Monday, January 20, 2014

A Brainless "Brain" -- The Kosilek Case

Well it seems Michelle Kosilek is back in the news as a Circuit Judge has found Kosilek is being punished as in cruel and unusual punishment for the butchering of his wife over 20 ears ago when he was found guilty of murder in the First Degree and sentenced to Life without any possibility of parole.

Since Kosilek is not in for "rehabilitation" but life I guess one must consider the creature comforts of a cold blooded butcher her garroted his wife so severely he nearly decapitated her and threw her body into the to rot and then called police claiming she was missing. He changed his story so many times it was impossible to keep up.

I will state here that I am opposed to the Death Penalty because all too often it is some poor minority getting gassed, fried , or injected to death without fair representation. The case of Kosilek was open and shut with so much evidence they could have convicted him 10 times over. They in fact arrested him at a Mall purchasing cloths for his female wardrobe since he was a transvestite then and part of the reason her butchered his wife is she was not exactly willing to fund his predilection.

Since Massachusetts does not have the Death Penalty Kosilek received life without parole but even the liberal prosecutor said if there ever was a case where the Death Penalty fit it was this one because it was a cold and calculated butchering of a vibrant young woman that had done not one thing wrong other than marrying a piece of human excrement.

In Walpole State Prison, aka MCI Cedar Junction Kosilek,decided he wanted to be a woman and has fought for 20 years to force the State of Massachusetts to provide said operation. Nobody that butchered his wife should have the right to become a woman. That is the act of a violent man and something that mainly men do to women. That bis a male thing and usually happens when said male is not getting his way.

The Transgender activists have come out in droves in support of Kosilek because they are men supporting another man. Lets be honest here, no woman would support this unless they were Kosilek's attorney which is actually what has happened.

Now the resident Canberra Australia Brain, sarcasm intended, has come out fully supporting Kosilek. In this pathetic post Brain claims that Justice delayed is Justice denied. Is it justice for Cheryl Kosilek? Hardly!!! She is dead and her parents never got to say goodbye. Their son never got to say goodbye. That son lost his mother on that day and has never forgiven his father.

When one receives life without the possibility of parole it is punishment and was never meant for rehabilitation. This case will eventually land in the US Supreme Court and that decision will be final but ironically it is the most liberal of States, Massachusetts, that is fighting this case because it is just wrong. The murder was described by the police as extreme, cruel, and premeditated yet somehow we as a society are supposed to have sympathy for this vile piece of human excrement. Not a chance.

Maybe the solution is to give Kosilek the sex change because then Kosilek will be transferred to MCI Framingham for Women and I am sure the girls there will have an open and welcoming party for a wife murderer which involves a few instruments not formally recognized as available for residents. Kosilek would last less than a week in Framingham. Maybe it is best that women get to deal out the final stroke of "justice" to this piece of garbage.. Somehow that does seem fitting in so many ways.

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