Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nasty Times!!!

One of the first things a woman learns when making her way through the corporate world over 40 plus years is simple. Men are correct and women are incorrect unless the idea put forth by the woman is good enough to steal and then they steal it and make the claim it was their idea. If the woman says anything she is buried or let go. Now this can also happen with men but it is easier to manipulate women than their fellow men.

This does not happen everywhere but in general men are predators and their predatory nature is apparent in the way they treat women and anyone they see as inferior or easy to intimidate. Almost all serial killers are men. Men rape women. Women rarely rape men. Almost all pedophiles are men. Men commit most of the violent crimes. If a woman is being beaten and abused by a husband or boyfriend and fights back and kills him how often is her defense accepted as legitimate? Not as often as it should be in all too many cases.

Even when men are caught in an act of violence against a woman they will often make the woman the problem.  How many rape victims have been told it was their fault because they dressed a certain way or really said yes when they meant no. I was the victim of rape at 14 and even though I remember little of it the one memory I have is how helpless I felt. Certain types of men like that feeling of power over women.

Thankfully most men are NOT like this. There is another kind of man that exists and they are in many ways similar to some of the fools mentioned above but they take it one step further. They are the transvestites and crossdressers that make up a very large part of the transgender movement. One can follow a large number of them on T-Central aka Transvestite-Central. Read the blogs, look at the pictures, and follow their lives. They whine about the wife not understanding them. They are heterosexual men, mostly, yet they know everything there is to know about being a female or a women.  They slowly morph from transvestite to transgender and they need their rights as "trans" women.

The simple fact that physically they are not women and will in general never be accepted as women is lost on them. They talk about transfeminism despite the fact many of them were misogynistic men. They do not and never will understand that their attempts at femulation are in general gross caricatures of the female form but they demand to be accepted as women and demand we accept them as women and demand we use female pronouns when they are en femme.

They are a therapist's and a Psychiatrist's wet dream and they are more than likely their own wet dream. They are the cash cows of the gender business because they are fetish transvestites. They force the wife into therapy with them not realizing it is essentially blackmail since many of the wives are mothers and the protection of their children comes first. They will cry and complain because the wife does not understand them and why should she?

They evolve into the "trans" community and soon they need to transition.  It might be in their early 60's like one certain Condo owner who is suddenly on hormones and knows all there is to know about being female, a woman, and of course all things transgender. If these fools decide to transition at work they demand the right to keep their job based on a set of laws they want to pass that protects their jobs and positions they earned as men and not as women. If they were asked to earn the same 77 cents on the dollar women earn because they are in "theory" presenting as women they would scream prejudice despite the fact they more than likely stepped on and over multiple women to get where they are.

They see nothing inherently odd about staying at the old job because despite the dress they are still men at heart. They demand to be accepted and of course all the women just love them and accept them as their new BFF "girlfriend". Saturday Night Live puts on a parody based on just this scenario that is spot on and riotously funny and they are offended and outraged because it strikes home and deep down they know it is true because the simple truth about humor is if you cannot laugh about it when the joke is on you then they understand it is the truth and that is truly how stupid they really look.

They are outraged because they might be denied access to the Ladies Room or god forbid not be allowed to change with their "fellow" girls in the ladies public changing area because despite the penis they are women because they say they are. Since they are in reality heterosexual men they are of course now lesbians with a penis and must be accepted as such. You can tell how truly out of touch with reality they are when they back a notorious she-male porn star from Canada that thinks he has the right to be a lesbian have sex with other lesbians just because he and they claim they are lesbian feminists despite the penis.

These transfools come up with unique names for their pricks.  One calls it a 7 inch "neoclit" and claims all the straight men she dates love her 7 inch "neoclit".  I would try to explain to her that if they like the prick they are not straight but this delusion escapes them. We would attempt to call them tranny chasers but "tranny" is now a pejorative and "transsexual" will be a pejorative if they have their way.

They are men and all too many are physically strong like most men and of course put down all of us that are worried about any man with a penis infringing on female only areas.  They cannot understand that most women are comfortable with other women but mistrust men when it comes to our private areas. Yes some of it is fear of attack and the simple truth is if one single attack comes as a result of these insane laws then it is one attack too many.  They do not see that as a problem because they are men and want what they want.

Bathrooms may or may not take care of themselves for those not post SRS but if you pass it is not an issue.  If passing is an issue it is not my problem it is your problem so fix it but do not expect me to grin and bear it when some 6-4 inch 250 pound bruiser walks into the Ladies Room in his 5 inch spikes and mini-skirt up to his ass. Being your typical males they think any problem they have is instantly a problem women should address.

Look at these transfools. They want job protection but before they decided to be Nadine did any of them fight for the women that have walked this path their entire lives and been paid far less than them? I defy anyone to show me one of them that has fought for women BEFORE they decided to transition.  They want all the "special" rights they had as men and now they expect us to give them new "special" rights as "transwomen". Having the same rights as a woman because in theory they claim they are women is not enough for them. They need special human rights because as any woman knows men want what they want and will step on and over women to get what they want.

The real irony in all of this is that only those of us that simply went off and lived and worked and thrived as women without telling the world about our past are truly the only ones that understand what it truly means to be female and a girl and then a woman. Some of us did it early like me.  Some of us did it a little later and some have done it quite late in life but we all had. I know people in their teens, 20's. 30's, 40's, and 50's that have simply done it and started a new life as a woman with the excuses these transfools want.  It was not easy for me and it was not easy for them on a daily basis but the decision to just be what they truly should have been trumped the need to lean on having been born transsexual.

This is something the transgendered will never understand.  They cannot see the insanity in what they have brought on many others because they are men. They cannot see the insanity in changing a law such that someone can change the M on the birth certificate to an F while maintaining a useful penis. In essence it is men redefining what a female is just so their fantasy lives on. They cannot understand how insulting this is to women because they look at it from a male perspective. It is an insidious form of misogyny but they will never see it as such because in their world gender, cloths, and a functioning penis are important and women's rights are trumped by their needs.

Now all of the above is just my personal opinion which allows me to vent a little about the insanity I witness daily. I certainly wish no harm on anyone and that includes those whose opinions I disagree with.  One of the great things about democracy is freedom of speech and that goes for those I disagree with.  It is up to others to determine whose opinion they favor and whose opinion they disagree with.

In general I allow every comment through as long as the content is not overtly obscene or too derogatory in nature. I prefer to deal with facts and the truth as I see it which may or may not be as accurate as I wish sometimes.  I would like comments to be relevant to the subject of the post but certain commenters like June Hingle and BlackSwan prefer to divert the commentary. Things have gotten really nasty with BlackSwan lately which is unfortunate but then that is who and what BlackSwan is.

BlackSwan threatened someone I know casually in a comment she made on my previous post.  It was a particularly nasty thing that she said as she basically implied that CassandraSpeaks knew to keep her mouth shut and not contradict or confront BlackSwan on anything she comments on because she, BlackSwan, knows who CassandraSpeaks is, who her husband is and where she lives. I believe this to be true because I believe the two of them have met once. I must wonder how any other people that have met this predatory asshole must think.  Are they afraid to speak up? Is this not extortion and an attempt to prevent a dialog even if it is contentious?

The Transgender Borg followers like BlackSwan believe they have the right to either shout down or intimidate dissenters into being quiet or even to stop involvement because they believe they are the only ones that have a right to their opinions. BlackSwan made that quite clear in her comment on my previous blog post and others have managed to intimidate several blogs into shutting down.

I admit to a personal weakness.  If someone attempts to hurt me or a friend, I will hurt them back worse if I can. It is an unfortunate result of being of Welsh, Irish, and Scotch heritage. We have a tendency to get even and not forget past transgressions although I am much better at letting go of past transgressions.

Later on in the comment mentioned above BlackSwan threatened me in a similar manner and in her own way inferred I should shut-up or she, BlackSwan, would let everyone know who I am because she was some kind of an investigator in a former life and can find anyone.  I do not have to do a single thing to know who BlackSwan is. I already know and be warned BlackSwan if you harm anyone that I know or attempt to intimidate anyone and I mean anyone I will bury you. If anyone clicks on your supermodel name or your Dominatrix moniker the first link in Google will be a full detailing of who you are.

How many of your friends would ever trust you if they knew you would use the knowledge of who they are to intimidate them? How could anyone in good conscience associate with you? How could they ever let you near anyone that wants to go stealth or to lead a quiet life? They could not.

The problem you have attempting to intimidate me is I really have nothing to lose. I'll be 67 late this year and I am a widow and none of my friends read blogs nor do they perform internet searches about me. I live a quiet life that you cannot hurt which takes any of your perceived power over me and makes it worthless.

Now you just do what you think you have to do but there are consequences for predatory assholes like you. There is a axiom in literary circles that fits an asshole like you and several other assholes lurking around the internet. Godwin's Law basically says the first person to use Nazi in an argument loses the debate. It holds true for other  words such as racist, christo-nazi, homophobic, and now transphobic because all are clear signs the individual(s) using them in the debate are losing the debate and when commenting on a blog one is involved in a debate in many cases.

I really think you should out me and as I told you I will post your comment with any name you find and will simply say yes or no if it is me. One other thing BlackSwan. If one of your other friends or for that matter anyone outs me or any friend I will bury you.

You are welcome to comment but you are on "Double secret probation". Keep to the topic or just stay away.


Anonymous said...

I saw those threats.
I would have just called that peace of crap on it and posted everything I know.

Nothing worse than a delusional transvestite pretending to be a women pretending to be a dominatrix.

Even a transvestite sissy who thinks he is A new media journalist isn't as low as the above.


Anonymous said...

It is sad that those who have the most to offer in terms of lived experience, are silenced by such threats of real world outing.

IMO, those who make threats are the lowest of the low and dispicable beyond all human comprehension.

In my mind such an individual is psychologically damaged to the point where the favts or simple truth are rejected and attacked by any means available to them.

Those individuals, like you or Cassandraspeaks or others who have actually succeeded in trans-forming their bodies by actually changing their sex and hence their lives, represent an undenialble truth.

Liz. What you and other successfully integrated women represent is that reality which they failed to attain. That is why you, and those like you, are so hated. You represent the ultimate reality which proves the falsehood of all their convoluted rantings and ravings.

It all comes down to a simple reality: are they, or are they not simply women. It is the truthful answer to that question which so wounds them, day after day, year after year.


Deena said...

From my experience on blogs conflicts usually degenerate into opponents trashing each other.

Anonymous said...

I have encountered bullies all my life. Mostly they are people who are or were themselves victims of either bullying or some version of abuse, physical or psychological. The abused continue the cycle by either abusing thier children or abusing others they think are weaker than them. Fighting back, meeting force with greater force does not end that cycle it simply glorifies it.
For a few years I was guilty of abusing myself not others. I did that because I simply hated myself. That is the problem here with Black Swan. The self hate is being turned on others. That mentality is very prevelant among the TG we all encounter around the internet blogs.
What does it say about someone who having been shown nothing but kindness and compassion then turns on you to threaten your whole life? Someone who used the kindness and compassion shown to put themselves in a position to make those threats. All done with malice aforethought. I actually pity such a person. Karma will deal with them always has and always will, I don't need to do a thing and wouldn't anyway.

You are spot on with your assesment CI


Anonymous said...

Such a sad and wasted experience.

Anonymous said...

@C.I. what is more profoundly true is the autosuggestion which is your intent to "wound[s] them." You have turned your hubris into gloating about it.

@Elizabeth, Does Goodwin's Law apply to your Reductio ad Assholium? Thus the mirror image of the asshole is you!?

Ha ha!

Quite Edifying

Anonymous said...


Fighting back is the only way to deal with a bully. Make it be known that if they continue they have much to loose. A certain bully who until recently posted here is very much exposed and open for outing due to the mass of public information linked to one website.

Hurt the bully and HE will leave you alone.


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous, (QE): Comes now the admission of abject defeat. The facts stand as does the simple reality of a simple question.
"Are you truly a woman, or are you not?"

Your ad hominems speak loudly to your answer to that question. I gloat not. I just find the weakness of your NON-arguement to be more than obvious, and actually a clear affirmation of the main point of this post, that men will to anything to get their way at the expense of women.


Elizabeth said...


All comments that in ant way attempt to out anyone on this blog will not be posted.

Anonymous said...

In a related story