Friday, June 3, 2011

There has to be a god. D'orsay has seen the light.

"There has to be a god." Just to be upfront I do believe in a higher power but just not in the loons that pretend to represent this higher power. It is just my faith and it has as much validity as those that do not believe although i am sure I will hear otherwise.

Now why would I say "There has to be a god", on my blog? It is simple. Toni D'orsay has seen the light. Toni D'orsay has come over from the dark side and now says she is transsexual and does not want to be considered transgender. Just to be upfront I have never had a single cross word with this individual and thus base my opinions on her previous blog.

It seems Toni is running for the 2012 US Congress and in a shock presents a platform that is both rational and enlightened.  It is actually a platform I could support in most ways since I am more Libertarian than either party. I am actually willing to support her under several conditions.

  1. She wants her sex change surgery as soon as she can afford it or has a medical condition that precludes surgery.
  2. She will promise to never support a bill in Congress that attempts to use the term Transgender as its key component.
  3. Whenever a bill is put forth with transgender terminology she makes sure EVERYONE knows what the term transgender includes and truthfully means.

I believe in redemption and forgiveness. So, when one of the biggest transgender supporters on the internet blogosphere  jumps ship to come to the right side I think we need to sit up and take notice. Now this could just be a political ploy but, a really big but here, she is to my knowledge the first person I know running as a transsexual and openly saying that means she is not transgender. Sandeen probably just had an aneurism and should shortly have a column claiming she has been betrayed and then of course make the column about Sandeen.

Why is this important? It is important because it will gain the spotlight, even if only in Arizona, and let John Q. Public know that transsexuals are NOT transgender and will openly expose the TRANSGENDER LIE to the world. The TRANSGENDER LIE is of course that transgender and transsexual are the same.

This is another kick in the collective balls of the transgender crowd that wants to ride the coattails of transsexuals to legitimacy. Obfuscate, confuse or hide actually, the truth and they will never know what hit them is the basis of the TRANSGENDER LIE.

Now the question becomes is this reality. Her actions will speak quickly and if I think she is being honest I might even support her financially from here in North Carolina.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry Liz, but D'Orsay, (AKA Dyssonance), is a self described sociopath, and admitted pathologicl liar. Come to think of it, I suppose those are excellent qualification for a member of Congress. Nevertheless, the thought of having Dyss D'Orsay representing the real interests of Transsexuals, is truly horrifying.

Elizabeth said...

I have had no interaction with D'orsay so have really have no personal information or assumptions about her.

I do find it interesting what she has done though. It is an indicator of something.

Anonymous said...

Interesting she was referenced as a pathological liar. She is the executive director for a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that went against Phoenix city code for use of residential property to house individuals participating in one of this organization's programs (for a fee of course for those participating). Once advised they needed a permit she then lied about the status of residents and use at the property. Do we really need another person in office that is willing to break the law for their own personal interests?