Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It is tough for Truth Purveyors these days

This blogging world has become such a hazardous venue for those that purvey the Truth.  It is such a bitter battle out there getting their version of the Truth accepted as plain fact even if they have no facts to actually back up their versions of the Truth. It seems like it is a very tough world out there for the Truth purveyors.  Just ask them they will tell you and they want your sympathy now.

Of course if anyone attacks them may the good lord help the attacker. Oh yeah, by attack they mean anyone that would so much as dare question their version of the Truth. Purveyors of the Truth are never wrong and are never required to actually back up what they purvey because obviously it is the truth because they are purveyors of the Truth.  They are the Truth police and they often have their own Truth Squad they sick on the non-believers.

The irony of Truth purveyors is they often seem to squabble over the same truth(s) and that is where it becomes troublesome for the rest of us. Isn't it a dichotomy or impossible for two polar opposite versions of the same truth? They fight over their versions of the truth viciously.  I could say like cats and dogs but mine like each other. These Truth purveyors do not like each other.

The eerie part of being a Truth purveyor is sometimes you need to slide your version of the truth a little to the left or maybe a smidge to the right but is the other version of your truth now an untruth? Then there are others who do not even realize they are changing their version of the truth from post to post.  We all contradict ourselves because we are human and I am no exception and I am often wrong and easily will admit it if and when I am. The problem with being a purveyor of the Truth is people like me and others that simply say you are wrong and ask them to prove they are correct.

How dare any non Truth Purveyor ask a true Truth Purveyor to backup what we should know is the obvious truth. If anyone does they are attacked viciously and on a personal level. In the world of the transsexual the favorite is to accuse one of being something horrible like a transvestite, cross-dresser, fag, gay boy, and sundry other derogatory pejoratives or pejorative phrases.  They enjoy spreading the pain around and hurting everyone they despise by claiming the questioner is not who they are and one of "them".  They did this with me and in what can best be described as a possible personal failure I responded.  OK, I am Welsh and I do not consider it a personal failure since I am not turning the cheek to some pathetic Truth Purveyor.

Funny how Truth Purveyors never answer the question but make the questioner the issue isn't it? Very male if you ask me and yes that was a shot across all their bows.

Well it seems that I have now been categorized by a certain truck driver of having raped, terrorized, and attacked her fearless leader or the Blue Queen of Mean and a noted Truth Purveyor. At the same time she is hinting there is an apropos comparison to MLK with her Queen the Truth Purveyor. I will get to the rapist and terrorist part shortly but first you stupid fool how can you dare even intimate that Aria Blue is apropos of Martin Luther King you pathetic sycophant. Aria Blue is a Hate Purveyor and because after trying to destroy me the Hate Purveyor is running for cover does not make her apropos of anyone other than other similar Hate Purveyors.

I have seen some hubris over the years but comparing Aria Blue to MLK is insulting beyond anything I can recall. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Any time you like we can go over the chronology of who said what about whom and I can assure you I responded and never started it and you know that. If you give it expect to get it back and that is what irritated Aria so she attempted to use her Truth Squad to attack anyone that questioned her and that was me.  Everyone knows who they are.

Right now they are fawning all over Aria because Aria has in theory shut her blog down. I am assuming they want her to perform a Resurrection on herself but I am not sure it is that easy getting off your own cross after you have nailed yourself to it. I cannot wait for the T-Central headlines announcing Aria is back to save the Transsexuals. It will be the second coming of Aria.

I have never really had a foot in this insane battle.  I was once transsexual and do not want to be under transgender but I also do not feel the entire world is out to get the "classic" transsexuals such as the Truth Purveyor and her squad. Aria wanted to promote her version of who is and who is not transsexual. In order to do that you need someone to hate and I am afraid certain fools in the Transgender community are easy targets and she jumped with both feet. You are also required to discredit any other transsexuals that you feel do not fit into your own neat and myopic view of who is transsexual and thus we came to me and my life

Now to the comment I raped Aria.

I’m still across the street, trailer still attached, millstone weighing heavily, when I spy a link on Facebook from a friend’s profile professing the greatness of a certain blog.  The same blog that attacked and terrorized and raped my other friend.  How apropos.

Aria was not raped by anyone and it is just another attempt by her loser sycophants to promote their Queen as a martyr. I gather you have conveniently forgotten what Aria has said to people who have opposed her over the years.  People that never said a cross word to Aria were vilified on her blog by her, you, and the few other sycophants that followed the party line. They were called vile things and the Truth Queen morphed her Truth to fit her pets.

You need to get a way-back machine lisalee18wheeler and learn what your Hate Purveyor master said about you way back when. People like you were vilified and if any of her long term sycophants were honest they would admit to that but I am sure she apologized to you profusely as her Truth Squad shrunk. One cannot be a good Truth Purveyor without a good Truth Squad.

I will assume you meant rape as in:

An act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation: the rape of the countryside.

Nope didn't do any of that either. Questioning someone is not plundering or violent abuse.  What Aria has done to people has often approached abuse but it was never violent and I have given in return what I received. Sorry for not being a compliant little pupil of your Messiah but intelligent people defend their position without resorting to questioning the questioner and ignoring the question. Aria never defends her position because after all she is the Purveyor of Truth.

Now we get to terrorized:

1. to coerce or control by violence, fear, threats, etc.
2. to inspire with dread; terrify

Are you implying I somehow terrorized Aria Blue? I have the copy of the email sent to her asking if what I learned was true.  If she wants I will update it so everything is truthful and she can authorize its release.  After all didn’t she try to do that to me but failed miserably? Don’t get mad just get even or never screw with the Welsh.

The only terror was the simple fact she was fearful people would learn she is a total fraud. Well she is a fraud and along with that a deadbeat father among more than a few misconceptions she has conjured up as the Purveyor of Truth. As a Messiah she should realize the truth shall set you free or one can just run for cover. She chose the latter. There is not much worse than being a deadbeat dad.

If she had told the truth about herself and been honest about past mistakes and actually practiced what she is now claiming she did, her last post is beyond disingenuous by the way, there would be no issues. My being was challenged and I responded but I do wonder how such an amazing empath and such a transcendent force as Aria could possibly be raped or terrorized by anyone? Those are her words by the way and not mine as was everything I posted about her.

The Purveyor of the Truth was fearful of the truth. Now how apropos is that?


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that I don't need a queen or anyone else to look up to or validate who I am. This Aria person sounds like a real judgmental person. Are there really people out there who follow her that closely and if so why???

Suzan said...

When I started my blog a couple of years ago Ariablue and her vicious crew showed up thinking I was simpatico.

When my partner and I came up with the Woman Born Transsexual meme some ten years ago a lot of people seized on it and tried to use it the way they use "HBS" and "Classic Transsexual"

But we never meant it to be used that way. For us it was simply a way of saying screw all the BS, transsexual is something you are born with not some pathology.

But it seem there are a lot of seriously messed up folks out there who thought being transsexual ade them really special and they are upset with the fact we're all over the place in all sorts of different varieties.

So they want to be purer and more transsexual than people who had the exact same operation they had.

Elizabeth said...

Susan you do understand what a Truth Purveyor is don't you?

Aria is one but she is no worse than many others out there. Your site is a Truth Purveyor because you sell your version of the truth such as one is transsexual if one has a designer vagina which is not true. All it means is you have a vagina unless one is transsexual and that is not necessarily the truth in my opinion.

I try not to be a Truth Purveyor but I do it sometimes but giving opinions is not being a Truth Purveyor. Sometimes I am good and sometimes I am not so good at making my opinion not sound like it is the truth so this not a shot at you but today the "truth is in the eye of the beholder" has never been more true. Guilty as charged once in a while.

Aria Blue here, Autumn Sandeen there, WBT up there, and so forth. As a Truth Purveyor Aria failed miserably because quite honestly truth and hate seem to be mutually exclusive most of the time. Funny how that works.

It is my failing that I really needed to get my payback and if I am honest it is revenge for what she said about me and did to a friend. I sometimes think we Welsh and Irish invented getting even. It is a failing and I admit it.

Some Aria's message is spot on or was at one time but her last 5 posts are delusional and the last one sits on the line between being Messianic and claiming devine abilities which is decidely unusual for a self proclaimed athiest.

I am confident Aria will get down off her cross and blog again. It is difficult for a Messiah to stay silent.

Susan said...

Suzan, that just gets so damn old.

You, like many of us, once said we were HBS…I won’t post the links where you said that not once but many times, but you know I can. You claim you were “fooled” and “suckered” into supporting that group. Fair enough; I understand that…so was I and many others. You spout over, and over, and over and over how you and your partner coined Women Born Transsexual. Hey, good for you. I don’t know anyone who has an issue with that term; I think it's a splendid term, personally. Why? Because you know, or should know if you’re capable of reading and understanding English, that Women Born Transsexual, HBS, Classic Transsexual, TS/TG, or True Transsexual are all attempts to differentiate transsexualism from everything else. Lord knows we've said it enough times, how could you not know that?

You don’t want any association with HBS and have disavowed it. Neither do I…and I’ve disavowed it as well, further stating that it’s the most divisive and screwed up thing to come along in a long, LONG while. What is the difference? There is none.

You like to harp about the “language police”, yet in absolutely knowing we are all talking about the same thing, you continue to insist that Women Born Transsexual is different. That simply BS. And, your continuing to link us to the Just Jennifers of the world is even more insulting.

Nothing you say is any more profound or different than what many of us say, and are continuing to say. And, to state that because we say – literally (do you know what that word means) – that Women Born Transsexual, Classic Transsexual, or True Transsexual, are different not better that those who aren’t…which is what we have said all along – LITERALLY - that because we say that we are somehow saying we are “better” or “purer” than them is disingenuous at best, sheer lunacy at its worst...and just reading into what we say as what you want to believe.

And, by the way, you say: “When I started my blog a couple of years ago Ariablue and her vicious crew showed up thinking I was simpatico.” Oh? Really? I don’t remember it that way. I remember you praising her thoughts in the comment section and putting her on your blogroll…same for Catkisser and others…eventually deleting all of them when they didn’t see things exactly as in the World According to Suzan mindset. You banned me because I simply mentioned that Calpernia Addams and Andrea James are hardly role models.

Get off your high horse, Suzan, and quit trying to set yourself up as the voice of reason.

Anne said...

Whew! Susan. Nicely said.

Anonymous said...

Damn I keep saying I’m out of this and keep feeling compelled to say something.

Transvestites have tried to present themselves as transsexual for years certainly since the mid eighties and probably before that. Transsexuals too busy trying to live our lives or too soft hearted, failed to defend our narrative and identities allowing the Virginia Prince nonsense to take hold in the mind of the public

The rubbish that has been said by so many of the transvestites or men in dresses who like to claim they are women and are transsexual had become so successful at purveying that lie as truth that we began searching for other ways to differentiate ourselves from them. However blow me down along came the transvestites again and demanded inclusion, too stupid and too soft hearted we again let them in. So yet more terms got coined by women tired of being obscured. Suzan you were around then you know that is true. It’s why you introduced ‘Women Born Transsexual” wasn’t it.

Once the lunatics gained control of the asylum we left these internet groups because we couldn’t stand the crap the TG were putting out there. HBS was one of them.

The difference of opinion that most seems to rankle with you is that you seem unable or unwilling to consider that there are a great many folks who install the latest “Designer Vagina” for quite different reasons than others. Dropping a chevy engine in a Jag oesn’t make the Jag a chevy. Installing a vagina on a watermelon doesn’t make the water melon a woman. Designer Vagina’s don’t make a transvestite a transsexual.

Now if you don’t agree with that fine! I don’t care it’s an opinion same as yours is an opinion. I happen to believe that it is the core or source of motivation to transition that is the most telling factor. Again that is simply an opinion based on observations of a large number of people while working in the field that have led me to that opinion. It does not come from hate of anyone or any group, insecurity or a high opinion of myself.


Deena said...

I think the whole never ending discussion is sad. What I observe in daily life is that the vast majority of people who are what I call hetero-normative have no problem distinguishing between men and women. I have friends in all "categories" and do not place rankings on anyone being better than anyone else. Another observation I have made is those who want to "get in your face" and demand recognition as women are those least recognized by society at large as "women". I admit my sampling techniques are subject to a large margin of error but those are my observations. Take them with a grain of salt.