Friday, December 30, 2011

I Few More Rants and Pet Peeves

Something caught my eye about breast implants in Sweden and I ended up reading an article that enlightened me or more accurately made me kind of laugh out loud. I never realized how beneficial breast implants were. Do you realize breast implants actually save lives? Actually according to The Local (Sweden's News in English) it saves the lives of the transgendered. It seems the suicide rate among the transgendered denied implants is 30-40 percent according to the article in The Local.

I believe those suicide statistics are absurd because any transsexual that would commit suicide after SRS because they did not have big enough boobs is stark raving mad or totally insane. Even considering the simple fact the Swedes seem to enjoy committing suicide based on statistics the 30-40 percent seemed odd but I was shocked to read some of the supposed problem transgendered considered themselves half man and half woman. I have actually never heard a rational transsexual ever say that.

There are some circumstances that need to be added.  It seems some regions in Sweden will actually pay for implants and the case mentioned here came about because someone was denied her new big boobs. It also turns out a high percentage of those claiming suicide attempts were not post SRS. I guess the men in dresses have a new tactic to get those big boobs they so covet. Claim suicide was attempted is the new plan.

The pathetic part of this is it cheapens those individual lives that have actually been touched by suicide attempts. I forgot to mention that the percentages are not based on actual documented attempts but claims of suicidal thoughts which is a classic example of some fool learnig another narrative in order to get his boobs.

I actually know what damage an actual suicide attempt does to the people around you and this bullshit from Sweden is beneath contempt. The reason I say this is total bullshit is because people that actually attempt suicide usually end up in a psych ward even in Sweden. Suicide is not attempted because your boobs are not big enough. Suicide is attempted because the feeling of desperation that life will remain as painful as it currently is.  It is quite high in transsexual children but even in my time frame it absolutely never approached 30-40 percent as claimed here.

If you Google and search a little you will find some pictures and my only recommendation is be sure you have not eaten before viewing them.  The Transgender crowd has issues in Sweden.

Another pet peeve of mine is the fool who runs the TransGriot blog or Monica Roberts. If anyone says a single negative thing about anyone that is a minority anywhere in the world it is racism. Her new rant is about Janet Jackson and PETA. I cannot say I agree with everything People for Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA believe in but I do agree 100% the real fur used in clothing is just plain wrong in the modern world. I do agree that people have their right to disagree over this point but Roberts is now claiming in this post that PETA is attempting to hide its racism towards Janet Jackson because they were critical of her wearing and promoting furs.

In her article she uses a photo of a rally where PETA compares animal slaughter to racism and slavery. Personally it was and is in very poor taste but the analogy is unfortunately quite accurate because slaves were animals to many of the slave owners and were slaughtered as such if they got out of line. Wearing KKK outfits is kind of pathetic but they were certainly not being racist towards anyone. If poor taste and bad manners were a crime then the TransGriot blog would be a permanent felony.

Criticizing Janet Jackson for wearing fur is not racist. I know people in PETA and they are zealots about protecting animals from harm and they do cross the line sometimes but they are not racist.

In another post Roberts crossed a line of mine. In stop-looking-at-being-trans-as-curse Roberts claimed being trans was a blessing.  She then claims of course she wishes she was born a female or had a life like Kim Petras yet Roberts keeps her beloved penis and actually calls it her 7 inch neo clit. I am sure her boyfriends just enjoy it as she claims.

Anyone that was born transsexual and believes this nightmare is a blessing was not born transsexual.  It does not get any simpler than that. I have never met a transsexual that did not want to get this crap behind them and just be able to live as they should have been. She then goes on to state she would be missing out on this amazing life she has now. I guess being a man in a dress with a 7 inch penis, oops neo-clit, makes life interesting and enjoyable but it does not make Roberts transsexual.  It just makes Roberts another reason transgender is not a term or umbrella most transsexuals want anything to do with.

Roberts had a post earlier in December titled Chasing Pseudo Cisprivilege which claims we separatists are chasing privileges that genetic women have by birth. In a way Roberts is both correct and incorrect which she is an apparent expert at. Roberts comes at this view of women from the very framework she claims some separatists come from. Roberts was a man for so long and technically still is because she has a penis and likes it that she has of course missed the entire reason those born transsexual fight this nightmare so hard.

Quite simply we are girls and all we want to be is girls and we are willing to take the good with the bad and believe me if you worked for 40+ years as a female in Corporate America you understand the bad.  The good is we get to be the girls we are. We all know we were born male but what is important to us is mentally we are female and the physical side needs to match the mental side. This is not an issue for Roberts because Roberts never really wanted to be female because Roberts likes her penis.

I was never a victim and have never had a desire to be a victim. Basically I look at my life in a very positive way. I think I won. I cured the birth defect and have lived my entire adult life as a woman and have basically been a girl since I was 14. I took big risks and pushed boundaries as many others like me did and are. I just wanted to be normal. To me normal was just being a girl.

I do not need nor want any special privilege because i was born transsexual because I am no longer transsexual. Only a man could look at women and believe they have privilege. Well I guess it is privilege that they get to wear pretty cloths, menstruate, get pregnant, clean house, raise children and get dumped for a younger woman. I certainly would have gladly accepted all that, except getting dumped, as would every transsexual I know would.

The problem with Roberts is the very problem she claims transsexual separatists have. She lived too long as a man and is still a man and she wants all of us that beat this nightmare to support her need to dress as a woman and keep her penis along with the special privileges she deserves for being trans.

The key to me is all I wanted was to be accepted as a girl and then a woman however that happens. I wanted no safety net I just wanted to make my way through life as the girl I should have been. I knew it was not going to be easy but being accepted by society as a woman was very important to me. I believe it is very important to MTF transsexuals in general.The simple truth is it life as a woman is not easy.

I was actually lucky to go through this when I did in some ways. To the best of my knowledge every single record that could identify me as being born male has been changed and that includes school at all levels and everywhere I worked. That is not easy today.

What I want to see is not special privilege because I was born transsexual but legal acceptance that I am now a woman. It makes everything simple then. I will accept male attempts to discriminate against me because I am female.  I fought for my rights as a female many times over the years. If we are accepted legally as women then everything else is gravy in my humble opinion.

The problem we transsexuals have is people like Roberts and Sandeen passing themselves off as transsexual and claiming they are women even though they have a penis. Society will never accept that as a norm. These fools want us to accept them as women and thus usurp our claims that we are women in order to promote their penis as being acceptable female anatomy.If you keep the penis you are a man. Those are the cold hard facts.

The cold hard fact for us is legal acceptance as women is only possible if we disappear into society and just "live" as women. It is funny how that works. As long as you act and behave in an acceptable manner society will accept you as a woman. It is that joy of just being another girl or woman that drives most MTF transsexuals. I  was discriminated against because I was a woman not transsexual. If that is not what you want out of life then I would suggest trying another path.

Roberts and her ilk want everyone to know they are trans because being trans gives some pathetic meaning to their life which correlates directly to Robert's belief being born trans was a blessing. My blessing was SRS and my life as just another woman in society with all the ups and downs that life has brought me was the gift it gave me.

Roberts is a professional victim. She wants to be viewed as a victim. Roberts actually believes she is a victim. It is funny how that clouds reality. The really sad part is Roberts is exactly what she screams about.  Robert's is a racist. Robert's coined the term WWBT or White Women Born Transsexual. She uses it in derogatory comments yet considers herself a victim and others a racist. She is racist against any black that disagrees with her view on life and finds it necessary to put them down.  Can you imagine her outrage if what she said about Herman Cain was said about Obama? She needs to read this article but then she could read Lincoln's Gettysburg Address and see it as racist.

Personally I wish she would give herself one of her Shut Up Fool Awards but then that would require Robert's to realize how foolish it is to keep a penis and claim womanhood. I am sure those men that she claims enjoy her 7 inch neoclit were really looking for a "woman" you fool!!!

I wish her no ill will but Shut Up Fool comes to mind when I think of her.


Anonymous said...

The illustration in that blog post misses the mark. Instead of Don Quixote tilting at a windmill, it should show the person tilting at a straw man.

I've never thought of my birth defect as a curse. I have wished I hadn't been born with it, but I viewed it as a challenge that I had to overcome. And I have.

And as for "passing 100 percent of the time," that's a pathetic point of view. When you're female, you don't think about that stuff. You just live. Why would anyone who is female want to be an out-and-proud "transwoman"?


Deena said...

I suspect the initials MR were chosen carefully.

Angel said...

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Liz.

Saphirenz said...

I have considered starting a blog of my own but you and others here are so good at it . Do we need another one?
I am content with my life but the great TG fraud and its constant compromisation of our lives frustrates me. I share your views that I have so far read and have strong views of my own. I have the germ of a plan which may deal with that.

In the meantime please allow me to come here to endorse and support you

Anonymous said...

There will always be some who will distort and co-op our experiences and identities to further their own agendas. You can't out-argue them. They have limitless time and the energy of the insane.

- and old aunty