Thursday, September 29, 2011

The new SOC

I have not read it all but there are several things I do find interesting in the SOC. They are in no particular order of importance but here they are.

  1. WPATH in its wisdom uses the terminology Transsexual, transgender, and gender variant quite a bit and clearly in many cases differentiates between transsexuals and those that are not.  Why?
  2. Aversion Therapy is now considered unethical if used on transsexuals and I assume that means all trans people.
  3. They now allow kids to begin both blockers and hormones as early as necessary.
  4. They also screwed up the age kids can have surgery by aligning it with a criteria that could cause kids to wait until they are 21. It is weird how they seemed to understand other issues with children yet blew this one. Maybe I read it incorrectly.
  5. There is no longer a requirement to see a therapist before beginning hormones or being required to gain approval of a therapist for hormones.  That means no more silliness where some pre-op has to start RLE without at least some time on hormoes to help.
Looking at the first item it is apparent even WPATH understands there are different issues for transsexuals than for  cross-dressers and those that are gender variant. So why is it so important for the transgender crowd to keep transsexuals under the thumb of the transgender movement? I think the reason is clear. Legitimacy.

I think number 2 must be causing some consternation in Toronto in the Blanchard camp. Aversion therapy is a favorite technique of his and although it is not in any way similar to what I and others went through it is still not pleasant although not as violent. I must wonder if this is some sort of shot across the bow of Blanchard and his ilk as there seems to be a move away from the control shrinks, quacks, and idiots like Blanchard have in certain countries. I believe in Canada one must go through this asshole to receive government funding for SRS and for a child or even an adult that would give me the chills.

Number 3 is what I and others have proposed for a long time and what we few that help children on our own have been doing for close to 40 years with a 100% success rate although it is a small sample size. Getting either MTF or FTM children on their correct genders hormones and totally blocking puberty is so important and allowing them to go through the puberty of their correct sex is maybe even more important. It is amazingly soothing to watch you body feminize when you are a teenager as any genetic girl will tll you. For any MTF or FTM the correct puberty can be life saving and prevent any attempts at suicide which are prevalent in trans kids.

Number 4 is a weird issue. based on how it was stated surgery could be as early as 16 in some countries or as late as 21 in some states or countries. I think it should be revisited with a firm date of 16 being the earliest date. I believe that is a good time table but then I am biased about this.

Number 5 is a big one in some countries. I have read the horror stories of some later transitioners as they were forced to start RLE before any blockers or estrogen.  In my opinion this is a good decision and I am looking with interest at what happens in certain countries not named the United States where this has been a position taken by some facilities.


Anonymous said...

Can you please provide a reference to prove your assertion, "...transsexuals under yhe thumb of the transgender movement." Also what evidence can you cite to prove a transsexual is more legitamate than a transgender? Links please.

Teagan said...

Dont'cha just love anonymous, unsigned comments?

Anyhoo, John, (I don't know your name nor your gender so I use "John") ... here are some comments by a well-known trans activist. They certainly speak to your first question, and the suggestion in this quote that hetero transsexuals leaving the umbrella would somehow undermine those who identify as "queer" somewhat speaks to your second question.

"queer-identified trans women typically have to work hard to be seen as legitimate members of the queer community (whereas queer-identified trans men are often celebrated within those same queer circles).

This leads to one final point: As a trans woman who has had to fight tooth and nail to try to get the greater cis queer women’s community to acknowledge and embrace their trans sisters, the idea of removing transsexuals from the LGBT umbrella greatly concerns me. If it were to happen, I believe that it would severely undermine the modest gains that queer-identified trans women have made thus far. So we are left with a dilemma: Heterosexual trans women don’t feel like they are a part of the queer community, and so they understandably want to remove transsexuality from the LGBT umbrella. Yet, if such a move were to occur, it would have a strong negative impact on queer-identified trans women who still to this day struggle to be acknowledged, accepted and appreciated within LGBT circles."

Elizabeth said...


Well transsexual is a medical condition curable with surgery while your transvestism is a incurable with therapy. How is that one for starters asshole.

Including transsexual under transgender DOES effectively put transsexuals under the thumb of the banner of transgender which is almost exclusively transvestite or the new sanitized term cross-dresser. The transgender crowd have quite effectively moved the term transsexual out of the conversation and fools now believe when the term transgender is used they actually mean transsexual when in fact it is an attempt to bring a fetish into the mainstream.

How is that asshole.

By differentiating who the SOC deals with by using the terminology transsexual, transgender, and gender diverse WPATH is admitting that transsexuals are different and if I may be blunt yes a transsexual is both different and better than a transvestite because we have and can be cured. In many ways being a transvestite is a lifelong curse or maybe you consider it a blessing.

Either way you are a spineless little worm but in this one case I will give you your answers.

Anonymous said...

Only people in Ontario have to deal with the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health (CAMH) and Blanchard. Health care is a provincial responsibility.

Elizabeth said...


I thought I read somewhere that even other Provinces, not all, want the person approved by Blanchard and his silly brethren. They just love aversion therapy. It allows them to torture people legally.

You are certainly correct about not all Provinces using Blanchard. I have a real soft spot in my heart for Quebec.

I pray you are 100% correct Ariel. Nobody and I mean nobody should ever have to go through aversion therapy.

Kathryn Martin said...

In Nova Scotia CAMH approval for surgery is required before the Provice will even consider coverage. It all hangs on the medically necessary issue. In fact there have only been 3-5 surgeries approved ever because Zucker disapproved almost everyone.

Anonymous said...


This may illuminate the intention that can be construed as "under the thump" as referenced by Elizabeth.


Anonymous said...

And here is another example:

It's the Human Rights Watch report about the Netherlands that was published last month. It was heavily influenced by "Transgender Netwerk Nederland", a dutch transgender organization.

If you go to page iii you'll find their definition of transsexual people:

"The term transsexual people is sometimes used to refer exclusively to people who wish to alter their bodies physically, or who have already done so. However, this report uses the term transsexual people to refer to people who have a persistent desire to live and be accepted as members of the opposite sex. For some transsexual people, this desire may be accompanied by a sense of discomfort with, or
inappropriateness of, one's anatomic sex, and a wish to make his or her body as congruent as possible with their gender identity through surgery and hormone therapy. For others, the desire to live and be accepted as a member of the opposite sex is not accompanied by a wish to have hormone therapy and/or have sex reassignment surgery (SRS)"

Several transgendered persons were interviewed for this report (all provided by or members of Transgender Netwerk Nederland), leading to transphobic quotes like these:

"Why should I let myself be mutilated because I want an F in my passport? You must learn to accept your body. You can have a sex change operation, but they cannot change your body into that of a woman, it is impossible." (page 25)

The result? Our government is now working on a new law. In a few years time fulltime transvestites can get an F on their passport in the Netherlands and have their birth certificate changed, all because they are imposing as transsexuals. For years we had to educate the public and explain that we are not transvestites, and all this effort has been wasted now.


Anonymous said...


Curable my ass you elitist bitch!

Transsexuals claiming they are under the thumb of the LGBT is as valid as men claiming they are under the thumb of feminists.

Its the price you pay for spewing your passing politics in the
discourse. Your litmus test for authentisity bought you a ticket to the back of the bus, going the way side like misogynists, KKK, Nazi's, Religious Fanatics, Racists, Homophobes, and now YOU with your interalized transphobic Misandry are so blind to the fact that the game is over!!

You know deep down in places you don't talk about you cannot attach your REAL name to your self rightious screed because you don' t have the intellectual integrity to stand by what you write and be resposible for it.

If for any real reason you feel "under the thumb" its because you personally can't fathom refusing to follow your home made hole;
(vagina politics) long enough to know real people suffer from gender dysphotia notwithstanding all the mutilating surgeries available. So you invalidate them instead and rattle your saber at the fact you lost your power of "gate-keepers" a sorority of old gaurd sisters that said only the pretty may apply.

Thank god we've evolved passed passing politics.

This isn't a war. There are no front lines.


Stay the fuck out of the way your not helping.

Elizabeth said...


Wow, how illiterate can you be. What game are you talking about Mr. Anonymous?

So transsexualism is not curable??? Mutilating sugeries available?

"trans-phobic Misandry". I'll need that one explained because I "love" men.

What is the actual "Rescue Mission" I am missing??

Again we get the you are not out and open with your "real name" so I am not real and yet you hide behind Anonymous although I do know who this is and if there is one thing you are it is an intellectual lightweight. Actually imbecile is my first thought but then that would insult the imbeciles of the world.

Now go away yourself.

Anonymous said...


Actually Anonymous has a few good points sans his/hers personal beef with you.

Did you read the article I posted. It illuminated an interesting change in thinking at the advent of the internet circa 2000.

“The basis of the self-help, activist and political lobbying groups has quickened the decline of the legitimacy of the politics of 'passing' for the trans community and has provided both the catalyst and the mechanism for that decline. Previously, as Stone put it, it was 'difficult to generate a counter-discourse if one [was] programmed to disappear.'

Try that Point then Autority.


Elizabeth said...

@Black Swan

The internet was alive and well long before that and I was actually using it.

That comment was made by She Said the deranged loon that at one time claimed to be working with Children's LA with similar rants about no cure for transsexuals and we are just mutilating ourselves. She also claimed to be a med student and a PhD candidate neither of which are true.

Your points are only valid if one considers the transgender terminology to be valid for those of us that are transsexual. I do NOT.

Now you can can go way also if you believe any of the trite bullshit that an asshole like She Said posted.

Anonymous said...

Seems quite clear to me that your intellectual capacity falls well short of that which you attribute to yourself. You spout empty dogma with no substance and should therefore be ignored. By the way, foul language is a further indication of low intellect and poor communication skills.

Anonymous said...

"By the way, foul language is a further indication of low intellect and poor communication skills." ~Anon...AKA She Said

"Curable my ass you elitist bitch!" ~Anon...AKA She Said

So here we again have Ms. "schriveled dried up, never-been-used or loved, lezzy loser bitch-dog", spouting off on how "she", (and I DO use that term with a HUGE amount of poetic privilege)...spouting her hatefilled theories, just dripping with purple-green envy, because WE are getting bedded by REAL men with HARD cocks that would not even give "her" Lezzy Bitch Dyke Ass a second glance.

Let my crocodile tears begin to flow in earnest...NOT!

Anonymous said...

Harsh and not responsive to any of the arguments. Just ad homs; one after the other.

What ads fuel to my ire is Elizabeth's "I'm better than you (TG)" comments. Thank goodness your right down here with the rest of us humans, someone needs to deliver a kick in the ass. Just to remind you to be humble.

Misandry? Well if you consider TG, TV and CD men you sure spew a ton of "man- hate" at them.

Anne said...

Personanally, the only men and/or women that I dislike, distain or try to avoid are pompous idiots, sophists, and assholes. Why should Cd's, TV's Bull Dykes, or Sissy-Bois get a "special" pass?

This ain't T(g)-Central, "Alice".


Elizabeth said...


You obviously have reading comprehension issues. I have never said I was better than your TG, TV, and CD male friends. I have said I am certainly different because I was born transsexual and I have nothing in common with them which is why I believe those still transsexual should not be lumped with them. You have an issue with that which is your problem.

You obviously have no clue what an ad hominem is. It requires that your side of the argument be the truth and unfortunately your side of the argument is not the truth nor is it valid.

I am sure you are man enough to kick me in the ass but then that is to be expected since you are a foot taller than me.

Misandry is the hatred or dislike of men or boys. It is not a selective hatred or dislike it encompasses all of them. I actually do not hate all of them but I did hate one of them for a while but got over it and I would say we are still friends.

What I have is a total distrust of the TG, TV, and CD crowd their disingenuous attempt to force their belief that they should be considered women while in a dress and men when not. Sorry but just pick one or even join the gender diverse crowd and stop trying to legitimize a fetish. Let them tell the public they want transvestism a public option at work and anywhere they please.

What I find humorous about you self confessed activists is you myopic belief that anyone that opposes you intends to persecute you. It is typical of the elitist liberal view that only they know what is right and everyone else has no clue.

I am neither liberal nor conservative but I have opinions that you disagree with. You enjoy twisting and misusing words because you believe in your feeble mind it makes you sound intelligent when in point of fact it shows your total ignorance of the word usage.

I know who this is and I also know it is not She Said but someone posing as She Said to push out a rather obscene position although knowing how damaged this individual is mentally I guess turning her hatred into self hatred was to be expected eventually.

Unfortunately for you I know who posts comments on my blog or to be honest what ip and what city it was posted from. It is not enough to track anyone down nor would I use it for such but I know who this is so it is simple.


No signature or an incorrect signature at the bottom of an Anonymous post will force me to delete it. You can sign it BS for Bullshit but you better be consistent.

Now go away and read you dictionary and actually learn the true use of a word for once in your pathetic life.

Amber Powell said...

The approval by blanchard in ontario for government funded SRS is a moot point, there is no government funding for SRS in Ontario. It is most definetly not required in the few other provinces that fund it on the very limited bases that they do.

Amber Powell

Amber Powell said...

Further, no transexual person in the province of ontario has to deal with the CAMH. I have never been their in my life. I have a very nice, very knowledgeable doctor who has dealt with me from the start. I have never been required to see a therapist of any kind either.