Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hate and the transgender crowd

Hate is something almost all of us that were born transsexual have tasted whether we wanted to or not. Unfortunately hate has become the word of choice for those that find it difficult to make a rationale argument on someone's opinion they disagree with.  I think at times we are all guilty of it whether it is inadvertent or deliberate. It has become so ensconced within society in general people find it easier to profess discomfort or disagreement with rhetoric that borders on and is often hatred verses promoting a valid argument to contradict a disagreement of opinion.

I am sure in a pithy moment of anger I have fallen victim to this trend myself although I tend to use sarcasm as my choice of combat terms when in a verbal joust if I am on the defensive. Sometimes it works and sometimes it blows up in your face.

Hate has become the method of choice in the Unit4ed States Political arena. It does not matter if one is a Liberal or a Conservative oo Republican, Democrat or Independent or Libertarian. Politics is a funny thing in this country because hate is used as both an attack mechanism and a defense mechanism. Let me explain.

I voted for Obama for President because I wanted a change in this country. I am deeply disappointed in what has happened under his watch and he does bear a portion of the blame because he failed to both deliver what he promised and what we needed.

During the Presidential campaign things got nasty. Sarah Palin was nominated as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate and the vitriol and hatred thrown her way was vicious.  She was running for office but much of what was said about her was vicious and hateful but I looked the other way at times because my guy was moving to the front.

If the Republican Party said something negative about my candidate the Democrats were very quick to label it racist or hate speech. It just proved when it came to hate it was better to be black running for President as a Democrat than Vice President as  a Republican woman. Yes, Sarah Palin was at times her own worst enemy but the same could be said for Joe Biden. Biden seems to have a permanent case of foot in mouth disease.

Initially I was a Hilary Clinton supporter and I wonder what they would have said about her?  My gut feeling is the democrats would have labeled criticism as some of misogynistic hate because she was after all a Democrat. In many ways it is rhetorical to claim hatred because it makes the defense of a candidate easier because the issues are not debated. American politics at its worst from all sides I am afraid.

Why have I used this somewhat crude analogy? Well, it actually fits what has gone on and is going on in the trans community. Disagreement does mean hatred yet that word is used a lot. here is a fast analogy.

I do not believe transsexuals should be under transgender because we have a medical condition and nobody else does under the transgender umbrella.  If you listen to some that means I hate anyone that is TG, TV or CD. How you can make that leap is interesting but understandable because simply put they know those of us with that position are correct and the only legitimate way they can fight is to claim it is transphobia and as one fool put it "transphobic misandry" which is hilarious.

I believe if you have a political position and transgender is certainly political then people should stand up for what is right and be open and honest about what they are pushing for. The reason transsexual is under transgender is political and it is simple. Without transsexual everyone would realize the transgender movement is men wanting to dress as women when it pleases them and be men when it is advantageous.  This does not mean there are not transsexuals that support the transgender movement but I would ask them one question and it is simple.

How relevant do you honestly believe transgender would be if transsexuals were excluded as Virginia Prince intended when he coined the term transgender in the 60's? Do you honestly believe any politician in the United States would support the rights being sought by the transgender movement if it was exclusively transvestites and cross-dressers? By the way i exclude the gender diverse because they are usually young and kids have been exploring this forever and god bless them and even they should not be under the transgender umbrella because they will eventually grow out of it.

There are many on my side of the argument that scream that it is some GAY conspiracy and have said some quite nasty things and I reject them as well. I have known few gay men that hate us like some think they do. There is one that comes to mind but he has his own issues. I owe much of my life success to a gay man I adore to this day. I also support the rights of any gay or lesbian to marry just like I could. Anything the Catholic Church opposes obviously has many merits and that is intended as both sarcasm and a shot across the bow.

I do not hate anyone. Well I did kind of really hate Bin Laden and his ilk so that is my exception. I do not hate anyone in the transgender movement.  Disagreement is not hatred and if I crossed that line anywhere I apologize but it does not mean I am going to stop arguing the issue. Even those that wrote the new SOC separated the groupings by emphasizing Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Diverse. 

This seems like a first step to separate correctly the groups. It might even be the first step  for the removal of transsexualism from the DSM. By the way that is the other big issue with being under the transgender umbrella. Transsexualism has a strong chance of eventually being removed from the DSM just like homosexuality was. There is absolutely ZERO chance transvestism and cross-dressing will ever be removed from the DSM. Even they realize we are far from the same and in fact playing girl is 100% diametrically opposed to needing to be one.

Is it hatred to believe that a man in a dress who wants to remain a man is not a woman and not entitled to be addressed as "she"? No it is not although I guess the man in the dress would see that differently. Those in the transgender community feel if we do not support them we hate them and pronouns is big to them.  I wonder if they get a sexual thrill being addressed as miss or she?

I do not hate them but I do feel pity for them. Well, actually the correct term might be pitiful. Why pitiful you ask? Because most are just pitiful little men that think they get to play girl when they want to and can invade our space because they wear a dress.  Even those that want to live full time but want to retain their penis or neo-clit are pitiful little men that actually believe they are women because they present as women in society. Their aim in life is to redefine what female and women means so they are included with their penis intact. It does make one wonder of what use a woman with a penis is and I sure do wish someone would explain that to me. I always though that defined She-Male but I am willing to listen to a rationale explanation. I wonder if one will be forthcoming.

The irony of the claim we are separatists is that we never asked to be included and were actually initially deliberately excluded from the transgender crowd.  Since there is no valid argument why any transsexual should allow themselves to be under transgender the only way to combat it is by using that decidedly male business process of making the accuser the problem and diverting the problem to the accuser. That is male Corporate America at its worst. It is why we now have whistle blower laws.

Hate is about as misused as misogyny, misandry, feminist, and other words favored by those under the gun to provide valid facts for their rhetoric.

The facts in the transgender debate are simply undeniable.  I was born transsexual and I was cured in early 1971 and became female whether many of you want to admit it or not.  I did not need to fabricate something like gender affirmation surgery or lunacy like that in an attempt to be female. I had an innie and not an outie and it is simplistic but just the way it is. Those born transsexual can be cured while those that are transvestites and cross-dressers cannot.  Well, I guess they can if they "decide" to become transsexual and get surgery.

There is no debate. a transsexual can be cured.  End of story and end of the debate. Now be men and stand up for yourselves and admit publicly that you do not need transsexuals under the transgender banner and admit that the only reason they are there is so you can deceive the public into pushing transgender laws through that aid you in your quest to be accepted as a  man in a dress.

Gee I wonder what the odds of that are? 1,000,000 to one against possibly? I do love men but I could never love nor accept one of you. That is just me. Do I wish you any harm? Not one bit and I hope you are happy but not at the expense of those born transsexual. Blurring what transsexual means is part of your game and that fight will be ongoing because men are accustomed to being pushy.

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Anonymous said...

Two things I want to comment on.

I hate anybody who attacks me ether physically or by forcing me into some group for which I don't belong.
I don't hate individual tee-Gees except for those activists who force their way into my identity and my spaces. The average man in a dress I have no issue with until he wants to keep his penis and change his birth certificate.
That is wrong in so many ways.

Political parties
Back in the 80s I came to the realization both the democratic and republican parties were identical, like a red wagon is identical to the same wagon panted green. They even threw it in our faces when in the late 90s the leaders of both parties national committees were husband and wife.

Everyone outside of this country has known that fact for a very long time. Obama is Bush in terms of the agenda he has implemented as president.
It's all about continuity of agenda. It would not have made any difference who was elected save for a third party candidate and that wasn't going to be allowed. The democrats and republicans all answer to the same master, and the president is only a figure head.
When you come to this realization that we don't have two major parties but only one you will have reached the degree of political solicitation of our brothers and sisters in the rest of the world.

Anna T. said...


None of us are perfect, we're flawed beings who fluctuate between great cruelty and kindness, but we do have facts that redeem us too. One of the most redeeming facts about human nature is that by accepting our flaws we can find a way to work around them. It might not be perfect, we might still slip up, but at least we tried.

As far as rhetoric goes then I really do think that that everything depends on how you disagree and who you disagree with. There's this excellent essay Paul Graham wrote on "How to disagree" that expands on that train of thought far more eloquently than I ever could. Everyone on the internet should read it before they log on.

As for hate... Well there might be a way to free ourselves from it's clutches.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Forgive my ignorance I had to look up Misandry. It appears to be the same as Misogyny, except instead of hatred of women or girls, Misandry is hatred of men or boys, and for some reason isn‘t in common usage; my word processor‘s dictionary doesn’t have the correct spelling. How odd. I put the word to Google and found a huge outcry from a growing men’s movement over the backlash of feminism--Look the term “Misandry” up on YouTube--are men really being marginalized? Made obsolete? Hated even?

I can see the arguments feminist make towards transsexual women from the past we are a threat to their power grab. We cannot offer men children, which women seem to have used against men as a weapon. I know this may be simplistic but is this reasonable? The only way we can compete it to give a men love, which in many ways makes us fall prey to a male view of desire. Men want us to be a certain we and we’re more than willing to accommodate them for the prize of happiness.

It brings me to a is it possible that the feminist movement spawned in men an internalized hatred? Such that they would throw off their maleness and transition giving us the transgender? I see a huge parallel to this and the rise of the feminist movement.

Elizabeth you should know that about hatred; a priori conclusions make you a believer, not a scientist.


Anonymous said...

You know Black Swan I think you are on to something. Maybe some if not a significant part of the Tee-Gee movement might be in part due to misandry.
Something to think over, thank you.

Miz Know-It-All said...

Frustration... For me, the anger comes from nothing more than plain and simple frustration! Sigh....after so many different travails in hell and such a steep price being to escape... I succeeded! Just as those who blazed the trail before me, I succeeded! And so, like them, I return to share my story of hope! To say that there really is an "over there!" That the devil we are born with, no matter how horrible he is, can be bested and the life dreamed of can be had...

But things are changing and not for the better I fear...

No one it seem wants to hear old woman prattling on about how the way is narrow and the journey long! No one wants to be told that the tune they want to dance to is going to cost them anything much less everything! No one wants to hear that their good enough isn't! That even if they give it their all that even more still will be required!

Much easier to bleat in derision at the Cassandras and keep their male privileges as men who play at girl while decrying the mean ol' world that mocks them as being trans-phobic and hateful!

I guess I should endeavor to be more stoic and leave them to their fate... After all the line about bringing a horse to water is far far older than any of us! But it's hard to be stoic and to walk away when the horse in this case not only refuses to drink but the darn thing returns to the fold and declares loud and proud on face book and twitter, on the evening news and on documentaries that streams and ponds with this "supposed free flowing water" are nothing but a myth!

Again! why should I care! It's their Karma and they will have to work it out! But for the fact that they are not working this out in a vacuum! Their message from simple numbers alone is the only one being heard and it is the one that has become the common narrative... So it is their message that will be referred to if my history becomes known... It is because of them and their damned umbrella and spectrum that my narrative now stops being one of womanhood most painfully gained. Instead I become like them, a gay man or a transvestite... My normal state, my womanhood erased in seconds! All that work, all that blood spilt All those years of angst and suffering that I was willing to pay! All of it is reduced to being one and the same as a guy who wanders over into the woman's section at Walmart for a pair of panties to beat off into!

I'm not the same! He is not the same! We are not the same! So leave me out of it and the hate ends here!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree MKIA.
But now if a Tee-Gee lives in California after the first of the year he can fill out a form Poofffff He is a female.

A sad day in mudville, Cristie gets to keep her bat.

Anonymous said...

Well put MKIA

Anonymous said...

[How relevant do you honestly believe transgender would be if transsexuals were excluded as Virginia Prince intended when he coined the term transgender in the 60's?]

Slight correction: Prince didn't coin the term. Prince seems to have coined "transgenderal" (and used it only once in December 1969), but sexologists were using transgender to refer to specify surgical transsexuals as early as 1965 since, at that time, "transsexual" was an umbrella term that included crossdressers. Jorgensen referred to herself as a transgender numerous times. Also, Prince didn't coin "transgenderist" or "trans person/people" either - those terms were being used in print in trans magazines and newsletters years before Prince finally picked up on those terms in the late 1970s.

James Heaton said...

I knew from a very early age in the 70's that I wanted to be a girl and not a boy. I dressed as a girl for many of my teenage years in secret, until 1987. I had a terrible childhood and decided to shock! I turned to prostitution as a male dressed as a female and unfortunately was arrested by the police in my home town of Bolton, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom.

I went to court and admitted the charge of soliciting men for immoral purposes and the press went out all the way to make an issue of this. From 1988 to 1990 I believe I was charged three times for the same offence, however on my record it still stands as soliciting as a man, which I totally disagree with and still do to this day.

However over the years I have been TV as I have never had a sex change, I did consider this option but now I am glad I did not have the operation.

It was ok when I was 17 and looked like a very convincing girl, but now I am 42 there is no way that I could look like a female now, my facial features are far to masculine. However, I have every respect for TV, TS or CD, you only have one life, so live it sister!!! xxx Jamie

James Heaton said...

I dislike anybody who is genderphobic, homophobic, live your life and be free. We only get the one chance!