Friday, November 2, 2012

Update on Colleen Francis

Well I have come across the actual Police Report from Evergreen State College and there is no reasonable doubt any longer that Mr. Francis did what he did on purpose. Mt Francis deliberately exposed his male genitalia on multiple occasions.  He sat in the sauna with his legs deliberately spread wide to display his junk.

The following Police Report explains this clearly at the bottom of the report.  It was always a little unclear whether or not he actually exposed himself but he did and he exposed himself to girls under the age of 18.

All of the assholes and complete losers in the Transgender Community supporting this obvious pervert need to have their collective heads examined. This is an unconscionable action taken by a man looking for a thrill.  In his own personal profile, on several sites linked to in a  previous post on this blog, he has self-identified as enjoying his male junk and liking sex with girls and has stated categorically he has no intention of SRS. If he had any intention of SRS he never would have exposed himself because no transsexual would ever do that.

Mt Francis is a predator and if those in the Transgender Community cannot see through this guise of his then they need to be prepared for the backlash. If one truly believes they are a woman then they would never expose themselves like this to underage girls.  Only a sick piece of shit like Mr Francis would do that.  Mr Francis is obviously proud of his junk and those of us that want to fight to prevent those not corrected by SRS from ever entering any female spaces like locker rooms, saunas, showers, and etc. would like to thank this dipshit for providing the male poster dipshit for any politician to easily deny such access anywhere in the USA.

Girls and older females should not be subjected to such sexual aggression and believe me a man sitting with his legs spread wide to make sure every female entering the sauna sees his junk his taking an aggressive action. He sat in clear view of girls changing into their swimsuits so I am sure Mr Francis also got his jollies off that way.

As I said before the girls lost their Prop 9 support so this pervert could "play pervert" in a female only area but in its infinite political incorrectness Evergreen State College has decided to support a flasher as has the local DA who is afraid to prosecute.

It really has to make any parent wonder if their children can ever be safe from such obscene and deliberate actions of some dipshit claiming to be transgender or to be blunt from anyone claiming to be transgender. When people up there think about transgender they think of pervert and flasher. The sad part is assholes in the TG claim these kids need to be "educated" that a man is a woman even if he has junk and flashes them with it.  Somehow that seems counterproductive.

I personally have been contacted by multiple organizations against allowing anyone, including pre-operative transsexuals, into female spaces, other than bathrooms, if they have not had SRS.

The simple truth is a woman would not do something like this to a girl or other women for that matter because they would understand how threatening it is to any female. Isn't it funny how the Transgendered find this a perfectly sensible and rationale act but then some men do like to flash their junk but they are usually arrested as sex offenders but of course Mr. Francis was trying to teach these girls that he was as female as them except he had a very large clitoris and extra large hairy ovaries exposed for breathing room.

I would say shame on anyone in the transgender community that could support such an affront but then I have recognized for a very long time the only standards the TG have are little to none and little left town with Colleen Francis.

My only suggestion for those in the Northwest would be to get a referendum vote on the next election cycle and have this total bullshit squashed and hopefully anyone that provides assistance to Evergreen State College will pull such financial assistance.

It just goes to show you can put an ugly man in a bad clothes and worse makeup but no matter what they do they will never ever understand what it means to be female or a woman because no female nor any woman would ever do that to a young girl or for that matter another woman.

What goes around comes around and let us hope something comes Mr. Francis' way. Maybe a civil lawsuit could be brought.  I do not condone violence but there are times where a good dope slap can help people but then again as a gun enthusiast I bet Mr. Francis is packing more than his pecker and balls.


Anonymous said...

I would like to propose this one fact. You were not there when the "incident" occurred. Neither were most people assuming and/or passing judgement on what actually happened that day. As someone who is intimately familiar with what did happen, I can tell you that no police officer ever spoke with either Ms. Francis or her friend, and that the young women in question were actually IN the sauna facility, a place where, by the contracts signed by their high school swim teams, they were not allowed to be. It would be most lovely, I believe, if anyone at all would attempt to actually contact anyone involved that evening, of which there were only a handful. But, this does not appear to have been done, and so. . . . I just want to let you know that you are judging completely on hearsay and propaganda. Have a lovely day and a wonderful weekend.

Elizabeth said...


Heresay? This is the actual police report which is the eyewitness testimony of the victims and yes they were victims. Colleen Francis is a man and my judgement is that nobody with a penis and a set of hairy balls belongs in areas were any female, regardless of age, is dressing,showering, or in any manner not expecting a man to be in full view with his junk visible.

Thanks for making my point that the and their TG apologists have their collective heads firmly up their butts. If those were your daughters how would you have felt? Oh right, it was a teaching moment! Despite his hairy balls and body Mr Francis is as much of a female as any of those girls.

Nobody claiming to be a woman would do that to a young and impressionable girl(s). I would suggest you read up on your pal Mr Francis and learn of his sexual proclivities but then I am betting you already know he is into BDSM, lots of sex with women with his junk even though he is a lesbian, wink, wink.

A pervert is a pervert and a sexual offender is a sexual offender and they can pass some silly law that allows them to get away with it but then I am betting you think Mr Francis did nothing wrong.

Nicky said...

Here's more on the story of Mr Francis from GallusMag's blog;

Also, it makes me wonder why any Trans sane enough would want to defend this creep knowing that creeps like Mr Francis will suck them down the drain and basically put an end to the trans movement. Maybe it's why some of the more sane & smarter trans are staying far, far, far away from the INSANE branch of the trans community.

The way I see it, anyone in the Trans community who defends people like Mr Francis, should have their Trans card yanked from them and have their Trans privilege REVOKED.

Anonymous said...

jeezusfuckingchrist @Anon-634am:

There is a police report available. The exposure is documented. Unfortunately, my guess is that it is precisely and only because of the fuckwittery of statutes being passed that invalidate conventional notions of biology that Mr. Francis is not being prosecuted for the felony that took place. As the conduct was described in a report from a commissioned peace officer with a government entity, it is clear that Mr. Francis is a sexual predator who OUGHT to be facing prosecution and placement on the sex offender registries.

Male genitalia has NO place in female-segregated space and Mr. Francis has no place in a women's locker room, even moreso when it is occupied by minors (remember, the high school girls who have now been displaced by Mr. Perv).

Hopefully the introduction of legal representation on behalf of the minors will result in some changes to keep Francis and his ilk out of female space...

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, small correction, and point of contention; this report isn't testimory, nor is it considered eyewitness testimonry in a court of law. The eye witness may have signed a affidavit or declaration under oath, attached to this report, which it may the the case, but until she speaks under oath and can be cross-examined this "report" isn't considered eyewitness testimony. A witness can be cross-examined a piece of paper with writing on it cannot. This is a 14th Amendment issue (NB: The 5th offeres you the right not to tesitify).


Michelle Leanne said...

At this point, I think that it is painfully obvious that "Colleen" does not pass well enough as a woman to be in ANY locker room situation. Don't give me crap about "those girls were not supposed to be there". It is a GIRLS locker room. At ANY time there could be young girls there. It sure seems that they had no question about the gender of the person that they saw. THEY DID NOT SEE A WOMAN, THEY SAW A MAN WITH HIS MALE PARTS.

I don't care a rat's ass what the rest of you remotely looks like: if you SHOW a penis - MALE - PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Leanne said...

Sorry but I forgot to ask "Anon" a question. If you were there then you need to answer just one, single question.

During the time that "Colleen" was in that locker room / sauna / female space: was there ANY brief moment when "Colleen" was exposed below the waist where someone else could "possibly" see?????


"Colleen" has no right to female spaces.

Elizabeth said...


Giving false information to a police officer is not something one wants to do. There is no question he scared the shit out of the girls and in my opinion this pervert did it on purpose.

Washington is a cesspool of liberalism and the law that allows this predator into girls or female spaces is insanity and should be changed. Mr. Francis is a snake and he is as transgender as a telephone pole.

He claims his therapist told him he was a lesbian. How convenient but also how unethical of the therapist.

Personally I hope the lawyers bury both the school and Mr. Francis. I find it hard to believe they can impanel a jury that would side with that thing.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record you can add my outrage to the growing list of women who have had quite enough of this invasion of privacy. It is also an act of sexual aggression and threatening by it's location and targeted group of victims. Yes these young girls are victims of this lowlife. There is no doubt in my mind he must be stopped and all of those like him stopped. Enough is enough.


Nicky said...

Here's more to the story from Cathy Brennan

Anonymous said...

This WOMAN (who WHO author, should recognize and respect as such) is good friend of mine. She is the most compassionate, tolerant, sweet person I have ever met and works every single day to promote equality and safety for all gender identities. Your blog entry is more than hearsay, it is FLAT OUT LIES. You weren't there, you didn't speak to her, you haven't spoken to school administrators, you read some news articles which, like your blog, are full of bias and hatred and confusion regarding non-conforming gender identities. You should be promoting safety and love for everyone, rather than writing hateful lies.

p.s. The "children" involved weren't kids, they were 16 and older, AND the sauna is an 18+ area per school rules. THEY were in the wrong for even being IN the sauna. At least get your information right.

Anonymous said...


Now now... going a bit far to suggest punishment for ALL those identifying as TG; are you not? What kind of blanket indictments are you proposing?

This is your usual M.O. as characterized in some of your other arguments on the now de-bunked TS-Si.


Elizabeth said...

@Anon 6:14 PM

Mr Francis is not a woman under any circumstances because simply he is playing his male game of dominance. The school has never said the sauna was 18+ and why would they have to put up dividers in the locker room. Mr Francis was parading around his junk.

Nobody with a penis should be in any area where females will be present in states of undress. It is morally reprehensible you and disqualifies Mr Francis from eer being considered a woman.

He is a male transvestite as he has described himself on multiple blog sites and sex oriented and BDSM sites where he has said he likes his junk and has no intent of removing it. He is also in BDSM and likes sex with young girls which is what a lot of men like.

If he is your friend you should choose your friends better. A transvestite does not have a gender identity problem, he has a fetish just like BDSM is a fetish. You should read up on your so-called friend.

No pre-operative transsexual nor any non op transgendered individual should be in places while still carrying male bits except for bathrooms which always work themselves out.

I am not worried about the safety for a gun loving man dressed as a woman or in this case in his full male glory invading female places of safety. I am worried about the safety and equality for women and if you have a penis you are not a woman. The bets you can call yourself is a she-male.

Just because some dipshot throws on an ugly outfit, puts on garish makeup and then claims he is a woman makes it a fact. Females and women have a vagina not balls and a penis.

You and your fellow TG pals can try all you want but these silly laws will be reversed because they are wrong. More benefits for men in dresses over women's rights to privacy has anything to do with equality. It is just men trying to push their fantasy onto women and making women the problem when the real problem is some fetishistic male transvestite.

loremrn said...

I agree with you Elizabeth. He is "exposing" himself. He should be labeled a sexual offender. You will never convince me that there is not some sick sexual motivation behind his actions. I feel for transgender people and thank god I have not had to personally live with this huge personal crisis that goes against we as society consider normal. If this is so normal why have we not heard of more cases of transgender people using the locker room and exposing their pre-surgical bodies and everyone being okay with it. If I was a transgender person I would be offended by his actions. He puts other transgender people in a very negative light.

Elizabeth said...


Well there are those of us that were born transsexual and were cured with SRS, like me, or waiting or planning for SRS and I can assure non of us would ever consider or would have considered doing something like that. There are a large percentage of the transgender crowd that consider this okay because 97% of the transgender crowd is made up of transvestites and cross-dressers.

Even at my age now I would scream bloody murder of one of those dipshits did this in front of me. It goes along with the fact they are exhibitionists by nature.

Anonymous said...

B S F**** Off I'm at the end of my patience with this and you. YOU need to wake up up and get off the Kool Aid.


Janie said...

Hi Elizabeth!

Would it be ok if I posted a link to your blog on mine? I think we have the same feelings on this subject and I greatly admire your strength in speaking out in support of the victims of colleen francis.

The link to my blog is

I truly hope you have your surgery soon and that you live a happy life!

Miz Know-It-All said...

I have an unclockable young friend nearing the end of her transition, the worst now behind her as she readies for surgery. She correctly IMHO uses female facilities including the locker room but the chances she would ever, under any circumstances get into a situation where anyone might even accidentally glimpse what has yet to be corrected is like zero! She KNOWS she is there on strictly probational status until after surgery and she treats it like what it is! A very revocable privilege that is granted her under very limited rules... as it should be! There was no way She would have been in there at all during the time when she was still between pillar and post and in fact, she only started to enter such places here in the last few months. Even still, when she is, she is only there to do what has to be done, such as change, which she does behind a closed curtain, and then she gets the hell out as fast as she can! It is not yet her space and she knows it!

It is the contrast between this behavior of her's and the sheer glee that the trans exhibit when they are using "THE LADIES ROOM! that bugs the shit out of me!

Despite being called every horrible hateful thing in the book, I really am all for freely and fluidly expressed gender! How you dress is your business, though that said, it is not incumbent upon me to have to like it or to respond to it other than civilly! But expressing yourself counter to what is the norm for your sex does not make you the other sex!

What must happen and soon, is for the TG, mtf and ftm to man up one and all and force the issue of safety within the same sex facilities, rather than to be such wimps and forcing their way into women's spaces cause women as we all know, being lesser than men have no voice!

Anonymous said...

I agree Miz, The girl you speak of is doing the right thing. But then her head is in a different place to that of Mr Francis.


Nicky said...

I agree with Miz, The way the TG is going with the Mr Francis situation. Mr Francis is going to be the reason why TG rights is set back a decade. He is going to be the poster child for why Trans in America are not getting any rights and the TG community that are backing him, have only Mr Francis to blame for setting them back.

Anonymous said...

The Tee-Gees will pay for not shunning Francis from the start.
Let them have what they deserve.
This story has made it into the mainstream news here on the west coast.

It's too late now.


Anonymous said...

You don't have to post this - actually it would probably be safer if you delete it.

Would you be willing to forward the profile pages where francis states he loves his penis and all the others pages that prove he is fulfilling his sick fantasy to the local police department or prosecuting attorney?

If they had actual profile pages as proof, then they might be able to take action against him.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the comments on the trans websites that I'm reading pretty uniformly agree that her behavior was grossly inappropriate.

You're probably right that many people who claim they're mtf are essentially males with a sort of fetish, but the 97% is vastly overblown. In any case I think it's wrong to question a person's identity (you wouldn't like that, would you? there are plenty of people who would assert that you're still male in spite of "cosmetic" surgery). But it's totally appropriate to question and criticize a person's behavior.

And I agree that her behavior was completely inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

I'm 28 and married and I don't want a man (biologically) to expose himself to me (or see me naked) when I'm in the female sauna, changing room, or bathroom. In this case (s)he likes girls and could be ogling me in return.