there who do nothing but bitch and whine. No thanks!

Proud Transgender

Anonymous said...

There are differing levels of gender and sex dysphoria for each of us.

As for myself, I am happy to be rid of the damn thing but if the dysphoria had been less intense then my life choices might have taken a diferant path.

Anonymous said...

Proud Tee-Gee

You don't know much about modern reconstructive surgery do you?

Some of us who have had reconstructive surgery in the last 25 years or so have the ability to fully enjoy the sexual experience. I don't know who you have been talking to or what hacks they have been going to for their surgeries but you know next to nothing about the subject.

As long as you have that thing hanging between your legs you will never be a woman you always will be a Tee-Gee nothing more.

40DD fake plastic boobs on a broad shouldered body with an Adams apple and a deep booming voice? don't make me laugh. I'll stick to my 36C home grown breasts small frame no Adams Apple and naturally female voice.

Why on Earth would anybody want to live trapped between male and female if given a choice?

Deena said...

@ NYF. Don't waste your words. I'm betting Proud's wife is more than happy he has toys that keep him distracted so he leaves her alone. She is probably better off with the UPS delivery guy or the neighbor.

Anonymous said...

First anonymous was me. Sorry for not having signed it. I thought it was going to go through normally. Sorry as well if you got duplicate comments.

My guess is that Proud Transgender was a parody. Maybe not, but that's my guess. An attempt at humor.


Saphirenz said...

Elizabeth,I am pleased to have had my attention drawn to your blog. You have a refreshingly clear and simple way of expressing yourself and the matter of fact analysis of the great transgender fraud and conspiracy.I do like your prose and I will come here often now and read what you have to say. Needless to say "we sing from the same song sheet".

I believe your blog should be widely read especially by those in government who may have the responsibility for dealing with the outrageous claims of TG activists on legal identity.

Anonymous said...

I know Deena I couldn't resist considering how many of the Tee-Gee posers read this blog.

They will never be women, and never be real.
It's a lifestyle for them, Transvestite Extreme.

Anonymous said...

The lack of respect for one woman's choice to keep her cock is devastating. I am a woman, I was born one and will always be one. Is it my fault I was born with a penis? No. Do I despise my penis? Sometimes. I am occasionally humiliated by it and by its bulge. But I like it more than I hate it. That's MY choice. Who are you to say I am not a female?

Elizabeth said...

@Anon 5:17 PM


You are a man you stupid dipshit. Look at what your wrote. wOMEN o not have a choice to keep a COCK because women and females do not have a CLCK and those of us born transsexual get rid of it ASAP.

In your case it is not required I remind you that you are a man. Your words define you as such.

Anonymous said...

It's truly sad that so many trans women are such bigots, I am a woman because that's who I am on the inside, not because of what's between my legs. You're subscribing to the same rigid binary gender bullshit that causes transphobia in the first place. I am a woman because I have always been a woman. How sad that your gender identity is simply limited to what's between your legs. How in the hell do you ever expect the world to accept and understand us if we judge, condemn, and hate on each other. If you hated your penis and wanted a vagina, good for you, I don't want a vagina, and guess what, i'm still a woman, i don't limit my gender identity to binary conformity, and it's truly sad that so many of you do. We are all trans, it's an umbrella term people, i happen to embrace it, the fact that so many of us act ashamed and proclaim that we're "just like you" well, sorry honey, we're not just like them, we are different, and we still deserve the same rights and respect everyone else does, everybody doesn't fit neatly into a little box, there is a whole spectrum of gender, i choose to embrace it, and so should all of you, because no matter how superior you think your vagina makes you, at the end of the day, your still trans.........

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is us males want you to keep your dick and there are sufficient number of dolls that keep them now. Why do you think shemale porn is so big and srs porn is flat. We don't want srs dolls. sorry

Rudy King said...

I couldn't imagine keeping my thing.
I guess I never understood what was going on at first. Like tucking when using the restroom or in the shower. I really got dysphoric riding my bicycle. My stuff just got in the way, but I didn't understand why.

My brother told me about XXY "syndrome" a few weeks ago, and I'm fairly certain I have it. The crazy thing is my body is more female than male. I even had some breast development when I was in my early teens, and it did scare me one bit.
I Wouldn't consider XXT a intersex condition.