Thursday, January 16, 2014

Chris Christie Vetoes Birth Certificate Change without SRS

The hypocrisy of this entire fiasco just burns me to be blunt. The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) in this post or the mouthpiece for men in dresses is outraged over this failure of Christie to support females with a penis and men with a functioning vagina. I congratulate Christie on his courage for openly making it plain that he does not support birth certificate changes without a sex change.

The NCTE is a rather sinister group in my humble opinion. They are now claiming this ruling is forced sterilization which is the claim used by all men that want to keep their pleasure organ, their dick, while playing at girl and our new found men who immediately act like the selfish men they claim they want to be but want to keep the organs that can give birth. In a way they are being even more misogynistic than the transgendered.

The NCTE has sunk to a new low by bringing children into this issue. The children they are talking about are transsexual and without question will have SRS as soon as possible. I understand the frustration of the parents but having a birth certificate that says female is not a barrier to discrimination or hate for their child. If they want to push for a law that allows these transsexual children to change their birth certificates then I would support that without question. If they wanted to have a provision that allowed people such as hemophiliacs to change their birth certificate I could support but that has never been the issue with these ultra liberal attempts to change the definition of female. It is for the men that want to keep their penis that these bills are put forth.

If your desire is to maintain your penis then why do you need to be represented by a false birth certificate that claims you are female when physically you are obviously NOT? This is a power issue for men pretending to be women and nothing less. If they have that piece of paper then they think they will recognized as female but that is untrue. To everyone, even their sex partners, they will remain something other than female.

Attempting to use children is low even for the NCTE. Remember they are their to protect the rights of men transitioning on the job and have never lifted a hand to support young transsexuals receiving early hormone intervention. They do not give a shit about the kids unless they can use them to promote something for the transvestites and crossdressers that now want to be called transgender. They have never lifted a finger to promote a single thing related to transsexual issues separate from transgender issues which are in most cases diametrically opposed to what a transsexual needs. They support men, not those born transsexual.

They insult everyone born transsexual by attempting to trivialize SRS which is so important to transsexuals. They support the removal of the term transsexual from everyday life because they do not support transsexuals.  They post fraudulent studies that have no basis in science or accurate polling like they are the truth.

They scream about "trans" discrimination while they discriminate against those born transsexual by claiming that a penis is the equivalent of a vagina which in turn discriminates against women so by definition they support misogyny because who they support harms women. Like everything transgender they are misogynistic because they support taking protections, rights, and spaces away from women based on the fallacious concept that a penis can be equivalent to a vagina because they say so.  I am waiting for their medical discovery that proves this invalid position.

They insult anyone that has needed SRS by claiming it is sterilization or worse only because the very core of their membership love their pathetic dicks.

I have no delusions about all of this because in this new world of political cowardice known as political correctness they will manage to get states to to bow to their wisdom (sic) which is something they have gained from a lifetime of being fucking men. They support the misconception that gender and sex are equivalent which they are most certainly not. They support the lunacy of Gender Confirmation Surgery which is some ethereal concept where the individual seems to get the right to determine what surgery is required to make them female or male. How convenient that is for them and their fellow men.

Change is coming and I am afraid it is going to be a Conservative wind that blows the politically correct back to their delusional and illusory fantasy worlds and unfortunately those born transsexual will be caught up in the backfire of the firestorm because we have somehow become transgendered when none of us ever were.

The irony of the National Center for Transgender Equality is simply that their equality makes women less equal and men more powerful but then isn't that what men want?


Anonymous said...

Curious isn't it?
How NTAC is diligently working "on our behalf" to change the laws regulating birth certificate re-issuance in all these states that already do it, so they can more accurately reflect your "gender"... of course, without all that messy surgery and the like... And yet? Nary a peep one... EVER, about the laws of Ohio, Tennessee, Idaho or big chunks of Texas that prevent a woman born transsexual from ever being able to correct her BC, even after surgery so she might marry or adopt, or have a family! Nope! Not one peep!
Just another stark reminder how they really and truly are men and how effing misogynistic "trans-women" are! Ya know? Julia Serano got it right when she coined "trans-misogyny..." it's just the definition "she" got all bollixed up!


Anonymous said...

I meant NCTE... oppsie!

Anonymous said...

I find it refreshing to find a politician with at least a modicum of backbone. Unlike most vote panderers, Christi is unafraid to stand on simple, reality based principles, and not knuckle under to the likes of Mara Keisling and his gang of political T-thugs.

As an unrelated aside, I have had the distinct displeasure of having met Mr. Keisling. He is the archetypical 'man in a dress'

Anonymous said...

As someone who has always wanted SRS, but has only recently been able to see that is finally going to become a reality, this is a thorny issue for me. Some born trans-sexed have barriers to overcome if they wish to procure surgery, mine were financial, and seeing clinicians who wouldn't know how to spot a genuine transsexual if their life depended on it.

I never looked at SRS as "forced steriliziation", because I've always classed myself as infertile, due to lacking the ability to give birth in the way most women born with the right anatomy can. As far as I am concerned, I am already sterile, and always have been. SRS won't change anything in that regard, because I've never used that monstrosity between my legs for sexual activity, and never will. So to all intents and purposes, I am sterile and infertile.

I've also heard men using the excuse about the risk of "losing sexual sensation" if you have SRS, as a reason why they don't want it. Again, why would this bother anyone born transsexual? The fact is it wouldn't. It only would bother those who are used to gaining pleasure from their male sex organs, and loving that too much to risk losing it. The risk of no sexual sensation post-surgery is tiny if you're using a reputable surgeon in the field, and besides, even if I knew for a fact I'd never feel sexual sensation post surgery, I would still have it, because I've always been a non-sexual being anyway due to having sex anatomy that feels completely unnatural to me, so I'd lose nothing, and gain an outer anatomy that at least looks and feels far more natural to me. What you've never had you can't miss, so if I never experienced sexual sensation post-surgery, it'd be no different to how things are now, except that I'd be free at last of that accursed, useless appendage. Even if I died during surgery, Id much rather that, than having to live the rest of my life with that "thing" between my legs.

I'd have had my birth certificate changed as early as I could, if I'd had the option of doing so, but of course, I was expecting SRS to happen much sooner than what unfortunately turned out to be the case. But I think in order to obtain a new birth certificate, at the least, a desire for SRS should be present, and proof must be presented that the person is at least taking steps in a process that will eventually lead to SRS. The only exception to this would be if someone had a medical reason why SRS couldn't be performed, but I believe such cases to be a small minority. Most don't want SRS, and wouldn't want it, even if it was totally risk free, and cost no money whatsoever to undergo. And that is because they love their male genitalia and reproductive capacity as males too much to ever seriously want female anatomy.

I'm glad militant transgenders have been shot down here, although as you say Liz, it's unfortunate that they will most probably drag those born transsexual down with them. Gaining new birth certificates for those born trans-sexed should be made easy and simple, but those like the NCTE care not one jot about our needs, and their use of "transgender" kids to further their aims is simply despicable.

Anonymous said...

This is a rare victory and probably a pyric one. I have little doubt that the militant TGs, will simply regroup and ally themselves with Christi's enemies already mobilized by the nefarious actions of his unscrupulous staff, which have, (rightly or wrongly), already been laid at his feet.

The tactics of the TG are similar to those of the militants of the Hard Left. Anything even remotely negative to their own case is either buried or dismissed as the bigoted and hateful rants of the opposition, bent on the "oppression" of all things 'trans'.

There is no reasoning with these tyrants of the created "majority". If you do not accept their hard left TG dogma you will be either assimilated, dismissed or destroyed.

While I thank God I am not long for this world, I weep for our children who will never know what it was like to have lived free.

Anonymous said...

No matter how you slice it, it really does boil down to the kids doesn't it? Look what is happening in CA! Unless the Christian Right is shy of the numbers, the law protecting the kids is going to come to a vote, and it will be voted down! Why? Because the "Trans-Activist have done such a bang up job of conflating everything from some deeply weird sexual kinks to a poor kid who only wants to rid themselves of a nightmare as all the same... Just as we've said all along... the back lash is coming and when it does, it will be the kids that pay...sadly, that day is getting ever closer!