Thursday, September 30, 2010


I am not into the political crap that goes on in the TS/TG community. I was once a transsexual, transgendered, or a tranny and I am not offended by any of the terms. They are just words. I am a woman now but I was born transsexual and it is part of my past and not something I am ashamed of other than the silly bits between my legs which were such a bother until removed.

I am a heterosexual woman but I understand many of my sisters are not and it bothers me not one bit. Find love and happiness anywhere you can.

The picture is a favorite and was taken by a friend shortly after surgery in my first bikini in a roof top pool in Manhattan. Just your average girl next store trying to figure out how to fill out a bikini so the boys would notice.

I grew up on the East Coast and went to University in the Midwest and I guess I would be considered over educated.

There will be some posts on serious issues occasionally but more often I prefer the lighter side of my life and I enjoy laughing at myself because I have done some weird things in my life and have had some moments that were initially bothersome but in retrospect very funny. If allowed by several friends I will re-tell some funny stories they encountered during their lives as women born transsexual.

Life for us is not all doom and gloom so I hope someone decides to read this blog and gets a laugh or might realize how much fun it is to just be the girl we so desperately wanted to be.


Leslie Ann said...

Welcome to Blogistan, Elizabeth! Nothing wrong with over-educated, especially when blogging. I bet you have some stories. I look forward to hearing 'em.

Anonymous said...

OMG I am soooooo excited that you are doing a blog. The world needs to hear your story. I love talking to you and I am sure that a lot of people are going to learn from what you have to say not mention that you have such a talent for writing anyway. Woot Woot to the other Liz!!!!

Lori D said...

I'm not sure if we've ever met (online) that is, but I value blogs like yours that continue to tell the positive story of finally coming through the transition tube and living the life you were meant to. I transitioned over a year ago and see myself so much more like having BEEN transgender but plainly see myself as a woman now. I look forward to seeing your positive writings.

Veronica said...

I've written a few comments already, but I haven't introduced myself properly. :) I'm the one who answered your request in T-Central and added a link to your blog. Since then, I've popped in occasionally, but I hadn't followed until today nor had I added you to my too-full RSS feed. But your blog is on there now, and I imagine I will be chiming in with comments from time to time (since I tend not to be very quiet). Thank you for giving us your own point of view!

Amanda said...

Hi :)

I wanted to introduce myself and ask permission to occasionally respond on your blog.

I am a thirtish person transitioning m->f(which is taking longer than I would like due to finances) and I first came on Aria's site as GenderQuestioning where I am now a glorified sock puppet (who never plans on appearing again as I respect people, however hateful, too much).

My life has and continues to be unique.. My voice didn't change a huge amount at puberty (people mistake me for my mother on the phone) and I have many other issues that are probably related and not exactly T-issues. For example, I have had low libido (probably hormonal) for a long time and am shaky in my sexuality though I am pretty sure that I am primarily attracted to men and unsure if I could ever have sex with a female.

I am personally in the blogsphere to find support and to provide help support and intelligent debate(and maybe a little politics for causes I love dearly). I feel that the transgender and transsexual communities are not honest and that far too many people transition out of shame or make less than optimal life choices. I first tried to transition at 22 and what I saw has scared me. I would prefer to have a place where people with real problems can deal with them sanely and get the support they need. I met a lot of older ts people and I needed to feel supported, I needed to feel like I had someone I could talk to about all the things I had to bear in silence and tears growing up.. instead I met a glorified masquerade and a community I could barely relate to. I can love and respect difference but at that age, I *needed* help.

I don't care if people don't see me as a true transsexual. There has been a lot of confusion in my life and while I have tended to identify primarily with women, I don't know if I can categorize myself that way. My truth is that I have large hips and a not overly masculine body and while I don't like what testosterone has done to me, I was not someone born entirely wrong. I feel like I crossdress every day of my life living as a male and I feel that living as a female is closer to who I am and more honest. I am a creature between worlds chosing the world that sings closest to my heart and hoping that I will not be a forever damned freak for the choices I make. I feel like a freak now because god made me and man made sure that I could never have any aid but prejudice and the understanding that if I took steps to try to makeself feel more normal and comfortable, that I could end up more of a freak and have to struggle harder to survive.

I am tired of this. No matter what I am, this world of prejudice, this world of judgment, this world of ill informed choices and false truths.. it must get better. The cycle of growing into adulthood only to have your nature crushed under the weight of prejudice and terms like fag.. please, let it end.

People like you give me hope :)