Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You are Not a Female Sandeen!!

In Autumn's latest post on Pam's House Blend Autumn has resurrected her martyrdom scenario.  Poor Autumn was cyber-stalked because people disagreed with the premise that an orchiectomy made her a female or even a woman for that matter. It is rather ironic in so many ways and is completely symptomatic of the Transgender Borg game plan for the subsuming of and removal of the use of the word transsexual and the redefinition of what is male and what is female. This very small minority of men wants to change societal norms to fit their fetish. How manly of them.

It is also ironic that the only members of the human race running around claiming they are female/women are those pesky men in a dress with a penis. The vast majority of mankind understands that a human female has a vagina because that is a primary "sex" characteristic of the female.  We have an innie and males have an outie and it is for the obvious reason, they prefer to ignore, which is procreation or sex. Oops, they already know that, as does Sandeen, since Autumn was married as a man unless of course Autumn was celibate then also.

I will give Autumn credit since the orchiectomy makes Autumn less "male" but not more female nor a female. Autumn mistakes criticism and outrage over a misuse of or even gaming of a law intended to help those going through transition on the way to SRS as cyber-stalking and "transphobic". The first thing everyone needs to understand is Autumn "wanted" the criticism and negative reaction because it gave Autumn more "cred" in the "transgender forever" world of the loons Autumn perceives as Autumn's followers. One cannot be a martyr without a flock of followers. Never forget the White House incident.

To those of us that were born transsexual and had SRS and to those that are transsexual and on the way to SRS Autumn's ideas are in reality a threat and can and have caused problems. They want surgery to not be the primary objective of those born transsexual and if one searches deep enough one will find comments from Sandeen and others of Autumn's ilk that categorically state those of us that have had SRS are not "really" women or female because we were born male. This argument was put forth when they saw no avenue for their fantasy but now that California has given Autumn a gateway to the fantasy Autumn is now a female and a woman because it fits the male fantasy.  I wonder if she will ever admit she was wrong about those that had SRS.

Here is the link to A Shopping List of Trans Women's Shame

What Autumn Sandeen writes is Autumn's opinion and is not the only opinion on the subject. Autumn has a right to an opinion and a right to post an opinion and others have the right to criticize Autumn and said opinions. It is neither "transphobic" nor is it "hateful" nor is it "cyber-stalking" to disagree with Autumn's opinions and to express your opinion both verbally and in written form such as a comment or a post such as mine.

Autumn feels that an opinion from Autumn is the gospel and anyone that criticizes said opinion is evil. It is rather symptomatic of the Transgender Borg and their sycophants like BlackSwan. Autumn published the letter from the idiot that performed the orchiectomy and in Autumn's feeble reality saw nothing wrong with that.  Autumn then felt the generic response the doctor replied with, from queries from Susan of Enough Nonsense, was an outrage yet it never mentioned her but clearly states it is not Sex Change Surgery. In my personal opinion the email or letter Susan sent to the doctor was inappropriate in the use of Sandeen's name but was probably a necessity in order to get the message across that he had been duped or been caught. It should have been generic but the doctor's staff correctly responded with a generic response and it sounds like the doc was a little worried about misuse of a letter or being caught with his hand in the cookie jar since he obviously gave Sandeen the wrong letter deliberately in my opinion. Did Sandeen actually believe nobody would confront the doctor? I bet Sandeen did!

Read the post and bring along a barf bag and if you are a Sandeen follower you might want to supply the cross and nails so Sandeen can get up on the cross as Sandeen so desperately wants to. Being a martyr is a full time job as is being transgender forever.

Here is an item from the Sandeen list that I find offensive.

We publicly embrace transsexual as a term that applies to us, even if it sexualizes us to broader society, because we want to have our trans experience medicalized.

The single most important anything after our SRS that is beyond just important is our belief this is a medical condition and here in one sentence Autumn denigrates the word transsexual and our belief this is a medical condition. Transsexual is a dangerous word to the transgendered. It equates directly to what we are. We are physically the wrong sex at birth and with surgery that condition is corrected and thus it is a medical condition. I never realized the horror I lived through was a "trans experience".

Read this post by Sandeen and understand Sandeen "loves" being "trans" because it is the only worthwhile thing in Sandeen's pitiful existence. There is no love, companionship, or relationship in Sandeen's world. Sandeen is miserable and has never truly lived as a woman and can never be truly female because Sandeen has a penis, sans balls, which slightly less male but certainly not more female.

The thing one does need to understand is Sandeen has never been transsexual but Sandeen is not averse to using that term when it might benefit Sandeen. Do I hate Sandeen?  Actually I cannot even say I dislike Sandeen because I have never met Sandeen but I vehemently disagree with what Sandeen says which is significantly different but not in the minds of Sandeen and her ilk.

The irony of this situation is actually hilarious if you really think about it. Sandeen and her ilk tell us we are not female nor women and can never be because we were not born male yet demand we accept them as women and redefine female so it fits them and their penis with or without balls. Somewhere I missed the logic in this thought process.

Just to be open and clear about why some of us were upset here is the link to Sandeen's letter from the doctor. the-ginchy-letter-i-received-via-snail-mail-on-saturday/.

RE: Autumn V. Sandeen
I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States that the forgoing is true and correct:
I am the attending physician and have an established relationship with Autumn V. Sandeen. She has had appropriate surgical treatment and has completed her transition to be female.
Tuan A. Nguyen, M.D., F.A.C.S.” 8/23/2011

Sure reads like the doctor lied or sent the wrong letter. That is why there was so much outrage over this Sandeen and you are a dumbshit for posting it because you HAVE NOT had appropriate surgical treatment that completes your transition to female. That is why you were called a liar and a fraud by others.

The response from the doctor says it all.

To: Susan

Dr. Nguyen has been in surgery all week and was reviewing his emails today. In answer to your emails, he does not consider an orchiectomy to be a completed sex change. In the case of orchiectomies, the passport document that we use indicates that the patient is transitional. If you have seen a form from our office with incorrect information on it, it is more than likely because I mistakenly used the incorrect template. Obviously we try to make sure all information is correct, however mistakes do occur. If a patient sees that she or he has incorrect paperwork, we are more than willing to make corrections. I hope this answers your questions.

Russann Royce
Office Manager
Lake Oswego Plastic Surgery

So who deceived whom Sandeen and who was the liar and the fraud?? It is and was Sandeen. I bet that doctor is careful with those letters now. I wonder if Sandeen asked for a corrected document?


Pamela said...

It's about the time the medical establishment and doctors wised up tp the utter and complete BS made up be transgender activists. Transsexual is not the same as transgender. Snadeen is a fraud and an attention seeking loonatic, and was kicked out of his alpha male job in the military. His fetish is NOT a sex change. And it's high time the public is informed of this ongoing fraud. Sorry it had to come to this, but this is all Sandeen's doing. Sandeen says over and over again that transsexuals are not real women, but then he goes on to say cross dressers and TeeGees are? What a load! Sandeen is the biggest bully invented by the gay movement in order to mock as ridicule thoses trannys who get out of line. Disgusting behavior.

Anonymous said...

Sandeen is a peace of work of the first magnitude. Sandeen puts all this stuff about her castration in the public and then accuses me susan Elizabeth and others of being bullies because we are not so stupid as to drink the Tee-Gee Kool-Aid. Why doesn't Sandeen single out some of the radical lesbians who feel exactly the same way. I guess that wouldn't be politically correct in some perverse way.

I can only guess that if we all were radical lesbian feminists we could get away with calling out Sandeen on the female sex bullshit.
Well I am not a radical lesbian feminist so I guess I am one of the less privileged classes.
Martyn Luther King must be turning over in his grave right about now.

Anonymous said...

Sandeen is so trans-parent.

Hir's/Zir's(?) own words say it all...

"California considers me female, and I’m in process of changing my California birth certificate.... one of the main reasons for me having my surgery."

"And, of course, my positive feelings about my surgery and choice of surgeon vanished."

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day when all is said and done what Sandeen does in his private life is of no concern of mine and does not affect me in any way whatsoever. Put another way and succinctly, I simply don’t care. He can get that stupid Beret surgically attached so he can claim he’s a hat stand for all I care. I just wish Susan at enough nonsense had completed that which she started because in my opinion her cause was just. What Sandeen has done is a clumsy attempt to invalidate everything that people like Susan Taylor and all the other post SRS women have done and that is, become women. It is Sandeens actions in that direction that cause me to mention his name. Eunochs like Sandeen are not entitled to female pronouns in my view. Activists like Sandeen bring the transsexual condition into disrepute.

Double standards are a feature of Sandeen’s behaviour. It was Sandeen who wrote to Just Jennifer’s Church in a cold blooded and deliberate attempt to “out” her. It was Sandeen who wrote to Susan Taylor and threatened to reveal her true identity. I am sure we can find other cases if we can be bothered to go looking. Yet Sandeen has the Chutzpah to claim harassment in a case where an interested citizen suspects that a State Legislature has been lied too thus constituting a criminal act. I suppose it is harassment cyber or otherwise if you were to report seeing Sandeen robbing a bank at gunpoint would it?

If continually calling Sandeen out on his outrageous behaviour is going to shut the creature up well come on girls pile on because that would suit me just fine. One less loony to deal with would be just great. I don’t have an issue with honest opinions expressed with candour. I don’t have a problem if those opinions differ to my own. I do have a problem with people who abuse bureaucratic systems designed to assist legitimate beneficiaries of those sytems. Why? Because those systems will likely be withdrawn as a result and innocent people will suffer. Sandeen however won’t give a s**t because Sandeen has what he wants, even if not a soul with eyes and ears believes it.

The truth is that Sandeen’s true intention is to make transsexuality appear less valid than it is. In that respect Sandeen’s version is like trying to pass off a brass ring as gold. Mercifully most people recognize the real thing when they see it. What they see when they look at Sandeen is a fake and a fraud a brass hoop trying to be a gold ring.

Sandeen you are not a woman, you are a Eunuch, embrace that own it, get used to it.

Now I suppose Black Snake is going to come after me because of what I just said.


Anonymous said...

Sandeen made it all public that nullifies any protection under HIPPA.
Autumn I know you are reading this You can't have it both ways. You choose to tell all and left yourself open for what happened next. Your calling anybody who disagrees with you a cyberbully is childish and you couldn't win in court if you picked the jury yourself.
Face it dude you are male, your status as female is legal fiction.

One other point, at a support meeting you once looked my post op friend in the eye and told her she would always be male. so on top of being delusional you are a hypocrite.

Oh and for the record I submitted post 2


Anonymous said...

Then you can see why people like Gendertrender are pissed off at MR Sandeen. Here's more

Anonymous said...

And in that link you can see the damage the men in dresses like Autumn Sandeen do to us.

He, she, heshe, whatever deserves what is coming.


Black Swan said...


Not too bright are we today. Your supporting a site that wants to see the erasure of all of US!?

You don't get to have it both ways. Evolve or perish.


Anonymous said...

NYF and the rest of you,

Not so bright today are we.  Your quoting a site that wants to see the erasure of all of US!?  Both Transsexual and Transgender.

"Now that patriarchal institutions support practitioners like Dr Norman Spack and Dr Jo Olson in chemically halting the maturation of children with “puberty blockers” followed by sterilization via cross-sex hormone regimes, we are effectively witnessing the rebirth of the practice of eugenics. “Sex-role corrective” eugenics in it’s current iteration, with predominately lesbian and gay children as the primary target. (The vast majority of children diagnosed with “Gender Identity Disorder” go on to mature into healthy well-adjusted lesbians and gays if left medically “untreated”.)"

You don't get to have it both ways.  Out of most of you I hear so much hypocrisy about gender theory/study.  You can't cull arguments from a philosophy you reject then expect horizontal equity in your reasoning to be consistent. Evolve in your thinking or perish.  You don't get to cross examine another's identity publicly, with the expressed purpose of invalidating it, with impunity, which is hate speech. 

You can wrap it in as much sophistry all you want--it is still hate speech.   Autumn is equally guilty of invalidating our surgeries as "...not equivalent to female" [paraphrased].  Attack their ideas not the person.  

We now have a common enemy.  They have always been there, wanting to erase transsexuals, invalidating the medical process, but most of you folks in stealth (or if your prefer non-disclosure) were too chicken shit to support your other sisters in transition when the shit hit the fan after Janise Raymond's publications.  YOUR VOCAL SILENCE CREATED THIS.  You only have yourselves to blame for the transgender movements rise to prominence.    

Who will be your champion?


Anonymous said...

BS and QE.
We don't have a common enemy.
I don't consider myself anything but female. I have the papers and the body parts to prove. I don't walk around with a TS / HBS / Tee-Gee chip on my shoulder. My life is lived in the real world with other real females and males. I don't live or work or hang out in a GLBT ghetto.
They might be your enemies but since I don't interact with ether the extremist lesbians or the trannys they can't possibly do anything to me that would impact my life.
I have mine.

My reason for the comment I made is fools like Sandeen will take people like you Black down and remember honey the bigger they come the harder they fall.
As for QE I don't know you and if you are going to wave a Tee-Gee flag I don't want to know you.

And one more thing QE I don't believe in your political correct hate speech it's so much tranny bullshit.

You Tee-Gees brought this on yourselves keep us out of the mess you made. Why do you think so many of us have nothing to do with the transgenders in real life.


Elizabeth said...


Your logic in your sentences is repeatedly fractured. Do you have a problem with your thought processes?

Well, either that or you are a fucking idiot which is closer to the truth probably. You comment and state that because I was somehow chickenshit because I decided to just live my life and not be "out" and "proud" like you seem to claim yet you do not identify your "out" and "proud" self other than Q.E.

Now, I realize that cognizant thought is not one of your strong suits but that is a little inconsistent is it not?

Anonymous said...

@ QE I don’t know whether you hit the nail on the head intentionally or if it was more a case of intending to slap us all upside the head and tell us off for simply living our lives. Before I say more I think you are on our side either way this is not an attack on you but the point you raise.

Over the past year I’ve got to know the owner of this blog pretty well so I can tell you that she and I are on the same wavelength with this. I’ve been post roughly ten years less than Elizabeth. Our life stories began in pretty much the same way except I was not taken to see Harry Benjamin. However those details aside, where we are totally on the same page is the motivation for our switching sexes. We were both in the fortunate position (from one perspective) of looking very female anyway. We shared the same desire from childhood and that was to live the lives we dreamed about as children. The white picket fence and a cottage full of kids and a husband. Pretty normal dreams for most girls OK very few girls make that childhood fantasy come true irrespective of the condition we endured.

However when I awoke from my surgery and gazed out of my hospital window at the wintery park opposite and watched as people sat on the benches and ate their lunches, read the papers, fed the birds and talked with each other I realised something cathartic. That was what I wanted, desperately needed in my life and had never had never been able to enjoy. Peace from the conflict that was the dichotomy of brain versus body. As a result of the surgery I realised that I could now realise that childhood dream and achieve the peace that I observed in that park opposite. So when I recovered that was what I set out to achieve for myself.

Now 30 years later I have those things; the home the husband, peace of mind and the unification of mind and body, the metaphorical white picket fence, just no kids. No-one gifted those things to me, I made them happen for myself and so did Elizabeth. This was my childhood dream but none of it would have been possible if I had fought the transgender Borg from the moment I first observed its insidious beginnings during a lecture by a certain Charles Prince. I stood up muttering “This is bullshit” and left I did not believe it would take on the juggernaut proportions it has. Neither did I believe the medical profession would be as duped by its doctrines as they have been.

So QE because me and Elizabeth and those like us have been busy living a life a regular life which was all we ever asked of our life saving surgery we are guilty of some “crime”. Why that is like blaming a woman for rape because she wore a miniskirt. But you’re right it was because people like us were silent it was made so easy for the TG.

As for “Gendertrender” they are simply the backlash that TG doctrines have caused and frankly the only thing I disagree with them on is the fact they not only reject to whole existence of Transsexuality they also reject intersex in any form. At least that’s how it appears to me and for that blame the Borg not the fact we lived and still live real lives.


Anonymous said...

"... but most of you folks in stealth (or if your prefer non-disclosure) were too chicken shit to support your other sisters in transition when the shit hit the fan after Janise Raymond's publications."

Bullshit! In the day of Janice Raymond there was no internet and no viable forum to counter her crap. And I, for one, helped many sisters transition. Those who weren't in the scene back then have no right to tell it like it was. They haven't a clue.

Nothing new. Just another ignorant BS artist repeating old misconceptions as if they were fact.

- an old aunty

Anonymous said...

You don't get to have it both ways. Out of most of you I hear so much hypocrisy about gender theory/study. You can't cull arguments from a philosophy you reject then expect horizontal equity in your reasoning to be consistent. Evolve in your thinking or perish. You don't get to cross examine another's identity publicly, with the expressed purpose of invalidating it, with impunity, which is hate speech. - Q.E

Wow Liz, there sure are a lot of folks around here who like to tell us all what we CAN and CAN'T do, huh?...

Some fool by the name of Black Swann tried to tell me I couldn't do pretty the same things as Q.E here is saying, back in your post about trans-fiminsim.

I wonder why it's alright for them to dictate to me/us what WE can and can't do, how WE can and can't think, and yet, they get so hot under the collar and start to fight when mainstream society tells them they can't force their opinions and identities on the rest of us/the world?

And yet WE are the hypocrites?....

Oh hey! Black Swann, I didn't realise you were in here...

Hows things?

Anonymous said...

"Sadly, the process of transition often brings us into contact with those who are motivated by desires born of transgression, and even more sadly, some have trouble shaking off that association. And some, for whatever reason, find themselves drawn to it, embracing it as part of their personality. They don't realize that it actually divides them from the community of women that they worked so hard to be a part of." ~JustJennifer

Anonymous said...

Sorry QE and BS I can have it any way or as many ways as I wish.
I live my life in the real world and not in some LGBT ghetto.

Anonymous said...

Newtransitioner, I'm not telling anyone what they can or cannot do. Just note that I'm Canadian and we call hate speech when we see it. Attacking another's identity is hate speech.

We don't have a first amendment like you folks in the US. I suspect it's a double edge sword when you have the religious fundies, cults and KKK spewing hate upon other's identity. No one is telling them they can't get on a corner soap box. Just saying I'm calling you on it.


Elizabeth said...


A statement of fact is not hate speech under any circumstances. Sandeen is NOT a female. Maybe in your little TG world if you say you are a female you are a female but in the real world that is not how it works.

Sandeen has a penis and is therefore not female. Sandeen still has a somewhat functional penis, thus Sandeen is male. The doctor clearly indicates an orchiectomy means Sandeen was still in transition or a transitional state. This, Sandeen is not female which is a statement of fact.

You would not know hate speech if it bit you in your ass which is obvious based on your comments. Disagreeing with someone that claims they are female and maintains a penis is NOT hate speech it is pointing out that Sandeen is a liar and a fraud.

Just a little clue about the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. It is not and never has been a double edged sword. It is the core of our democracy and its importance can never be underestimated.

Miz Know-It-All said...

Damn it Liz! I try to stay as far away as I can from this nonsense! If for no other reason than it just makes me feel soiled! But to read the whining nonsense put out by Autumn (Autumn? No No No, A thousand times No. You are not and never will be a female!) And the replies here... Well I just gotta put in my two cents... but I could not stop at two cents... or four or even a buck twenty for that matter... So if you or anyone wants my rather lengthy reply... It is over on MIKA...

Anonymous said...

QE, Liz's comments are political speech, not hate speech. Learn the difference.

- an old aunty

Anonymous said...

Something no legitimate woman of transsexual history does if she can help it.

This may be the first time Sandeen has done something that has shocked me.

Why would any self respecting woman with our history ever do this.

OK I know Sandeen doesn't share our history.


Elizabeth said...


Autumn is just a complete and total pompous asshole. Sandeen is a classic example of someone that becomes less male but never understands the real truth is to be is to be female. Autumn will always be Steve because Autumn cannot leave Steve behind.

A classic example of not being able to leave behind his male side which is why Sandeen keeps the penis. It is why all of these loons keep their respective penis' yet claim they are female or women. Their attempt is to be less male and not as complete a female as possible thus we get the man in a dress with a 7 inch neoclit claiming straight men like them. Sure they do, wink, wink!!!!

Anonymous said...

My guess is the "martyr" complex.


Anonymous said...

This need to prove YOU are a real woman is rather disgusting. Your blog stack the worst sexist clichés about men and women upon the stinkiest binarism. And this hatred against "Tee Gee's"... You sound like a loony yelling in the desert about The Christ's second coming. Doubt, insecurity and the desperate will to be accepted and perceived as a woman are killing you. Since how many years are you trapped in this loop? Get over it: as soon cisgenders will acknowledge your past, they will stop to consider you like a woman, despite all your commitments, your SRS and your attempts to differentiate yourself from "men in dresses". And no, it's not the transgenders fault. It's the cis society fault. That society of which you'll never be a part because you're a freak. You're such an omega, rejected and crawling, it's vomitive. Anyway, it's a mental asylum, here. Will not stay, it return me an horrendous image of myself. Not because I'm a "Tee Gee", but because I'm in part the poor tortured creature that you are. And it's an ugly thing to see.

Elizabeth said...


First I do wish you would at least attempt coherent sentences although I am guessing English is your second language.

I do believe in the binary aspect of sex which defines one as male or female. Even the intersex usually chose male or female so why is it so hard for you?

I am sorry to burst your bubble but I have been accepted as a female basically my entire life and certainly my entire adult life. It was never something that was questioned. I am guessing the doubt, insecurity and desperate need to be accepted is yours.

This is not a problem the general public brought about. It is a problem idiots like you brought about because of a willingness to accede to the fantasies of your fellow men in dresses. A female does not have a penis and that is a simple anatomical fact.

This is a blog and it is an opinion and that is basically what it is but I do try and base my opinions on available facts rather that rhetoric claiming my disagreement amounts to hate speech.

I can assure you that we have nothing in common based on your comment. Maybe you should start on your medication again.

Anonymous said...

"I am sorry to burst your bubble but I have been accepted as a female basically my entire life and certainly my entire adult life. It was never something that was questioned. I am guessing the doubt, insecurity and desperate need to be accepted is yours."

I'm sure you have a bigger one than me. As for the rest, you're right, it's your blog. What a fascinating exchange. Bah, Keep being obsessed.

Elizabeth said...


Don't have and and never wanted one but then I am sure it was "hard" for you to let go of yours even if you did.

You just do not get it. I just lived my life and was never caught up in the trans crap until you assholes started telling everyone we could never be female even if we had SRS which has always been your downfall. You strive to be less male. We fought to be female and we see a life ahead of us after we accomplish that.

Your life will always be bound by "trans" this and "trans" that and your self identification as a "transwoman". That is why you will always be the "freak" and kids like me and adults like me will be female. We will live our lives as women without the crutch of "trans" and the sad part is you do not realize that is available to most with a little work.

It has to be a sad world you live in where being "trans" is an everyday occurrence or what gives your nearly meaningless life what little meaning it has. You are forever "trans". How utterly pathetic that is.

Cécile said...

Your life will always be bound by "trans" this and "trans" that and your self identification as a "transwoman".

I don't define myself as trans. Gender normative society do, and you're in the same boat.

You strive to be less male

It would be vain. Male I am and will stay. XY for life. Again, just like you. However, the idea that I could strive to be less "man" is ironically hilarious. My problem was more to fake masculinity, you see.

That's the difference between you and me. I fully accept the biologic reality and don't believe a fake vagina will change anything to it. I, however, reject the social constructs based upon it, instead of submitting to it like you do. It translate, as an example, as I NEVER think about what a woman should be or do. I am, I do. The rest is for losers.

On your side, you negate the sheer biologic reality and you give up to an artificial construct. You're fucking high in the sky, living in a lone fantasy world.

Hormones, depilation, surgery can allow us to concretely live the life we want in spite of the look of others, but it's nothing short of superficial. What's needed for us to be genuinely ourselves and free is to go beyond their views upon gender. If you can't understand this, you're actually the one who will strive her whole life for acceptance and an elusive normality under the mask of her visible and cliched feminity.

Look at your sad self. You're passable, you've got your SRS, and yet you keep bumping your head against the walls, as evidenced by your mental blog where you repeat the same BS about "teegee" and "men in dresses" in order to validate your own womanhood since, what, 3 years now? As I've already told, you're an omega, a total slave. You're lacking of any self respect, and now this is disgusting.

Elizabeth said...


Gender normative society has in general not one freaking idea what "trans" is you moron. "Trans" is not a word invented by society it is a word idiots like you brought about to describe you lifestyle which is "trans" related. Society did not create the terms "transwoman", "transphobia", et al. It was fools like you so you could remind everyone you were and are special when in reality it labels you as less.

So let me get this correct Cecile. You are male and will stay a male regardless and you think I am a loser? We have fake a worthless fake vagina. I guess this means you are not a fan of SRS.

You see I am myself and always have been and that is something you will never understand because as you say you will always be male forever.

This is not an issue of gender. This issue is what sex you are and that is where you miss the boat. Gender is fluid but sex is binary. Gender is a cultural and I do not care how you make yourself look.

By the way I do not have to validate a thing and I bring up "teegee" and "men in dresses" because they and people like you endanger and in fact hurt the chance all people born transsexual have if getting this curse defined as a medical condition.

I have plenty of self respect but I will admit I have no respect for someone like you. Just leading as good a life as I could was what I wanted and at almost 67, retired, and a widow I can look back and smile because I actually had the life I wanted. I was a girl and then a woman. I was a mother to a daughter and a wife to a good and decent man after one bad marriage. I was a productive member o society and actually made things better and safer in my work.

Few people knew of my history because I wanted zero excuses. I wanted to just be another girl or woman in society. Society validated my womanhood over my lifetime and the validation was based on their perception of me as a woman not as some "trans" dipshit like you.

I started this blog when I retired and it was slightly less than two years ago not 3 years ago.

I want to thank you for this comment. I always appreciate it when someone puts their true self out there so everyone can understand the simple truth of where people like you stand. You have made it quite clear you consider yourself male and always will be male so may I suggest you find a "crossdreamer" or "transvestite" blog to follow since your concepts fit more appropriately there.

Anonymous said...

@ Cecile I find it highly amusing that you put Elizabeth down for allegedly denigrating others in order to elevate herself while in the very next paragraph proceed to denigrate Elizabeth in order to elevate your own perspective. Over the years I've watched and listened to an awful lot of men do just that especially when a woman is involved. Misogyny? I think so.

Reaity Check said...

What I find of interest, is that constant undercurrent of angry, hateful, envious resentment that seems so ubiquitously present in every, yes every, comment from the TG identified. That must mean something.

I too am fairly along in years, (65), long retired and I too can look back on a long, happy, rewarding life, filled with love and and some not so minor accomplishments.

Gender? What the heck is that? Some new word, invented by the PC police, because THEY themselves were ashamed of the fact that they, like every other human being on the planet was a SEXUAL animal.

In their shame, they have created this huge fungible construct, defined to suit whatever cockamamee theory du jour that happens to spring from their drug addled depression.

I make no apologies for failing to comprehend such nonsense. I agree with Elizabeth's excellent, most recent comment. This poor lout, "Cecile" is the loser.

Cécile said...

I was about to explain you how the psychiatrists are the ones who have brought the trans terms, which you probably know, how we aren't a sex but have a sex, how faith can't change genetic and others stuffs.

But next, I've read this:

Few people knew of my history because I wanted zero excuses

Oh, god. It was because you were shit scared and rightly so. And you know it. You're an hypocrite and a liar. It was interresting but I'm done.

One last word. You're lacking of self respect, for sure, but me I respect you, despite your shady ways. I imagine yourself, a young woman in the early 70's, it must have been something beautiful. Write this in a novel, instead of tranny bashing.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Funny, in my whole life no one has ever looked at my chromosomes. The great majority of my life nearly everyone with whom I've had any contact has accepted I'm a woman. If any have thought otherwise, they've had the grace to hide it well.

I'd rather live my life as I want than live in unhappiness, stifled worrying about invisible molecules or notions of how others might act if they knew things they don't know. The alternative seems sad and pathetic.

- an old aunty

Elizabeth said...


Psychiatrist's had not one thing to do with "trans" terms. They use Gender Identity and Gender Dysphoria and are as totally clueless as you and all your "teegee" buddies. Why are you obsessed with continually telling us you are male and you cannot escape it? You have no respect for yourself obviously.

Actually Cecile I was very lucky because passing was never a problem for me so no I was not scared after I had SRS. I was certainly scar4ed before because I like boys and that was a constant problem because I was hit on by guys a lot. That was the worst of times but then you would have no clue about that would you??

The only liar here is someone named Cecile. You have no clue what respect is and I have never had "shady ways". I have no need for respect from some idiot like you.

I do not tranny bash you idiot. The word Tranny refers to transsexuals and was our word of choice for ourselves back in the day. It was a word of endearment for each other until the "teegee" attempted to obfuscate its meaning to include themselves which it does not.

I am constantly amazed by the outright stupidity of people like you and your fellow "teegee" believers. It is why you were not born transsexual and will always be "trans" in your mind. You settle for being something less than whole but those of us truly born transsexual will never settle for that level of less than female.

You expect us to have so little self respect, like you and the teegee, that we will accept ourselves as something less than female. Anatomically I am as correct as I can be and that is all I can do but it gave me the life I wanted and that life was as a woman.

Now enjoy your life accepting yourself as something less than whole and pretend the rest of us that have actually achieved what we so badly wanted are the same as you. We are not and never will be because you are male and we are not. Big difference asshole.

Anonymous said...


You are out gunned and out of bullets just like the rest of your Tee-Bee Kool-Aid drinkers. Real TS women have no greater need than to reach their female status and move on with their lives. You and your Tee-Gee friends are envious of our success and our making our place in the mainstream, you are envious that we are not trapped in a gay ghetto because we can't fit into society.
You are envious of the very fact the rest of the world knows we are not men in dresses acting out like some second rate drag performer.
You are envious of everything we have that we have worked hard for and our status in 48 of the United States we fought for and won long before you ever knew what transgender ever was.

Go away and tell your friends to leave us the hell alone. Take your fake womanhood elsewhere.

Not your friend

Black Swan said...

I find the concept of "whole[ness]" a pretension. We are designed from the beginning to degrade into death.

Elizabeth seems to talk more about TGs than anything else--obsessively ranting that I've observed. It's narcism to claim someone else isn't whole while in the same breath claim to be whole; better than another who isn't as whole. If its not a specific TG person it's mostly about bashing the concept transgender. It's seems like your not whole unless you do.

What need does this fulfill in Elizabeth?

Elizabeth said...


And we now get to hear from another one of the delusional transgender supporters. Of course you find the concept of whole or wholeness pretentious. You find it that way because like Cecile you will never accept yourself.

Now run back to your little "teegee" buddies and spank a few for some extra money. So what is wrong with bashing the concept of transgender when the transgender bash transsexuals and attempt to deny the medical nature of transsexualism and attempt to remove the term transsexual from usage so transvestites can be the same as transsexuals?

Do you agree with their you will always be male concept like Cecile? Are you that stupid and that pathetic?

Simply put I am as whole as I can get and it led to a good life which is really all most of us want. It is quite pathetic when you support assholes like Cecile and others of her ilk but then you r3eally are "trans" for life aren't you?

Anonymous said...

It really is just quite that simple. Just a chance for a normal life. No "trans" this or "trans" that.

To do that, we do what we must to be, well...just simply normal. If we are exceptionally lucky, and are willing and able to do what must be done, AND... we survive the process...then and only then are we able to go on to live our lives simply and happily as the women, (or men) that we simply....are.

Those of you who are not so cursed as to have to go through all this, just to thankful for that, and have the grace to do battle with your own demons rather than attack and disparage those who have managed to defeat and overcome our own.