Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Robert/Michelle Kosilek the wife Murderer granted sex change.

Robert Kosilek was convicted of murdering his wife in the early 90's in Massachusetts. He was convicted of deliberate and premeditated murder of his wife with extreme atrocity or cruelty by a jury of his peers. In other words if the State of Massachusetts had Capital Punishment he would have been most likely received a sentence of Death.

He garroted his wife with a piece of wire and ripped her cloths off,  He then stuffed her body in the trunk of her car and drove to a Mall lot and left it there. The next day he called police and claimed his wife was missing. Mr. Kosilek was a transvestite and the murder was part of his scheme to start living full-time as a woman. He wanted access to their joint bank account so he buy cloths and makeup and a day or so after her grizzly murder he withdrew a lot of money and went on a spree buying women's cloths, jewelry and makeup. When police came to arrest him he was dressed as a woman.

At his trial he dressed as a woman and it took the jury less than 3 1/2 hours to find him guilty of first degree murder and he was sentenced to life without parole. Basically only a serial killer gets that stiff a sentence in liberal Massachusetts so the circumstances were egregious.

Mr. Kosilek started claiming he was transsexual and a woman trapped in a man's body from early on and managed to con a Psychiatrist into believing him while in jail and thus was diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder along with the fact he was a sociopath with no remorse over killing his wife because he saw it as a means to his desired cross-dressing fantasy.

He began suing the State for hormone treatments and the Liberal Massachusetts District Court agreed and he actually received hormones and I believe electrolysis at State expense. He began demanding a sex change and today a Chief US District Judge ordered the State of Massachusetts to provide said operation.

Mr. Kosilek currently resides in the general population of  an all male prison where rumor has it he is a very popular bunk mate and never has to worry about being physically constipated or anally retentive.  Basically this piece of shit murdered his wife to cross-dress and then memorized his narrative and conned the State of Massachusetts.  The minute he learned of the use of the term Transgender he immediately described himself as transgender.

Mr. Kosilek is rather hideous looking so maybe he should up the ante and demand Full Facial feminization. Come on lets think big Mr. Kosilek. If you can kill your wife and get the state to fulfill your fantasy maybe you can convince them to leave you in the all male prison so you can be the general populations most popular "gurl". The claim is he actually tried self castration with a shoe string while in jail and the requisite suicide. Ironically, wink, wink, neither attempt was successful which is kind of ironic because nobody really gives a shit if you off yourself or mutilate yourself at that prison.  How convenient.

Lost in all of this hoopla is the 36 year old woman called Cheryl that he murdered.  By all accounts she was a beautiful woman but I am betting the wife was a hindrance to his cross-dressing.  One must remember it is not "fair" to prevent a linebacker en femme to attend a Phillies game  because it is his unalienable right to make a spectacle of himself. I guess it is Mr. Losilek's unalienable right to murder a woman and then force the State to make him a woman.  How convenient.

My suggestion would be take the money they are spending on this despicable asshole and give it to some person in the State of Massachusetts that actually needs SRS regardless of who they are. Have a drawing or talk to doctors but help a deserving person.

I am going to very interested in how the Commonwealth of Massachusetts responds to this.  They should appeal but then Massachusetts is incredibly liberal.

I have to add that I am not opposed to helping inmates in for less serious crimes begin the process or continue the process because many of us end up in illicit situations in order to make a living even today. I am not in favor of providing sex changes for inmates unless the state provides them for everyone that requires one that is not in jail.

This is a case where the punishment fit the crime and then the criminal made the State fit his fantasy. I have always been ambivalent about the death penalty because too often the minorities are executed and the others can afford a defense that at least takes them off death row and besides life in prison is really cruel punishment and it is deserved and is not cruel and unusual punishment unless of course you are Mr.  Kosilek and murdered your wife.

The murder of his wife seems to have been lost in the noise and sometimes the victim deserves justice and true justice would be denial of said operation.


Van Buren said...

I suppose he'll be transferred to a female facility post-op.

I wonder if that is the motivation behind his scheme here? get away from all the guys who've been "loving" him?

With a little luck the women won't show him the leniency of just molesting him. I hope he's thought long and hard about what he's doing.

Anonymous said...


Actually if this dispicable piece of indescribable feces is granted his wish, he will soon become the ultimate 'bull dyke transbian'.

BTW did that murdering rapist, Richard Ramirez, ever get his wish in California?

IMHO our uberliberal progressives have truly lost their collective minds and sadly, at tax payer, (your?) expense.

Anonymous said...

Cranky elfchick here.

I'm really struggling with this one, and probably should confess at the outset that I'm not an American citizen and so I don't really want to arrogate unto myself any claim of understanding American law, seeing as how I am an ordinary tax-paying and hard-working woman in a 'Nordic democracy' where we consider murderers to be mentally-ill.

However, I do perceive a horrid example of the 'slippery slope' argument here. If the Standards of Care were to be duly followed, and if the medical-insurance provision extended unto the prisoners does indeed cover surgery, then it's hard to see how surgery, of some sort, could be properly denied.

I do bear in mind that, this being a case occurring within a cost-driven prison system and all, that 'surgery' is likely to be as (ahem!) 'bare-bones' as possible. Nick some skin, or at most do a Sandeen manoeuvre (that's the proper medical term, right?), then toss such recipients into the handiest solitary cell and forget they ever existed.

Let's hope that this story fades away, because it's downright wrong to be playing-up the name of any convicted murderer, when really what we should be remembering and holding close to our hearts is their victim(s).

Am doing my darndest here to skate around the pronoun issue, because this whole affair makes me cranky beyond coherent words.

Yours, etc.

an elfchick

Anonymous said...

The California case was Masbruch, not Ramirez...the population of the women's facility gave him a pretty good beat-down when the agency tried to allow him out of seg into the general population.

As to Kosilek, karmic justice would be for no surgeon to agree to perform the surgery. Then the State could say, 'hey, we tried to set the surgery up, but nobody skilled in that niche area wanted to touch a murderer.' Sadly, one of the East Coast media-whore types will 'volunteer' to travel to Massachusetts to do some publicity work...

The Court was silent on where the agency has to house Kosilek, basically saying that issue was not ripe for consideration and as such, they would not address the issue at this time.

I do hope that the State appeals this to the Circuit Court though...where there was not a history of treatment prior to the incarceration and where the claim of being trans did not come about until after the offense, I just do not believe that 8th Amendment implications exist. Nonetheless, I am sure some of the bleeding heart sites will come to his defense...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they should just let the other inmates perform the surgery and save the taxpayer's money. God I hope my surgeon doesn't do it.

Anonymous said...

Actually, they should let him go through with the surgery. They're going to shoot him up with estrogen and chop off his dick, and considering that he is NOT A TRANSSEXUAL, that will instantly condemn him to being a physical and psychological wreck.

Of course, we can't have him detransitioning like Renee Richards was able to do, can we?

Fionnuala said...

I'm skating around the pronoun issue in the same way that NYF does when talking about Autumn Sandeen.

I don't know how I feel about this one. Is the fault, if there is fault to be had, with the court system which awarded Kosilek surgery? Or is the fault with Kosilek's therapists? If the fault is with the therapists, meaning they made a mistake, now this puts us in a position of giving the Court the ability to override the decisions of therapists, which has wider ramifications for people born transsexual.

If, on the other hand, the fault is with the Court system, meaning the therapists were correct, well, if one believes that transsexuality is a medical condition, then it shouldn't matter what this jerk did to get into the jail.

I also hope this whole thing just goes away somehow, that Kosilek gets killed by one of Kosilek's bunkmates or something.

Anonymous said...

I really don't think anybody in prison deserves to have my tax money spent to preform SRS on them.

This is a waste of tax payers money and a waste of a resources.

Let him rot for all I care.

Kathryn Dumke said...

Isn't the issue differential treatment. So what if the crime was grand theft or drug trafficking, prostitution maybe.

In a Canadian Kavanaugh v. Canada, a second degree murder case the accused woman was two years into hormone treatment when the conviction occurred. The Court affirmed the decision of the Human Rights Commission to force the government to formulate policies and procedures for transsexual inmates including surgery where it was appropriate.

The previous policy was simply no surgery and placement in the birth sex general prison population.

Stephanie said...

If they deny him a sex change after the psychiatrists say he "needs"(?) one, they will have set precedence to deny all kinds of health services that inmates have while being incarcerated. They could deny ANYTHING that THEY deemed to costly or unnecessary to perform. That would be "cruel and unusual" punishment.

If they allow it though, I foresee other transsexuals going to jail just to receive their goal of having surgery. It happens all the time with the homeless and destitute committing small crimes so they can get off the streets and eat for awhile.

I wouldn't like it that inmates could get SRS and I can't, but then I advocate the government paying for surgery. I'd rather have a happy, content, and productive person in the work force as having to pay for medicaid, food stamps, and other related costs that occur when someone can't get a job due to depression because they can't afford their SRS.

Anonymous said...

That POS doesn't deserve one cent for his SRS on taxpayers dime. He can ROT in prison for the rest of his life. If he hangs himself because he doesn't get SRS, so be it. One less inmate to pay to keep his POS alive.

I know some LGBT groups are quick to defend him and forgetting about what he did to the victim. Some LGBT groups are lashing out at anyone who is against him and not seeing the victims of his crimes.

Anonymous said...

He denied a woman her right to life.
So you think he should be rewarded for that?

By the way I was the one who said to let him rot above your post and I stand by it.
He doesn't deserve anything more than a jail cell and a meal or 2 a day.

If the woman he killed had owned a gun and killed him in self defense this would be a better world.


Anonymous said...

Before I say more my emotional head says this man should rot in jail along with his dick for the rest of his life. He is a particularly nasty and viscous man who killed his wife in a way the judge at his conviction trial made comment that the way he killed her was heinous in it's execution. Kathryn Dumke may confirm that Judges don't make these comments lightly. So let the mongrel rot.

Having said this in law as I understand it, when the state deprives a citizen of their liberty for whatever reason they take on the full responsibility for their welfare and there are international laws covering the rights of human beings under those circumstances that USA have signed up too along with other western nations. That is what this Judge has used to deliberate what should happen to this piece of human waste.

Doesn't mean the state can't send him to the local butcher for his "treatment" though.


Van Buren said...

I love to watch these threads! they NEVER cease to totally amaze me.

This person BRUTALLY garrotted a woman, tore her clothes off, and stuffed back of a car and then discarded her like yesterday’s trash.

That sounds like the kind of thing every one of my (natal born) girlfriends (or any other female I've ever met for that matter) could/would do in a heartbeat.

I'm NOT saying females are perfect or incapable, but honestly, think about it, does something this vicious sound like the actions of a female minded person? How about one who has suffered mental torment since (typically) 4 or 5 years old when she first became self-aware, to the point where she has largely secluded herself from society and the world?

This person is NOT a female mind in a male body.

This person is NOT transsexual (at least as I personally have experienced it)

And so this person does NOT NEED SRS.

SRS is a treatment for Transsexuals, NOT (male minded) Transvestites!

And yet here the "old guys" are, defending his right to have it and have it paid for by the government because god forbid a precedent might be set whereby they themselves might have their legitimacy questioned, or have to do what it takes to pay for the operation out of their own damn pocket like every other underqualified/unemployed early transitioner has too.

FFS! Look at how Stephanie up here talks about this lovely “woman” (emphasis mine):

If they deny him a sex change after the psychiatrists say he "needs"(?)-Steph

So it doesn’t matter if it’s the proper treatment for this person or not (regardless of the psychiatrist’s incompetence),who even Steph obviously considers to be a man, it doesn’t matter whether it’s an ethical thing to do, it doesn’t matter that justice for the victim is COMPLETELY forgotten about here, all that matters is how it will effect trannies everywhere and more importantly, from the commenters perspective; how it will effect ME.

And I guess the same motivation could mostly be taken from Dumke’s comment.

Friggin’ men!….. The centre of their own universe!

When I was in kindergarten (5y/o), a boy ran up to me on the playground and told me he and the other boys were running around looking up the girls dresses, that it was fun, and that I should join in.

I was pissed at this boy, I wanted to hurt him for doing that to the other girls. That was the moment before I realised the implication of what he’d said (that he thought I was a boy).

It is mostly instinct for women to defend their own kind NOT brutally murder them.

Let him rot I say, even if he were female, he’s got no (true) use for vagina where he is.

Rant over.

Van Buren said...

Get someone who is not just qualified but also COMPETENT to diagnose this person correctly (not that I think that is truly possible now-a-days) and the issue should resolve itself.

Miz Know-It-All said...

Much as I hate to say it...

Having read all 129 pages of the decision. Given the way MASS. DOC botched their handling of this case, the judge found correctly! The DOC had many many opportunities over more than a decade to offer up alternatives to SRS or to bolster their security arguments. Instead they went on the record quite stupidly, time and again as opposing the very doctors they hired to evaluate Kosliek strictly on the grounds of there being a public backlash to any treatment and the risk it posed to them as appointed officials

It would have been quite easy for them to approve a more radical version of "Sandinazation" as the dirt cheap Thai and Indian Surgeons do given that Kosliek will never have need of a vagianal barrel, as well as the maintenance of which could be construed as a security risk and an unnecessary burden upon the DOC.

Do I find this person to be repugnant?
Of course!
Am I outraged at this?
Of course!
Am I incensed that this person by his actions has become the poster-child of transsexual?
But was the court wrong?
Sadly... no...