Friday, February 21, 2014

Gender Politics Gone Mad

An employee of a catering company in Oregon is suing the company because she is "gender-neutral" and neither make nor female, she is physically female, because employees called her by female names such as lady, miss, little lady despite the fact she identifies as neither. Somehow I guess they were supposed to use "they" or maybe"it" as an identifier.

She asked the management to address all the employees and inform them that they should use gender-neutral something or other and the claim is the management did not. They are asking for over $18K in wages and $500K in damages.

She claims to be part of the LGBTQ but I am unsure where "it" fits in other than well I actually have no clue. Supposedly the plaintiff cried at work and home regularly because of this inhumane treatment. I have only one thing to say.


It is tough enough for those transitioning to gain acceptance and then we have some dipshit like this who is an obvious money grab with some frivolous lawsuit.She was upset because she was not addressed as "it" or "they"? This just proves my point that the Transgender activists and the Transgender followers do not care one bit about the results of their actions when it may harm those that will actually transition and live as women and I am actually including the non TS here because they are harmed by this.

I cannot wait to read how Sandeen and other activists claim she has the right to be an "it" which of course screws with the entire transgender paradigm because just how do you cross to "it"?

Maybe "it" can claim she is a chicken and demand to be called "cluck cluck" or maybe a jackass and be called "heehaw" which kind of fits perfectly/

What a crock but here is betting Oregon screws over the company and "it" gets paid. Is it really possible to discrimante against an "it"? 


Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thinks this is right out of Silence of the Lambs? "It rubs the lotion on it's skin or it gets the hose again? " Ewwwwww!

All kidding aside, despite the incredible sadness of a woman so hating her sex she would prefer to be addressed as an object. What is worse is her "Trans*" thinking that she not only has an expectation, but the right to determine how we experience her!

I'm sorry, but it just doesn't work that way! Sex determination of our fellow humans is inatly hard wired into each and every one of us. A newborn with no concept even of "other" sexes those around it, and it's done within a fraction of a second! Yet somehow if we are to be politically correct, we are supposed to magically parse out what "gender" someone "identifies" as, and more so what their preferred pronouns are. Despite any and all information our senses are telling us to the contrary!

I'm willing to humor the eccentric and deranged. But there's a line between humoring a delusion and attending the Mad Hatter's Tea Party and this chick is a mile past it!

Sorry but no. If you are gender fucking then it really shouldn't matter at all what pronouns are being used to address you, and if not, and your intention is to transition to the other sex, then the onus is upon YOU to change to fit the paradigm and not the other way around!


Anonymous said...

I am not so sure, MIKIA. Oregon is a very special place. With its fancy new TG protection laws, which are intentionally vague, lawyers are enjoying an open season on litigation. Just last year a local club was forced to pay $400,000 to a group of CD's who decided they had the legal right to express themselves as their "true" gender at the club on Friday nights despite the cost to the business in the form of lost revenues as other patrons found their antics offensive and found other places to patronize.

The "right to choose" with whom one must associate with, (freedom of association), and private property rights simply do not apply in Oregon.

In Oregon, you must accept/tolerate anybody and everybody, no matter how offensive. If you object to men in the ladies room, do not come to Oregon.

These actions also draws huge amounts of negative attention to those issues which have nothing to do with transsexualism, but which has a huge negative impact because of that very intentional but false association.

Anonymous said...


"...Sex determination of our fellow humans is inatly hard wired..."

Do you have any credible research to back that up?

I don't believe people see sex, what they see is a gender, or external appearance, but I'm open minded enough to see the research.


Elizabeth said...


Sex Identity is determined in the womb. The proof of that is intersex children that are "fixed" are often fixed incorrectly due to their sex identity and NOT gender identity.

For someone born transsexual it is their sex identity that is at issue thus we need to change sex. We do not change gender. Research is ongoing but the truth is quite incontrovertible in transsexuals.We need to correct our sex but then you and your gender pals dismiss that because it kind of conflicts with men in dresses.

everything has been co-opted towards gender as an all encompassing term and that is invalid. Gender is cultural while sex is physical and transsexuals have a physical issue that needs to be fixed which is the dichotomy between transsexuals and the transgender liars.

Anonymous said...

Oregon is one of the most fucked states in the nation next to California, they have some of the stupidest laws and the tree hugers ran out the few decent people who use to call it home. So it is no surprise this air head comes along and gets support for it's cause.
And before you comment BS, I lived in that state before and during the time it became the shit hole it is today.


Anonymous said...

@BS There you go again, BS, conflating, (or attempting to conflate), sex with gender.

Haven't you figured it out yet, BS? Your Bull Shit just won't fly around here. Not enough men in dresses. Why not try Tranny Central or Lot's of trans-suckers there.

Anonymous said...

Fer shits sake BS... Go ahead...I dare you! Try and NOT see men and women as you walk down the street...... Go on...I'll wait... no? You can't! Well then! Maybe it just takes a little self education to rid yourself of your gender binary toxicity!. I know what! Next time you go into a store, a restaurant, clinic, office, airport... I want you to, and this has to be before you say anything period... after all we don't want to be insulting and all trans* phobic do we by misgendering someone? I want you to say, "What gender do you identify as and what are your preferred pronouns?"

I mean you never can tell just by looking can you! Doing that would be just wrong! That hulking guy with the beard and the tattoos and the Harley might just identify as trans with a side of nutrois and want to be refereed to as zim zot zam? Or take that petite woman asking if you would like something to drink before your meal! She, (I know my bad) might really be a gender queer and only respond well to they, them, or hey you?

Awkward? Oh Nooooooo! It's just a necessarily step, particularly for an trans activist and role model such as your self in re-educating the world don't you know! Why I bet after a few days, saying that will be as easy as falling off a log! And think of the great good you will be doing for the "Trans*" community!