Thursday, June 2, 2011

The big Transgender LIE

What is the big transgender lie?  It is simple actually. One will never read or listen to a speech by a transgender activist dealing with public opinion where they tell the truth about what being transgender means in total. The implications are ignored and a classic case of obfuscation is presented. If there is one thing I am impressed with when finding TG activists is they are really good at lying.  You change transgender to what it really means, transsexual, transvestite, cross-dresser, gender variant, and wonder how much support they would get? Not a lot actually based on personal experience in my world which is basically hetero-normal.

Most people believe transsexuals deserve protection from discrimination and even in Texas support the right of a Transsexual to marry based on a Houston paper informal poll. The big lie is the transgender crowd implicitly implies that transgender means transsexual and skip the fact that 90+ percent of the transgender crowd is fetishistic transvestites, cross-dressers, cross-dreamers, and gender variant people with only the remaining 10% being just you plain old garden variety transsexual ranging in age from kids to older adults.

Corporate America is under assault by the TG crowd pushing for all kinds of laws supporting the prevention of discrimination against transgender people. How much support do you really believe they would have if people knew the majority of the transgender crowd were not transsexual but something else? I would wager any amount of money the public would be appalled if they thought people could cross-dress at work which if the laws are passed would allow teachers and engineers and anyone that wanted to to get their jollies by dressing in public which has now become the big thing with cross-dressers.

Now I do not think anyone should be oppressed because of whatever fetish they have as long as it is not illegal and does not hurt others but the workplace is not one of those places.  If you are not transsexual and surgery bound, with medical exceptions, then you should not be cross-dressing at work because your fetish enjoys it more but it will happen. It will literally mean men in dresses is actually going to happen.

It is a matter of life or death for most transsexuals while it is a matter of sexual arousal for many of the others but not all of them but it is not a life altering decision for anyone but transsexuals. The activist go to Corporate America acting as consultants and tell companies that "transsexual" is an out of date term and transgender is now the correct term but of course quite conveniently omit the fact transgender is really not transsexual.

In essence the transgender rights they talk about are transsexual rights but the conspiracy is to cover everyone under the umbrella. I had a phone conversation with a friend last week where he was proud his Company, he is BOD Chairman and the former CEO, was implementing a comprehensive transgender discrimination policy ,  He has known about me for 45 years and we worked together.  He was kind and decent to me and I owe him a lot because he was instrumental in my happiness later in life.  He is a good and decent man.

They had brought a consultant in whose name I was not privy to because of confidentiality and the BOD and HR were handed the TG lie and they bought it hook line and sinker. I asked if he knew how to use Google and had him Google transgender and to say he was shocked is kind. He had no idea transgender also included transvestites and the other various groups.  He thought it meant transsexual. Needless to say they did not realize what could have happened to their Corporate Culture.

John Q Public does not understand that transgender does not mean transsexual exclusively and it is deliberate. You can see it on many of the bloggers on T-Central. Some are honest enough to admit they are cross-dressers or even transvestite but many hide behind the transgender banner and ironically they are correct but many obfuscate their true intentions and many make comments like, "I think I might turn transsexual", or "I learned I was transsexual or might be transsexual" and so forth. Now they all want to keep their male sausage but transsexual is a more acceptable term than transvestite/cross-dresser with the wife.

The liberal progressive site Center for American Progress had an interesting poll where significant numbers of Americans were in favor of gay and transgender rights.  I wonder how much that poll would skew the other way if they simply added a definition of transgender that said TS/TV/CD/GQ and explained what each meant. I wonder how the poll would skew if transgender just said transsexual?  I bet it would bump up slightly but not a lot. I wonder if the term transvestite replaced transgender what would happen? Without separation it would tank. Few Americans support public female impersonation or emulation but most are afraid to say much for fear of discrimination legal action.

I actually have nothing against the transgender crowd except their lies. Why not tell the truth when pushing for a bathroom bill.  Admit you want transvestites and others to have bathroom rights along with pre-operative transsexuals. Why not tell the truth when pushing a transgender rights bill with a city, state or even the federal government? It is easy to answer.  If they admit the truth they are dead in the water before they even start.

Crossing gender boundaries is easy.  A little makeup, a dress, some heels, a pair of falsies, and a stupid wife that lets them get away with it. Crossing the boundaries of sex is a difficult and painful process and is not a game. Gender boundaries are a game the transgender play at. The sex boundary is a life decision that is no game to anyone born transsexual. It is a decision that is not refundable like the panty girdle some man bought for his en femme time.

I must sadly admit I will not be surprised if transsexual becomes a pejorative.


Anonymous said...

OMG LIZ!!!! You have just opened my eyes woman. For so long I considered myself to be transgender (especially before SRS) simply because I was misinformed in a way. Sure I might or might have fallen under the umbrella term but I NEVER realized that transgender rights would give everyone else under the umbrella rights to use women's restrooms, and to be a man at work one day and a woman the next day and so on and so forth. As much as I think everyone has the right to be who they are, I do not think it is right to shove it in people's faces and to cause dramatic tension by selfishly showing out in public for shits and giggles when some of us have an actual gender issue rather than just wanting to express ourselves. I don't know if I would say that all CD's do it for sexual purposes and I do think that some of the CD's in the world settle for crossdressing because they are in denial of actually being a transexual but that is something they should work out with a professional before they start shoving it in people's faces.

I have come under attack for saying that it makes me uncomfortable when trangender girls hit on me because I am not attracted to women or men who dress like women. I was called a bigot and a hypocrite and it pissed me off. Just because I am or was a transexual does not mean that I should be attracted to trans-anyone and do you know why these people call me those things? Because the people who call me those things are the fetishistic people who want to use the same bathroom as me. LOL.

I actually fell victim to what you are talking about. I completely neglected to realize that drag queens, transvestites, and all that other stuff would be in the same bathroom as me and other women. That would make me just as uncomfortable as it would a genetic woman.

The Other Liz

Elizabeth said...

Hey bother Liz,

Good to hear from you young lady. Well the transgender lie is beginning to fall apart. All the people on the BOD mentioned above will go back to companies they run or work at and they will understand the difference. It will take time but only if a company is openly okay with transvestites and the like running around as they please will the term win out.

The old Liz

Anonymous said...

Should the reader of your essay conclude that since you speak ONLY of (and ostensibly for) transsexuals who have been fortunate to be able to afford vaginoplasty (and whatever other surgeries you deem from your lofty self-righteous seat of supremely correct judgement to be requisite to meet your qualifications for meeting YOUR definition of transsexual), that a transsexual who cannot afford vaginoplasty is not transsexual and should be required to risk extreme danger of violent attack, battery and even murder by having to use male restrooms?

Perhaps the reader must conclude that you advocate that state funded vaginoplasties shall be provided to those transsexuals who are not as financially privileged as you?

Yes indeed, you come across as a higher than thou snob and possibly a bigot who believes that you are somehow better than thus far non-operative transsexuals or that you are a 'true' transsexual (with those unable to yet afford surgery being fake or phony transsexuals, or as you so arbitrarily simply lump them in with EVERYBODY EXCEPT FULLY POST-OP TRANSSEXUALS as 'fetishistic transvestites',)because you have been able to afford all the bells and whistles that meet your parameters for what constitutes a transsexual. If it quacks like a bigot- oh, excuse me...a snob and it swims like a snob...

What restrooms would you have the law require to be used by pre-operative transsexuals who are fulfilling their clinically required "real life" pre-op womanhood?

Do you hold that your discomfort endured from the daily constant unwanted advances from people in whom you have no interest to be more important that the life and death safety of all pre-operative transsexuals? Yes, that certainly raises the ugly spectre of bigotry by official definition!

Anonymous said...

Addendum to the above: Yes, I am a pre-operative transsexual and although I cannot afford complete surgical modifications at this time, at age 51 I very well might choose to not undergo those scalpels at all if for no other reason than the potential risks of complications (MRSA included as just one of many) at my mature age. And NO, I have no interest whatsoever in watching you or anybody for that matter do ANYTHING in a bathroom!

Elizabeth said...


Your comment has absolutely nothing to do with this post. Were you lost? Have you lost your mind? Do you have a mind?

That said you have obviously not read much of what has been written on my blog. I have never once said I was better than anyone else and just for your pathetic edification i worked my ass off in order to have the funds for my surgery. I was cut off from my family funds because I was transsexual and unlike some whiny nitwit like you I worked hard for the money and had no fear of surgery in a time when fear of the surgery was relevant. Your fear is just an excuse in these times.

So you decide to call yourself a pre-op transsexual which gives you the right to wear your girly clothes and ply dress-up at 51. I have always advocated that pre-operative transsexuals have the right to use the bathrooms of their correct sex. This is just another example of complete lack of reading comprehension on your part.

Maybe you should consider a reading comprehension course at a local Community College. You obviously lack that basic skill.

Anonymous said...

So much vitriole here which is really quite sad. It is possible to disagree on thing without getting angry or being hateful. In my case I consider myself transexual because:

1). I dont like my male body and wish to look and live as a female.
2). My male body makes me very unhappy and sad.
3). I feel I think more like a female and have always been attracted to females and female things.
4). I am transitioning right now finally and it is like a big weight lifting off me.
5). My doctor and therapist both say that I am.

I know these things (and more that I didnt mention) are not very scientific. I describe myself as transexual though because I dont know what other term to use. I am not a cross dresser or transvestite certainly but it seems from some of what I read here that I am not transexual either. That is okay, they are just words - to me - so I am not harmed any but it is confusing.