Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Elderly Plastic Surgery Survivor

One of the bloggers that started T-Central has reached a new personal low. Calie recently had a post called Closed Minds in the T World which was aimed at what Calie perceives as us older early transitioners or the elite. Calie has every right to her opinion and expressed it quite vehemently in the blog post which generated a lot of comments whereupon Calie edited her post and changed the entire tenor of what was said. Why?

In the original post Calie called some of us "Elderly Plastic Surgery Survivors" which produced a new acronym EPSS. Calie is not the first person to say something like that and along with his comments that we would never be "real" women it was quite typical of what certain Butch Dyke radical feminists say and certain transvestites. To anyone that was truly born transsexual it is hurtful because believe me we already know that internally we will never be female and as much as I wanted to menstruate, yes I did, and have the ability to become pregnant so I could provide children for my husband it was not going to happen at least in my lifetime. We know this.

Not one single person born transsexual can or will deny that we can never be completely female or male. It is the one horrific result of being born transsexual that we can never get around. As a onetime MTF transsexual I can never bear children and neither can any FTM transsexual ever father children after surgery. It is a fact of our lives but we can only match the external sex characteristics of the sex we know we belong to. Using the terminology "plastic surgery" implies it was some cosmetic need and not the brutally insistent internal need to be at least externally able to match the sex we should have been born. I needed a functional vagina for sex. SRS was not and never is a choice for those truly born transsexual. It is how we are and if I want to be honest with myself and others when an older transitioner has SRS it shows amazing courage and it took me time to actually get that point. There really is no decision. For 99.9% of us surgery means life.

The intent of Calie's post was to take aim at people like me that question certain older transitioners but the irony is that with this post Calie has categorically defined Calie as what he truly is and that is not transsexual. No transsexual would ever write or post such drivel. Calie must have realized he had screwed up because Calie "edited" the post and removed all references to EPSS in either its acronym or full form. An act of total cowardice with only a comment note to inform anyone he had a change of heart or possibly felt he had crossed a line or exposed what he truly is. Part of blogging for better or worse, is having the courage of your convictions and to read the comments of your readers and if you are wrong change your opinion and admit it but never edit something out unless it was requested because a line was crossed. Calie did not cross a line. Calie described his feelings about us so he should be a "real" man, which you are Calie, and stand up and take the criticism.

Comments by my readers has helped me change my mind on certain subjects. I cannot say honestly I will ever understand late transitioners but I have a new rule which is simple. If anyone has had SRS then questions are over and they have a right to be addressed as women or men. If an individual has the courage to go through SRS then I will not question their sex. Now, I might question their opinions, positions, and concepts about what all this crap means but in the world of being born transsexual that is the semantics of the situation.

I have written posts I wish I could change now because I have a different perspective but I will not because it was how I felt at the time and maybe it shows some change in me over time. I have a post called "Nikki Araguz is a fraud" and the use of the word fraud is wrong. It implies Nikki was not born transsexual nor now a girl after surgery. That was not the intent which was to point out that she married a man before SRS which put her and other transsexuals in a difficult position in Texas and possibly elsewhere. Nikki is a beautiful girl with issues and has always had issues not related to transsexualism. She made a silly mistake but one I understand because I loved a boy before my SRS and I would have married him in a heartbeat if possible back then.

Calie has always wanted to appear as a martyr in my humble opinion. Poor brave Calie who always knew she was a girl but never acted on it and now has responsibilities to a family and an oh so important career. Calie was such a brave transsexual. She made the choice of fatherhood, being a husband, and being an important person at work. Poor brave Calie is such a role model and if "she" could "only" transition she would. I would actually explain the dichotomy in the picture Calie has painted of Calie but I honestly believe even Calie knows it is bullshit.

Just look at the blog. What transsexual would ever write a post title "Should I femulate"???? Nothing else needs to be said. Calie and his ilk would like people to believe transsexuals have choices.  This puts Calie in the Autumn Sandeen camp and the camp of those that believe transsexualism can be controlled which by its very nature implies somehow that it can be cured or prevented from consuming your life.  Those truly born transsexual realize this is a crock of shit or fantasy that those in the Transgender community want everyone to believe.

Here is my prediction for Calie. I am guessing Calie is around 50 so here goes. At around 58 Calie will have enough money and retirement to live his fantasy and the following will happen . Actually the groundwork for it has been laid in some previous posts but it is classic male. Calie has already claimed he is 47 XXY yet he has children which without fertility intervention is patently impossible for any male born 47 XXY.  We are now approaching Chloe Prince and A.E. Brain territory with Calie where fantasy and delusion rule.

Calie has no excuses. Calie knows help is available yet Calie believes he controls his transsexualism. Being born transsexual is like being born with a malignant cancerous tumor. Unless treated it will eat you alive. Calie is like a snake oil salesman telling other transsexuals that he somehow has an elixir or holistic medicine that cures the cancer or holds it at bay until he decides the time is correct to take action. That single concept alone disqualifies Calie as transsexual.

Calie will suddenly transition and of course his wife will love him but it will be a decision he had to make because he could not take it any more. Calie will immediately know even more about being "transsexual" than he currently claims to. Everyone will accept and love the "new" Calie they see and meet. Calie will be adored by all. Calie will spend tons of cash on FFS, implants, and all things needed to fulfill the fantasy. Calie will jump into SRS as quickly as possible. After his surgery Calie will be a she and then in a moment of pure irony will literally qualify as an "Elderly Plastic Surgery Survivor" because in "her" case it will be cosmetic surgery.

Ironically if Calie ever does transition I will use female pronouns for Calie. Sad but true.


Anonymous said...

Feels sad for them. But They have right to live as normal people.

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Anonymous said...

Well Elizabeth I think you picked the only rational place to draw the line.
If Sandeen were to have SRS as much as it would hurt I would have to call her She the same would be true for any other lifestyle transvestite. .