Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Positive Happening. Thank You Dr. Olsen.

Dr. Olsen of Children's Hospital Los Angeles is one of the leading Medical professionals in the United States that treats transsexual children and transgender children.  There is a difference.

In a show on NBC Dateline she appears with Josie Morales a transsexual child that she has begun treatment on. In what amounts to a major breakthrough, from my point of view, Dr. Olsen started Josie on "blockers" at around and has informed her that she will begin to receive estrogen at 13 so she can experience a girl puberty.

Like most intensely transsexual children Josie wants "it" now and it includes SRS as soon as possible, estrogen, blockers, etc.. Dr. Olsen is to be commended for her courage because unlike Dr. Spack in Boston she realizes how important a girl puberty will be to Josie.

Dr. Olsen treats all of these children with the kind of compassion and understanding solely lacking in most of the Medical Profession. Whether the child is transsexual, transgender or even questioning children should be helped by those that care about their welfare and not by clowns that treat them with a cookie cutter and are so blind they cannot see the obvious differences.

I started hormones just short of 14 but blockers early on would have also been nice but that was the dark ages back in the late 50's. Starting her puberty at 13 will be important for Josie.  Those hormones probably saved my life and hopefully Josie can have her SRS around 16 or so but that is currently not of high probability anywhere including the US.

Now if Dr. Marci Bowers would actually live up to her credo and compassion and help these kids early we might finally have given these kids that chance at a normal life as girls and women. We kids that were early knew what we wanted and fought for it and having to "wait" because of the "medical" cowardice of too many surgeons and doctors.

Let us hope that Dr. Olsen is the first of many to help. I watched the videos and she understood and that is the first time I have heard a Doctor since harry actually make me believe they understood.  No wishy-washy bullshit about an 11 or 12 year old not knowing or having the understanding or knowledge to truly realize what was best for them.

Sometimes I honestly think there just might hope for the kids. Thank you Dr. Olsen because I am quite sure this is not the first child like Josie you have helped. Bravo!!!

The videos are available at http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3032600/  under latest clips.


Rochelle said...

Elizabeth, thanks for letting us know about this positive development. We need to reach out to doctors, care providers and parents to enroll them to not harm transsexual children by allowing transvestite and gender bender cookie cutter model propaganda to shape their narrative

Anonymous said...

Liz it's so nice to hear some really good positive news on this subject. Thank you for reporting it. It surely made my day.


Anonymous said...

This is indeed excellent to hear. Unfortunately, I can almost hear Sandeen whining in the background, but whatever. He certainly is not above that of a good doctor, as much as he will claim otherwise.

This really gives me hope, honestly. Now I can use this as an example for my own pediatrician as reference, who gives me 'gender variant/transgender' labels. It is utterly disgusting, and I feel extremely uncomfortable to be labeled with such. Why she does so, as a medical provider, with no need to provide such biases to the transvestites is beyond me.

Because of this, I can feel that much more at ease with a possible way to steer her away from this, and into the correct science that the two are seperate, and NOT this same. They never were, never have been, as much as the Borg pushes such a stance.

Maybe I can get my mother to understand the difference between the TV/TG and the TS/Type VI transsexual, with this; she's been somehow lured in by the Borg, despite my frequent messages to prove this similarity incorrect.

Elizabeth, I'm one to say thanks too much, but, truly thank you. This could make my life that much easier, and change the future, at least a small bit.


PS: Your bit really touched me about doctors holding me back, I hate that feeling, when I did what I could, but I got lies and foolishness from all those around me. I can never truly forgive it, and it remains with me now, likely forever.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful to see the children get the help they really need.
Thank you for sharing this.


Reaity Check said...

When I first starting blogging, just a couple of years ago, one of my earliest observations was that very little had changed for the better.

In fact with the explosion of mis-information promulgated by the TG Borg, IMHO things had actually gotten worse.

Having watched this video, I stand corrected. Herein lies hope.

Dr. Olsen needs to hear from all of us reaffirming what she already knows to be an obvious truth.

Thank You Elizabeth and THANK YOU Dr. Olsen.