Friday, July 15, 2011

Post operative transgender???

I have seen this terminology used in multiple posts and baffled by its meaning.  Well actually I would be if I was not the cynical asshole many think I am. I have been trying to rationalize what this actually means. Is it the final straw that indicates the TG world along with GLAAD and GLBT have finally lost their marbles? Is it a clear indication that the public just does not have a clue what transgender actually stands for.

In defense of GLAAD they were probably just trying to appease certain militant lesbian transgender activists by insisting that transgender was the correct terminology and transsexual was not because one would not like to leave anyone behind particularly when dealing with a cross dressing ex Navy individual masquerading as a transsexual under the guise of the transgender banner. I dare any transsexual to call certain transgender activists cross-dressers or transvestites. They will tell you immediately they are as transsexual as you are and throw in the elitist tag in an attempt.  They will abandon the dogma of the transgender umbrella faster than any rat off any sinking ship. Think of a certain transgender activist that wants to run for Us Congress in Arizona. She dropped Transgender like it carried bed bugs.

These clowns actually have media guides demanding the media use the term transgender instead of transsexual and what pronouns to use for people. Do you want to know how bad it has become? If someone says I am transgender we MUST believe them and are required by our friends (sic) at GLAAD and the GLBT (only the T there) to use the pronoun nacceptable to the gender expression desired by the individual in question. I wonder if that meant the US Airways employees that encountered the nutcase transvestite riding planes in a bra, panties, garter-belt, hose and heels were required to use she and her for HIM.

Now our friend(sic) Calie of T-Central is self described as the following from his profile:

I'm trans, non-transitioning, MtF, currently living in California, although I have lived many other places. I'm happily married. I love people, and enjoy meeting folks from around the world.

Yet according to nthe GLBT or GLAAD guides I would be required to use she or her when discussing him. Am I missing something here? Lives as a man; has not transitioned; but he is trans or excuse me transgender.  I wonder how overjoyed Calie or is it Carl, Calvin, or Fred, in the real world, would like if someone met him in public and started saying things like "hey girl" how are you plus only used female pronouns for him. I wonder when Calie and Anne met, I was told they did, if Anne used female pronouns for him in the only form he knows which is male? Awkward!!!

These lunatics have finally made me laugh.  Actually I laughed after I cried because the story was about a post operative transsexual that was murdered and described by the coroner as a post-operative transgender. It is not the first time I have read or heard of this usage but it really irked me primarily because it diminished this beautiful young black girl that had been viciously murdered because she was born transsexual not transgender.

Maybe it is a macabre sense of humor but excluding this beautiful child what exactly is a post operative transgender.

  1. a transvestite that had an appendectomy?
  2. a cross-dresser that needed surgery for a gall bladder condition?
  3. a gender queer individual that had corns surgically removed?
  4. a gender variant individual that had heart surgery?
  5. a transvestite that had sex reassignment surgery? Nope they don't do that do they?
  6. a cross-dresser that had sex reassignment surgery? Nope they don't do that do they?
  7. a gender variant that had sex reassignment surgery? Nope they don't do that do they?
 The only terminology that fits in this manufactured "transgender" umbrella is post-operative transsexual, yet you will not read one peep from a single one of them about this misuse of terminology for a simple reason. It gives the umbrella term transgender legitimacy. Take the less than 10% under transgender that in fact are transsexual  and they lose any claim at legitimacy because the vast majority are transvestites and cross-dressers. There are not many legislatures that are going to give them the rights of women or men which is really all transsexuals want. 

Transsexuals want to be accepted by society in our correct sex first and foremost while the rest under transgender want to role play when and if they feel like it.  When they role play as women they want to be treated as women but when they work as men they want the higher pay men receive. They want to change the quote,  you can't have your cake and eat it to", and have the cake and gorge on it with all the benefits of either gender at the time and place of their choosing. It is your typical male power play but come on guys not even you assholes believe post operative transgender is correct or do you???


Dawn1257 said...

I couldn't even imagine that a transgender identified individual would would be "post-op". To be post-op would only fit for a person identified as transsexual. But then, having been "diagnosed" as a transvestite by people here and the twisted attempts at logic and definitions exhibited by some, befuddle me.

So, yes. The only description that fits is post operative transsexual.

Anonymous said...

Take this "Bronx Cheer" with my compliments Dawn!


Dawn1257 said...

Ohh so lady like, Cassandra. You should be proud!

Anonymous said...

Naaaaaaaaa!Not really, always feel dirty dealing with your type.


Leigh said...

Is there really any need for such nastiness?

..... "one would normally have to go to a bowling alley"

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the occupation my post transition friends.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like typical media PC bull to me. They clearly don't really care. So I choose not to care about them. If there was 50 sheep and 1 goat in a herd, Im betting these idiots would still call them chickens just so they don't have to leave anyone out. Thats how retarded the entire media has became. I don't even know If you would call it media, more like public speaking. They just try to hard to please everyone with limited words. I doubt their limited brain potential can comprehend more in depth words to make a story actually worthy of being called "an article" "interview" etc. etc.
Guess thats why I gave up on media years ago.