Saturday, March 2, 2013

Thoughts, Zoe Brainless, Kids, and Fools

Just when I thought I was out they pulled me back in! Not really, but I sure did enjoy the vacation with friends, my step-daughter, and older brother and his family in Daytona Beach  Florida although ducking car parts in the stands was a little more then we bargained for. Great weather and a lot of fun.

Over the time I have blogged I have made several comments about Zoe Brain whose name I officially would petition should be changed to Brainless. For those not in the know Zoe is the one that claimed she had spontaneous feminization and turned into a girl and that her male parts magically went away or atrophied up into her body and is now biologically female. Zoe is quite famous for commenting on everything transgender and along with her spontaneous feminization claims she is also intersex none of which is true unless being born transsexual is intersex.

Zoe claimed to be a rocket scientist although I believe she may have taken that down. Just to be accurate she was never a rocket scientist. Zoe is not nor has she ever been intersex. I actually know the person who suggested that she may be one evening in a chat.  The very next day Zoe was intersex on her blog and sorry there are no instant intersex tests. Zoe has managed to weasel her way onto several television shows in Australia, they seem to have lower standards than the US even, that talked about intersex and the true difficulties those that are born that way deal with. It was enough to make one puke if you know the truth.

Zoe is a father so Zoe is not nor has Zoe ever been biologically female and Zoe had SRS in Thailand although she claimed she did not. It is kind of difficult to keep up with the evolving story line. My beef with Zoe is the simple truth she did not "spontaneously" feminize and if you do not believe me find some pictures of Zoe. My other beef is of course with her claims of being intersex which she is not.

Well I received a comment from Zoe Brainless on a very old post early this morning and it was to this post about lateral hostility and the transgender woman.

Well I was never transgender nor am I a transgender woman.  I am simply a woman albeit one approaching 70 faster than she likes. I have no idea whether Zoe was born transsexual but in my view since she actually did have SRS in Thailand she is a woman. Zoe's problem is being a woman seems to not be good enough and like most in the transgender mafia anyone that questions her is transphobic and thus this lateral hostility bullshit.

Do I have some hostility towards some in the transgender community? You are darn right I do! Being told that those of us born transsexual are the same as some cross dressing bald 62 year old dipshit from buttfuck Ohio is bad enough, but watching these men in dresses systematically attempt to demolish the concept of someone being born transsexual by equating it with some weekend crossdresser is kind of infuriating.

I was very lucky in many ways but the luckiest thing was I started estrogen just before I was 14 so I was never a "man" like Zoe was. I never fathered a child like Zoe did. Unless one was told I was always perceived as a girl which in my life in those days was at times a blessing and at times extremely dangerous.

That brings me to another point and that is transsexual children. One of the two children we are currently helping lost her therapist for a while when the therapist became very ill. Being a child transsexual when everyone knows what you are is psychologically demanding to say the least. We told her to find another therapist and we talked with her parents and told them not to worry about the cost since we cover it or in this case my close friend covers it. Just find her an understanding therapist who is close to the previous one.

My friend and I are old school and these children all of your see on television are transsexual and yes they are under the transgender umbrella but they are truly psychosexual inverted transsexuals with incredibly intense sex identification issues. They follow natal females exactly when it comes to percentages that are straight or lesbian because they are female and they are willing to fight the world to prove it.

Well our just turned 16 year old found a new therapist and the child had two immediate problems with him. The first was he adamantly refused to use the word transsexual because it was insulting to others under the transgender banner and he was appalled that the child had been on hormones and blockers for 2 years. We dropped that therapist like a bad habit because if there is one thing these kids need it is approval. Her original therapist has recovered enough from her illness to resume helping this beautiful 16 year old old young lady but it suddenly dawned on me that maybe the therapists are the issue in the transgender verses transsexual dispute.

Everyone seems to use transgender because it is politically correct because lord knows offending those men in dresses is such a bad thing to do. I am wondering if anyone that is currently in therapy has found this an issue elsewhere.  By this I mean has anyone had a therapist insist that even though you identify as transsexual insist on calling you transgender?

CNN had a show on the child Coy that is 6 ears old and was refused access to the girls room after having access for most of her first year. Very few of you out there have even the slightest clue the amount of courage, determination, and fortitude it takes for a young transsexual to demand acceptance for who he or she is by actually transitioning or pushing appearance boundaries that cause problems.

One of the problems with associating child transsexuals with the term transgender is the inherent danger that society will assume the attitude the child is still a boy. personally I can assure you we were not and are not but when you are associated with transvestites, cross-dressers, and the transgender umbrella people have started to wake up to what it really means which is a good old boy group trying to push their male fantasies on others.

Even when I was 5 I knew girls did not have what I had but I did not know what the difference was but I hated that thing and it continued until I had SRS. Media Matters has a video from a CNN show where this Pediatrician Dr. James Sear co-host of the CBS show "The Doctors" claims this 6 year old MTF transsexual child would walk around the girls room with his penis showing because all little boys do that. It has to be watched to be believed.

The child already wants to know when she can be fixed because a penis is disgusting and was disgusting to us as children. The simple truth is the earlier a child can socialize in their correct sex the better off they will be as adults because they will fit into their correct sex seamlessly. Sometimes doctors are the worst enemies of child transsexuals.

Massachusetts Public schools have a new transgender policy and in general after reading it completely I agree with a lot of it and its intention is noble. The thought that a child could discuss being transgender with an adult at school, a counselor, and not with their parents is naive but any help that a trans child, I mean ANY trans child regardless, gets is worth the effort because children should not have to suffer with this crap but not informing parents is a slippery slope in my humble opinion.

The other slippery slope is the mandate that the child be allowed to play sports as the gender they identify as. I doubt this will ever be an issue because most kids with these issues want to survive high school although i have to admit I would have liked to have been a cheerleader. The Olympics require the participant to be at least two years post op if I remember correctly and in High School that would or should be altered to require the child to be on at least blockers so testosterone will not kick in. If the child is not on blockers the MTF child will have a decided physical advantage over natal girls. Girls have participated in boys sports like golf for decades because girls are not as physically strong as boys so they are going up in competitive competition. I doubt this will become a big issue but if there is one thing I have learned it is there are enough douche-bags that someone might try and push it. Let us hope it is a none issue.

I tried to catch up with some of my favorite comedy blogs which are primarily the transvestites on T-central but I have noticed a decided somber mood on more than a few of them. It is rather sad to listen to some of these poor devils as they talk about dressing, dressing up, going out dressed up and how important their so-called feminine side is and sadly read as some of their lives dissolve around them as they lose their families when they announce to the world they are "transgender" and conveniently leave out the fact they are actually transvestites.

It is sad when these fools transition with no intention of SRS and then find it hard to change jobs or when they lose their jobs are lost and cannot understand why they cannot find a job. The really sad part is those of us that have worked as women after SRS early in life can explain the problem. Men will hire men before they will hire women in most skilled positions because they consider us inferior and I have seen that my entire life. They may hire you if you are pretty but sadly most of you are not but the simple truth is if you have no history working as a woman then how can they hire you for a job or position? You have never worked as a woman besides telling them you are "trans" is stupid to start with since it is none of their business.

The funny side of this is you are learning the trials and tribulations that we women have faced and fought through our entire lives. Now if you think they are reticent to hire women how reticent do you think they are to hire someone they perceive as a man in a dress? Is it fair or right?  Actually no it is not and I guess I understand why you all want to keep your current positions gained as men while now expressing yourself as a woman. Be forewarned sweetie if they downsize you get ready for a difficult time finding a position unless you can hide your past which I highly recommend.

I also found out that someone I actually like has decided they are going to transition and eventually have SRS and not once until they started therapy did this person EVER consider doing something like this. It seems the therapist convinced him he was transgender and should thus transition and get SRS. I have to wonder if this therapist has any clue because this man could start at Left Tackle for any NFL team and meet the height, weight, and arm length requirements with a little to spare. His family is already to dissolve around him and he cannot understand why. I fear this is a disaster waiting to happen and I am sad about that.


Anonymous said...

Zoe Allen Brain is the worst person the Intersex/DSD has ever encountered. He tries so hard to claim every Intersex condition under the sun and can't even prove it. Which is why Zoe Allen Brain is the Reason why Intersex/DSD people are not happy with Trans people.

Anonymous said...

"By this I mean has anyone had a therapist insist that even though you identify as transsexual insist on calling you transgender?"~Liz

Two rules in today's world 1. don't mention the war and 2. whatever the f**k you do, don't EVER assert that you're transsexual and not transgender or somehow different to the rest of the men in frocks!

The very second you assert that your issue is NOT playing "dress up" and being "girly", but rather, that you're a woman who desperately needs to be the correct SEX (lest your life not be worth continuing) you will be thought to be COMPLETELY deluded and most certainly NOT in a position to be making life altering decisions such as whether or not to take HRT or get SRS.

I mean REALLY, you couldn't possibly TRULY BELIEVE you are female? not a WOMAN! surely not! stop talking crazy or we'll have to have the men in white coats bring that nice jacket and take you to that cuddly little room with padded walls where you can't hurt yourself or anyone else!

I've said it before, if you're young, alone and transsexual (and if you ARE transsexual, then in this day and age, YES you ARE very much alone), the very best thing you can do for yourself is be smart, play along, keep your mouth shut and your opinions to yourself, get the treatment you need and don't ever EVER! look back EVER!!!

and most importantly, do as much as you can to leave as little in the way of electronic or paper trails as you can.

God speed!

Jessica said...

Let me preface this: I am 20, trying to cure this birth defect, as easily, as quickly, as possible, as I have slightly with hormones (I still need SRS to become totally female in my eyes), in case you wonder why I still see someone on this birth defect. It is SO unspeakably awful to be lumped in with those men on a fetish, out in a miniskirt with fishnets. The thought makes me sick to my stomach, so it would be best to end that preface here. I have posted here a couple times before, but it's been some time, unfortunately.

While not currently in therapy, I do see a pediatrician, who is specialized in these matters, and while she is very nice, she lumps me in with the TG crowd (by also using such terms as "gender varient"). It is intimidating, and makes me feel uncomfortable. She only sees patients up to age 22, so I truly do not understand why she does so.

Likewise, right before I got my hormones, I saw someone to write the letter of approval for me, to send off; I told him flat out that I am NOT (was not, am not, will never be) transgender; instead that I have Harry Benjamin Syndrome. So, again, while he meant well, he stumbled and called me transgender. I soon shot him a quick, serious glance of disapproval, and, soon after, he quickly tried to correct himself; sadly unable to remember what term I used; in his words, "or whatever it is you like to call it."

This goes beyond, from my observations, the role in many therapy and medical fields; thank you, Liz, for showing it is certainly not all. Even parents of supporting children basically everywhere find themselves lured into the mantra of the TG (and, to no surprise, have made their children believe that, yes, they are TG as well!). For instance, looking at the family of Jazz, of the various specials on television. Her family is wonderful, but the caveat comes that they support Jazz as "TG" (as you mentioned, she is psychosexually inverted), as well as anything related to the TG craze. She has been on a grand marshal parade of the NYC gay pride parade. As she said in a recent interview, she likes boys, like the vast majority of us Type VIs (or were at one point). She is not gay, or transgender, and she is losing her childhood, her girlhood to this mess, a tragic shame. On a personal level, my family is somewhat similar; they support me, but call me transgender (I have stated otherwise!), and try to lure me in such a direction, calling me hypocritical for questioning if "Thomas" Beattie is male, given his pregnancies, and the male of non-seahorse species simply put, DO NOT GET PREGNANT!


Jessica said...

(continued from earlier)

The closest aspect I have seen to getting these types of parents to possibly change their minds is mentioning: "Do you want men, with clothes and/or being female fetishes in the same restroom as you?" The answer, clearly, is a no.
No sensible woman would!

Last, but certainly not least, is fellow young ones like myself. I find myself at odds with many my own age because they identify as such nonsense as "trans*" and "transgender." It is not because they are not truly transsexual, of that I am sure, otherwise I would find it difficult to be able to use their names, to be totally honest. But with that said, what is causing this? Innocence of youth? Placing too much stock into what some people say on support sites (because as wrong as their terminology is, they can in fact save your life), that you must identify as transgender, and that this is the common term to be used? It must stop. It broke my heart when I saw this 12 year old girl make a post on one forum stating she was not transgender, but transsexual at one point last year, but after corresponding with enough 60 year old "women" (who don't want SRS, yet know everything about being female), for about a year, has changed her self-terminology. Given the nature of this descriptor, I think you can likely guess the origin of such fine bullshittery.

Furthermore, discussing matters with others my age goes into their beliefs of supporting, well, what else? The TG cause! These are serious transsexuals; all are under 22, and SRS in the near future, with specific dates. Interestingly, one who identified as "genderqueer" (whatever that is), thought it would be safe to label me first as "non-heterosexual" before I corrected him (I like guys, thank you, and, in addition to warmth, caring, and relation, I simply want the basic female need of my special space to be filled with him, after SRS) and then after he corrected, assumed I was, what else, transgender. I did not want to be rude, so I stayed quiet, unfortunately. Male power and assumptions never cease to amaze, do they?

They all wanted the university to cover bathroom rights, which I took issue with, for obvious reasons, thinking back to the Francis incident and what dangerous precedent it would cause. I did agree with them on coverage of SRS, simply because student coverage of this prohibits the 60 year old linebackers of just discovered "women" from receiving the coverage. In addition, should a non-TS get the surgery? I feel bad, but tough shit, you weren't a woman, after all.

This is a very scary time to deal with this psychosexual inversion; doctors assume you are transgender when you state your intentions of getting a vagina, listing "transgender lifestyle" on your medical records, and just hoping doctors can know the correct terminology, and if not, that they will remember it for if not the future, you individually. It is enough to make me fear, as it should any other Type VI, that this will deny me the chance to have a normal womanhood, after SRS. What to do? I am honestly scared, that these men are taking over our lives, our future. Eternal damnation as "transgender" is simply never a possibility. I will end myself before that happens.


Anonymous said...

Interesting perspective here:

Anonymous said...

"From the mouth of babes..."

Thank You Jessica, for your honest and refreshingly sincere perpective.

Anonymous said...

Reading these posts from Jessica has brought tears to my eyes. My heart goes out to her and all the young TS girls whom this TG nonsense affects. Five years ago there were a significant number of blogs that spoke out against the dominance of any discussion about sex change matters. Today I know of only two such blogs. One by one they have either been silenced by threats of "outing the blog owners and writers. (I have experienced such threats) or the writers have become so wearied by the vitriol emanating from TG trolls that they close their blogs and move on with their lives which I have done save commenting here on my good friend and sister Liz's blog.

Let me be clear, there is no such thing as sex change as such. There is however such a thing as "sex correction" or "confirmation" if you like. "Psychosexual inversion" as experienced by Benjamin type VI cannot and should not be treated using the same clinical treatments and regimen as that used for those individuals who experience later onset dysphoria. By clear definition of terms the two are quite different.In order that I make myself clear here Psychosexual inversion is the self identification and sexuality of one sex while displaying the physical sex characteristics or markers of another. Indeed there may also be accompanying secondary sex markers that match the psychological inverted sex and sexuality.

Dysphoria by definition is a dissatisfaction with the individual's physical sex. Clearly quite separate conditions or syndromes.

Transgender doctrines and and the purpose of transgender controlled organisations have sought and successfully managed to control the language used around both conditions or syndromes. II agree with Liz, much of the fight for the independance of transsexual from transgender would dissolve away if medical professionals themselves understood the etiology of both syndromes but they don't. The reason is quite clear in my view. For one thing they don't want to and for another Psychosexual inversion is so rare a general practitioner may only ever see one case in their lifetime. They will however see multiple cases of Gender Dysphoria.


Anonymous said...

One size solutions never fit all. Not informing parents can lead to problems, but informing some parents can lead to much worse problems. Some parents are ignorant, hateful and brutal. Some believe they can beat it out of you. I knew a young mtf who came out to her father as a teen. He nearly beat her to death and when she got out of the hospital promised to finish the job if he ever saw here again.

- an old aunty

Kathryn Dumke said...

There is an abundance of therapists who have bought into the TG industry approach to a happier life. Apart from economic motives it is inexplicable.

There are few who are very aware of the distinction. They need to be treasured and referred to.

Anonymous said...

They are trying that on the Intersex/DSD people as well. The TG mafia along with the TG industry is trying to push and shove their SRS onto Intersex/DSD people. They try to tell Intersex/DSD people that they are like them and they try to say that their part of them, whether they like it or not. It just shows classic male entitlement on the TG mafia.

Even people like Zoe Allen Brain, tries to push SRS onto Intersex/DSD people. On top of her pushing the Intersex brain theory and her so called claims that Intersex/DSD is a subset. Which pisses of alot of Intersex/DSD people.

It's why vast majority of Intersex/DSD people including myself don't like being labeled or classed with Trans. It's because look at the kinds of people in the TEEGEE community, the ones like Colleen Francis, Zoe Allen Brain, Mr. "Cristan" Williams and many others who try to pretend to be intersex/DSD in order to justify and legitimize their transsexuality.

It's why Intersex/DSD people like the more smarter sane trans, try to stay well away from the TEEGEE mafia and the delusional ones such as Colleen Francis, Zoe Allen Brain and Mr. "Cristan" Williams. They are too controlling and don't like anyone who is critical of them.

Just Jennifer said...

I spent a many a summer vacation traveling with my parents to Daytona Beach, along with other stops up and down the Florida coast. I remember when it was a relatively sleepy little place...quite different from today. There was a motel we stayed at each year, now long gone and replaced by some huge place. Never went to the races though.

Just Jennifer said...

An excellent article that makes some very good points.

Anonymous said...

This story may interest you. Another Trans trying to take advantage at women's sports by pretending to be one.

Elizabeth said...

Fallon had SRS in 2006 and by standards set b the International Olympic Committee she is more than two years post-op and could fight in the Olympics. She i legally allowed to play golf in USGA events.

She is legally and physically female so unless the MMA says otherwise I cannot see why she cannot fight. If she has continued on her hormone regimen she should have sufficient body mass loss.

She looks big but so don't all the women now fighting in the MMA.

Anonymous said...

Fallon Lies! He is XY and still male, will always be one; changing your physical appearance (gender) doesn't change your (i.e. HRT or SRS) sex.

Elizabeth said...


You may officially go back to your Radfem pals and have them loan you an extra large dildo so you can shove it up your butt. If she had not been outed you never would have known.

Now do everyone a favor and go play in rush hour traffic blindfolded.

Anonymous said...

I see we have one of "Those" here, they are just as bad as the Tee-Gees.
Why is it all the homosexuals who stop by here are so hate filled.


Elizabeth said...


I have rarely found homosexuals to be hate filled at all. Admittedly there are some that are but that is typical of all people.

Anonymous said...

March 7 anonymous may be TV. Some TVs are as obnoxiously essentialist as any radfem. It justifies keeping their maleness whilst focusing on their appearance fetish.

- an old aunty

Anonymous said...


I have found the ones who are in the so called community to be more likely to be hateful. The homosexuals who are living and working in the mainstream society tend to be less like to be hateful and judgmental of others. I lived in a mixed neighborhood, (mixed gay and straight)
2 of my neighbors are screeching angry obnoxious homos who will go out of their way to harass the straight people. More often it is to harass the females in the neighborhood. Then there are four gay men who live next door who are very pleasant, and respectful of others. My experience over the last 30 or so years has been as much negative as positive, but I have found that if they are Kool-Aid drinking community members you can bet your bottom dollar they are going to be obnoxious, just like the Tee-Gees.

Anonymous said...

You may want to see this. You have Trans jumping the Bandwagon and trying to think Intersex conditions are in the TS brain. It's such a Joke.

Here's the Youtube Video

Anonymous said...

Science has repeatedly shown transsexuals have brains with specific intermediate sexually dimorphic structure - a form of intersex brain structure. The intersex nature of the structure characteristics is true before they start external hormones. The science couldn't care less whether you want deny it, anonymous March 14.

- an old aunty