Sunday, September 4, 2011

The mystery of the neoclit!!

I must have missed something somewhere along the way.  Did I? Certain individuals including one that likes to talk about "peeps", "WWBT" (White women born transsexual), scream racism about every 5 minutes, claim they have neoclits. One even boasts proudly her neoclit is 7 inches long. Now, I know what a clitoris is because I have one even if it was created by the plastic surgeon who helped my surgeon during my SRS. I know Neo was the character played by Keanu Reeves in the Matrix trilogy but that doesn't make any sense, but then neither does the term neoclit.

I did look up neo and this is what I found. (taken from Wikipedia) Neo in wikipedia

Neo is a prefix from the ancient Greek word for young "neos" (νέος) which derived from the Proto-Indo European word for new "néwos".
Neo means young or new so I guess that must mean this is a new clitoris or new clit or neoclit. The definition is rather odd since the normal female clitoris is not 7 inches long which leads me to believe they are talking about a penis. This is confusing because I am unsure who or even what fool would compare a  penis to a woman's clitoris. I know medically their might be similarities but there are major differences. The other issue is a clitoris is covered or hooded because it is highly sensitive. What do you cover a neoclit with? Is it the skin that surrounds the neoclit that is its hood or is it something else. Maybe it is a condom? Seems to me the only thing one could protect a neoclit with is a condom if it is as sensitive as a clitoris. Do they wear condoms all the time? There has to be some rationale behind this madness but I hope to work it out by the time I have finished writing this post.

Now since they claim to be women and have this humongous neoclit do they have labia also and more importantly are they called neolabia. I guess they could use the scrotum but wouldn't it be painful to tape it to a groin to form labia? Maybe that is why Sandeen had a orchiectomy.  It will be easier to create labia without balls. Very confusing isn't it?

The next question has to be a simple one. Do they have a neovagina?  I think it is only fair if they intend to use neoclit they must get the other parts in play that women and even corrected women born transsexual have. So we have accounted for the neoclit and the neolabia so there is one last thing. The vagina is next and for the neovagina the only viable body part is the anal cavity and it is close to where a real vagina should be and this one really does smell like shit quite often.

So it seems to me the neoclit crowd is replacing the clitoris with the penis or neoclit.  They are replacing the labia with the scrotum or now called neolabia with the question unanswered about whether it requires an orchiectomy. They create a neovagina with their anus and thus they are women or soe they seem to think.

I guess I am a little old school here but this kind of sounds like a lot of people I knew back in New York City. They worked the streets and escort services and were in high demand because of their fantastic neoclit which a lot of men seemed to enjoy being shoved up a certain part of their anatomy. We always got along because we did not tread on each other and we knew the differences. We all wanted to be real girls and they wanted to be pretend girls so the clientele could delude themselves into believing they were not what they really were. Only a few of them were truly transsexuals.  Those we embraced as sisters. The rest were friends with warts.

They were she-males and most were damn proud of it. They had a penis or was it a 7 inch neoclit that their boyfriends/clients seemed to enjoy so a rather clear analogy or comparison appears. Those claiming their penis as neoclits are she-males but only if they charge for its use during sex, but in a way we all charge for it.

Now most of us girls do sell ourselves in our own ways.  In my younger days I certainly never paid for a drink or dinner when I was on a date and gleefully accepted gifts from boyfriends and after surgery I certainly did enjoy quite a bit of sex so I guess maybe we girls all have a little hooker in us. The men were not clients but if they were nice and cute and if they took me to nice places they had a high probability of scoring as men like to call it.

Does that mean I can classify those with neoclits as she-males?  Probably not but it is tempting because they qualify if they want to keep a penis and men date them because they have "it". I wonder if they hood their  neoclits with a condom when in use? Funny but that sounds like a male thing but then a neoclit is not a penis, I guess.

Now I have several friends that would have been classified as she-males and they used their position to earn the money so they could get SRS because I guess they figured a neoclit still qualified them as men or worse yet she-males.There is nothing wrong with being a she-male because they provide a valuable service to tranny chasers and other perverts that like fake girls with nice neoclits. Tranny chasers are not bad people in general and as I guess as "peeps" go one could do worse although it is kind of perverse to like your "woman" with a neoclit to use it on you. That is an interesting concept but I am not going there.

What is between your ears determines gender but many are  wrong about something else. What is between your legs determines your sex and what is between your ears demands the between the legs parts match the sex identity the brain has. Just what kind of gender considers a penis comforting and part of the female sex? Isn't that a male thing although many of us girls do enjoy a warm one penetrating us in the heat of passion?

Are these folk with self described neoclits who intend to keep them she-males? Does being a she-male qualify one as a female, girl or the earned title of woman?  I find it baffling why any one describing themselves as a women would want a neoclit so large and be proud of it. I guess they now want to redefine the term female to include anyone that claims the title whether they have a penis or not or is that neoclit?

It is kind of disingenuous to claim a penis is just a very large and swollen clitoris but then these individuals are disingenuous to their very core. Must be maintenance issues why they keep a penis as a neoclit. If they want it to be a neoclit they could remove the skin covering and then it would be closer to a clitoris. I wonder if they actually do that but then I doubt the condom would stay on that version of a neoclit.

 Neoclits seem to be more of a problem than a benefit unless they use their neoclits.  I wonder how they use their neoclits? I guess I am just out of touch with the real world where I am sure everyone accepts the neoclit crowd as females and women. I must have spent to long away.

I guess the mystery of the neoclit remains unresolved.  Is it a penis or is it just an enlarged clitoris?


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Anonymous said...

Mystery or Transvestite word games?

Anonymous said...

LOL This one was funny!!! Me likey!!! BTW did you check out my new blog? I had to get away from the usual stuff for a while LOL.

Deena said...

Neo what?